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2013 Year In Review

This year has been intense.  I didn’t really realize that until I was sitting on the toilet a few minutes ago, thinking what in the hell will I write for a year in review post?  Don’t act grossed out.  If you’ve been here for any period of time, you know that I do all of my major thinking on toilet.

I was pretty amazed when I realized that we did a lot of shit this year.

In January, I was the guildmaster of a US Top 200 World of Warcraft guild, <Unpossible> of Area 52.  A year prior, we were barely ranked within the US Top 500.  I had arbitrarily set the goal of wanting to be in the top 200, and I was thrilled when we finally reached it (not to mention being 2nd on server).  We had a great crew and I look back at that time fondly.

In February, Meemaw and Sugarbandit decided that they wanted me and Canadian Bacon to move into the house with them to help take care of things that were getting too difficult for them to handle.  The Great Basement Renovation began.  It then consumed my life for months.

In March, we fired our drunken contractor and had a bunch of other building adventures, including a run-in with about 20 black widow spiders.  Looking back at the before pictures, I still can’t believe we came out with this beautiful of an after.

April and May were so busy that I didn’t have much time to blog.  We finished the basement and moved in, I was promoted to a supervisor position at work, and we adopted two adorable kittens, Sky and Shadow.  I also turned the big 3-0.

In June, CB and I quit World of Warcraft.  We are still friends with many of our raiders – pretty much all of whom also quit – and we are planning on regrouping for WildStar in Spring 2014.

In July, we finished off the basement by building a giant cat tree around a support post.  It’s one of my favorite DIY projects to date.  As you can tell, our kitties love it too.

During August, CB and I retained a lawyer for immigration purposes.  Our paperwork is completed and ready to be mailed in to the Department of Homeland Security for processing!  Not only that, we initiated another huge lifestyle change: we started down the road to becoming physically fit.  Since then, we’ve pretty much lost a child between the two of us – around 80lbs together!

In September, the in-laws came to visit for a few days.  We had a great time showing them around town, having a giant birthday bash for CB at his favorite Mexican restaurant (Casa Blanca… which also abbreviates to CB… hmmmmm), and touring Nashville.  It was so nice for them to finally see where I grew up!

I also moved from to thanks to my very good friends (from Warcraft!) Rachel and Nik hosting my blog on their server.  This allowed me to begin the process of monetizing the blog.  I love you guys!!

During October, CB and I were inspired to start on our keto diet through an amazing before-and-after picture we found on Imgur that led back to the keto Reddit community.  I also started a new job in tech support that month.  I have some crazy stories from training.

I hit the “big times” with this blog on Halloween when I posted my favorite fat bomb recipe.  I went from an all-time high of 100 hits in one day to over 3,000!  Holy shit, right?  Since then I have discovered that my niche seems to be keto recipes.  They are by far my hardest hitters, thanks in a large part to the Reddit community.  Everyone I have met over there has been so damned nice that it’s hard to believe this is still teh interwebz.

In November, I finally bit the bullet and did something I’d been thinking of for some time – I started taking yoga classes at a local hot yoga studio.  Today, I take classes 3x a week with my wonderful and inspiring teacher, Victoria.  I give a lot of credit for my continuing weight loss to her “Hard Core Hot Yoga” class, which mixes the studio’s traditional poses with a lot of ab and core work.  You can read all about my introduction to yoga in How I Learned to Love the Heat.

Santa was too good to me and CB in December.  He started us off right with new computer chairs (on discount on Black Friday!) and a couple of Galaxy S4s (for $1 with no activation fee).  CB also wound up with a wireless headset, cash for his new gfx card, a Magic Bullet blending system, and a ton of new t-shirts.  I raked in a Kreg Jig, pink tool bucket and belt, a heart rate monitor, and a Canon Rebel DSLR.  Prepare for the pictures here to increase exponentially in quality!

Guess that means I’ve got to stop embedding Instagram pictures, huh?

This year, I have read a total of 69 novels.  I am down from last year’s count of 83, but I figure I had more time off last year because I didn’t pick up a second job once my contract ran out at my favorite one.  All in all, I’m still averaging over 1 book a week, which was my original goal.  So as far as those books go, the stats are in –

My favorite new read: I really enjoyed The Program by Suzanne Young – so much that I reviewed it on this blog!

My favorite new series: Fragments, the second book of the Partials series by Dan Wells.  Dan was also super nice to respond to fan email and tease me about a couple of questions I had about the book.  I can’t wait to read Ruins, the third book, to be released in 2014!

My favorite re-read: Can this just be a tie between Kristin Cashore’s Graceling trilogy and Cinda Chima’s Seven Realms series?  Because in my headcannon, it all takes place on the same world, as both Raisa and Katsa know that there are other realms beyond mountains/seas that they haven’t traversed.  I think they could probably be bffs, and Hayden Fire Dancer and Hans Alister and Po would have a helluva time hanging out too.  ALL THE FEELS.

The biggest waste of my time: The Mortal Instruments (reread).  I keep trying to get back into the series, but mostly I think it’s just poorly written.  Cassandra Clare has some great ideas, but they’re executed badly and the books don’t keep me engaged.  I’ve only read the first four, and only the 4th one once – I can’t bring myself to read any more.  Please note that I still don’t think these are ANYWHERE as shitty as 50 Shades of Gray, last year’s winner (and perhaps the all-time winner?)

Thanks for such a great year!  I look forward to continuing blogging in 2014!

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