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Everyday Eats: Saturday, January 7th, 2018

Hi, everyone!  I had a friend ask me, “Do people really care what you eat?”

I don’t know, but when I was first getting started eating low carb, I really wanted to see what a normal “day in the life” looked like.  So that’s what I’m doing here – my goal is to give newbies a look at real life low low carb eating.  I don’t meal prep, I eat fast food, and most days I intermittently fast.  I don’t know if I’ve ever shown what my food looks like on the weekend before.  I have weekends off from my “day job” in the office, but I still usually do contract work at home.  So I still don’t have a lot of time in the kitchen, but it’s more flexible than a regular weekday.  Also, my husband and I generally have at least weekend day together, so I tend to cook for both of us.

Anyways, here’s what I ate yesterday (Saturday).

I skipped breakfast.  I generally do.

Around noon, I made some sausage pigs-in-a-blanket.  I used Conecuh brand hickory-smoked sausage and wrapped them in a modified Fathead dough, then baked them for about 15 minutes, turning over halfway through so both sides got really brown and crispy like that.  They were so damn good that my husband just requested I make them for lunch again today.

At some point yesterday, I made a Miracle Pie for the sole purpose of shooting it for this blog.  I’ve got the photos and the post with the recipe will go live this week!  I ate a piece of that between lunch and dinner.

For dinner, it was cold af and I wanted something hearty and comforting.  I wound up cutting up the last of the sausage and throwing it in my Instantpot with some ground beef and spicy Rotel to make a low carb chili, which I topped with shredded cheddar and sour cream.

And here’s how it looks, nutrition-wise:

I obviously went over in calories, carbs and fat.  That pot of chili really put me over – all the tomatoes in it are carby.  I’m not too worried about it though, because it’s just vegetables and it didn’t kick me out of ketosis (trust me, my pee still staaaaanks this morning).  The chili was also super high in calories.  Good thing it’s an occasional comfort food!

Still showed a few oz lost on the scale this AM, so yay!


  1. I went to a get-together over the holidays and they had sausage balls. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to resist…..I’m so glad you provided this recipe. I am going to try soon!

  2. Mailisha Chesney

    I’d love your “modified fathead dough” recipe so I can try to make those yummy “pigs in a blanket.” This MIGHT even be something that I could also get my kids to eat also, which would ROCK!!!! I’m usually making one thing for my wife & kids and then something different for me. Grrrrrr.

  3. I am new to low carb eating, I’m really happy to find a “real” person who shares what she eats! I would love it also, if you’d share your recipe/s for your pigs in a blanket etc., something fast and yum! Thx! =)

    • I’ll try to remember to actually document it! But microwave a cup of mozz and mix in 1/3 cup almond flour, roll out into a dough and wrap around dogs. Bake at 350 for about 15 mins or until done!

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