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7 Quick Takes 10.13.13


— 1 —

DAMMIT WORDPRESS INTERFACE.  Sometimes I get to typing too fast and the next thing I know, a box pops up on my screen with “Really leave page?” and then all of a sudden this closes out and my blog post is gone.  I don’t even know what the hell I’m hitting but it’s so damn frustrating.  I can’t help that I’m a fast typer!  I need to start saving as draft as soon as I start a post so maybe it’ll autosave most of my work when that happens.

I tried before to use Windows Live Writer to write these, but I didn’t like it too much.  Does anyone else have a recommendation on blog writing software that’s user friendly and responsive and better than the default WordPress interface?

— 2 —

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll get back to what I was writing back originally before my post disappeared.

So, I got a new job this week!  It was a really fast turnaround, especially since I’ve been shot down by the company no less than 5 times previously (I’ve routinely applied there every few months).  The only real difference this time is that I applied for a work-at-home position rather than an in-office position.  I sent in my app last Monday and was offered the job Friday.

I will be working with a cable company alongside my bff Llek.  Well, not exactly – we work in different departments.  She works with sales and I’ll be working with tech support.  It’s definitely NOT my dream job, but it’s a job that will allow me to live while I pursue my dream job.  I figure if I can deal with Sugarbandit’s tech issues, I can handle the general public’s.  I will be employed full time and will be eligible for benefits (insurance!!!  partial tuition reimbursement!!).  I am grateful for my bff coaching me through the interview questions and for setting up my cable service (as part of the job, I’m required to have that service – but they pay for it and I get every channel known to man).

I start next week, and during training I’ll be working M-F from 2h00-10h30pm.  I won’t be able to cook dinner every night anymore, but I’m going to try to do two crockpot meals a week and then I’ll be able to cook on my off days.  I plan on waking up at about 10am and doing blog stuff and my daily exercise plus having a leisurely breakfast before reporting to work in my pajamas.

— 3 —

Speaking of a leisurely breakfast, Canadian Bacon and I have started a new diet plan.  We’ve been working pretty consistently since August to become healthier.  So far we’ve incorporated a fitness regime that includes cardio and strength training.  Doing so, I’ve lost around 15lbs and he’s lost about 25lbs.  We’d been watching our caloric intakes, but not being super careful.  Earlier this week we discussed the need to go on a more stringent diet plan.

Our new workout area. Not only did I remove my table, I wound up rearranging my loveseat too.  Sigh.  The recumbant bike is still by the computers, so we can watch stuff and ride at the same time.
Our new workout area. Not only did I remove my table, I wound up rearranging my loveseat too. Sigh. The recumbant bike is still by the computers, so we can watch stuff and ride at the same time.

So, I know this is liable to be controversial, but the plan we decided to try is called “keto.”  A ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet.  The South Beach Diet, which I’ve tried before with great success, is a type of ketogenic diet, as is Paleo.  Both of those are purported as being fantastic for diabetics.  Keto itself was “created” for epileptics and is supposed to be great for neurological conditions and headaches (neither of which we suffer from, in case you were wondering).  The main differences from the strict Keto diet we are following and SBD/Paleo is the high fat content.

Like it’s super hard to eat something this damned delicious.

I was very skeptical, because the standard American diet stresses low fat, and I felt uncomfortable starting out.  However, we’ve both noticed progress and we feel fantastic.  We’re going to try it for at least a month straight, and then reevaluate.

You can read more about Keto on this page, which has a fantastic explanation of the science behind it.

— 4 —

So along the lines of “getting my shit together,” I spent all day Friday doing paperwork.  Paperwork for our immigration packet (ALMOST DONE!!!!).  Paperwork for work.  Paperwork for grad school admissions!  I even contacted the KHEAA student loan office and began to arrange my repayment so I can get out of default and be eligible for student loans next academic year.  I’ve been avoiding that for awhile, since I came out of deferment a year after I lost my job as a teacher.  I am fortunate that about 5k of my loans were dismissed for teaching, but I still owe a great deal.  I’ll be making a minimum payment to start, and keep adding onto it as I work.

I’m hoping to be enrolled in grad school in the spring.  I am applying to a Master of Arts in English program that is solely online from an accredited university that has a physical campus.  The program supposedly takes 18-24 months to complete, and I can complete my classes around my work schedule.  It’s going to add about another 15k to my student loans (since I’ll have to pay 5k out of pocket for the first semester before loans kick back in).

Once I complete my masters, I don’t think I’ll have too much issue finding a job as a composition instructor for a college.  I have several friends who used to teach with me who do that full time now and claim they can help me get a position with their school.  I’m going to hold them to that!

— 5 —

Storm still seems to be doing great. We’re on his second course of antibiotics, and I’m grateful every day that he’s so good at taking pills.  I wound up returning the dry Science Diet s/d, and my vet swapped it out for some c/d.  He will actually eat that!  So I feed him a bowl of the dry c/d when I wake up in the morning and go through my bathroom routine (he eats shut up in the bathroom so the other cats can’t get his prescription food), and a bowl of his wet c/d slurry at night when I’m getting ready for bed.  He still grazes on the dry Blue Buffalo throughout the day, but I’m glad he’s getting at least 50% or more of his intake from the prescription stuff.

— 6 —

Homeland is sooooo good.  If you don’t watch it, you totally should.  It’s easily one of my favorite shows, up there with Game of Thrones, Parks & Rec, and The Walking Dead.

My favorite character, and pretty much the only reason I kept watching this long.
My favorite character, and pretty much the only reason I kept watching this long. (image from

This week’s Glee was a real tearjerker.  I’ve been waiting for it since they announced they were doing an episode to memorialize Finn Hudson / Cory Monteith.  I found some parts jarring (Kurt’s voiceover at the beginning, Tina’s “I hate being goth again!”), but most of it was beautiful.  The scene with Kurt, Burt, and Carole broke my heart.  All three of them are fabulous performers.  Speaking of tearjerkers, Schu’s breakdown at the end over Finn’s letterman?  Amazing.  There’s nothing like a grown man crying to break a woman’s heart.

I can now stop watching the show happily.

— 7 —

I had so much fun on Wednesday!!!  It was Dave’s birthday, and a bunch of us from Unpossible got together to hang out on vent.  Over the course of the night it was me, Dave, CB, D, Prokks, Flicker, Jake, Ash & Thad.  Poor Llek kept having vent problems and couldn’t join us.  It was a blast reuniting with everyone, and we talked a lot about Wildstar.  I can’t wait until it releases in the spring!

I miss playing with my WoW buddies and look forward to killing shit with them in another game soon!

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