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7 Quick Takes 10.26.13

— 1 —

I missed last week’s post because I’ve been acclimating to working full time again. I know, excuses excuses! It’s nice to be making a pretty decent paycheck and to have access to some decent benefits (totally looking forward to that tuition reimbursement), but I still haven’t quite figured out my daily schedule.  If left to my own devices, I naturally like to sleep between about 2am and 10am.  If I get up any later than that, I feel like I’m wasting the day.  So this job kind of works well for that… I should be able to wake up and have a few hours to work on this blog, write, work out, eat a leisurely breakfast, take a bath with a book, etc… but I’m still acclimating.

— 2 —

So far my job has honestly been pretty frustrating. I’m pretty tech savvy and catch on to new things quickly.  Many of the people I am working with keep having problems connecting, with remembering passwords, with navigating the software we use… stuff that’s just getting tedious now that we’re in our second week.  I am keeping my patience but I often wonder how people were hired to tech if they can’t even run updates on their computer.

PS: I love Bitstrips. I can always find one to fit my mood and life’s daily misadventures.

Oh, and the funny thing… my computer is a custom build, and all my peripherals are Razer products.  I was told several times throughout the hiring process and beginning training to expect to have problems because of that.  Really, I’ve experienced the opposite.  I’ve had next to no issues whereas people with the recommended items routinely can’t connect.

Obviously, Razer > all.

— 3 —

Now that we have a weight bench and accessories, I’ve started to get into some heavy lifting.  I use the word “heavy” lightly.  Canadian Bacon loaded me up with 65lbs the first night and I could barely move it.  So the next time I stepped back to 45lbs.  My first workout destroyed my upper body… I hurt for at least three days afterwards!  And this is without doing squats – my balance is so poor I can’t squat properly yet.  After recovering that first time, I did another workout with much less pain.  Then this week I bumped my weights up another 5lbs, so now I’m lifting 50 in my benchpresses and deadlifts.  I also moved up to 15lbs on my dumbbell exercises, up from the 13lbs I was lifting.

I feel like a pansy with such little weights, but I’m moving up steadily.  I hope to be benchpressing/deadlifting 100lbs+ by the end of the year.

— 4 —

CB and I have been really getting into our keto diet.  He’s been losing weight steadily but I’ve stalled out.  Apparently that’s quite normal for women on the diet – they even have a term for it, “PISS” (post induction stalling syndrome).  The reddit subforums we subscribe to are full of ladies who claim their first month is hell and then their body gets used to it and just starts dumping the pounds.

How could you not love a diet that allows you to eat this delicious mini pizza every day for lunch?

All in all, I’ve lost 23lbs since August 1st when we started being more active and watching our calories, and 8 of them have been this month.  Averaged out, that comes out to about 7.5lbs per month.  That’s a pretty nice downward trend – I’ll take it.  CB and I also measured ourselves when we started keto in the second week of October, and we plan on measuring the first of each month.  Hopefully I’ll see some results there.

Oh, and this? Glazed pork lettuce wrap with provolone and pinto beans. Just a little something I created the other night that turned out muy delicioso…

— 5 —

Our cats have been driving us crazy lately.  They get super active at about 6am and always wake me up.  If we leave glasses sitting on our desk, they knock them off.  Fortunately the laminate is cushy and we’re drinking out of sturdy mason jars, so they haven’t shattered everywhere.  They jump up in bed with us and run laps on top of us.

They may look adorably innocent, but inside them sleeps the soul of a demon, waiting to emerge when we are comatose and defenseless.

More recently, the kittens have discovered toilet paper.  They’ve shredded like 3 rolls this past week.  I woke up Thursday morning and found the roll missing (we sit it on the edge of the vanity because there is nowhere convenient to install a toilet paper holder in the bathroom).  I searched everywhere in the living room but couldn’t find it… only to stumble back to the bedroom to return to sleep and discover it shredded and strewn all over the top of the covers on our bed!!!!

Little bastards.

— 6 —

November is going to be a busy month for me and CB.  We have something scheduled each week.  One week we have to do his INS physical exam with a US Civil Surgeon.  We already did this last year but we stalled out on the paperwork and it expired.  Ugh.

The next week, we have a meeting with our immigration lawyer to finally submit all of our paperwork!!!  It took SO LONG to get it all together, but we’re almost there.  That feels sooooooo good.  All we’re waiting on is the INS paperwork and a couple of letters/affidavits from my parents… and for our scheduled appointment, of course!  I was hoping to have this stuff turned in sooner, and was estimating that CB would be a US Permanent Resident by Christmas, but I think that was a bit ambitious.  We should be good by February though, or the beginning of March at the latest!

Finally, I have to go back to my NP for more bloodwork.  When I had my yearly physical this May, it was discovered that I had a major vitamin D deficiency.  I was at a 9 (whatever that means) and normal is like a 32-35.  She prescribed uber vitamins and after 3 months we rechecked my levels.  At that point my numbers had doubled to 18, so I’m moving in the right direction.  I have no idea where I’ll be now, especially as I haven’t been outside in the sun as much (probably the cause of my deficiency in the first place tbh), but I’m hoping they’ve increased again.  CB and I are looking forward to weighing on her scale, which is where our official starting weights came from.

— 7 —

We’ve had a lot of misadventures here at Meemaw and Sugarbandit’s lately.  The kitchen sink stopped up and SB got his handyman friend to come try to unplug it.  He poured in this product called “Clobber” which is only sold to licensed plumbers (so I have no idea how this dude got some) and is pretty much hydrochloric acid.  It didn’t do anything but destroy Meemaw’s stainless steel sink.  So I called my plumbers – the ones who did all the work to install our basement bathroom – and they came out and snaked the line and cleared it in like 15 minutes.  Then original handyman guy had to come and install a brand new sink.

Then a few days ago I noticed water in our storage closet.  This was alarming as it was soaking into the old drywall… I really, really hope we don’t get mold.  At least I really hope it doesn’t come through to our new drywall on this side… I can demo out the old shit if I need to.  Anyway, I traced the water to a leaky solder on an overhead pipe.  It was from where the plumbers moved the water heater.  I have no idea if their work was shoddy, or if SB’s handyman friend did it (because he was messing with the pipes when he installed a spigot on the side of the house for SB).  At any rate, I called the plumbers and told them, and they came out and fixed it that same day and with apologies and no charge!  Yay!  I REALLY like their company!

And finally, yesterday when me and Meemaw and CB pulled in from a Wal-Mart run, CB pointed out that the downspout on the back of the house has come completely detached from the gutter and is just hanging out from the house at a 45 degree angle.  Wonderful.  I have no idea who’s going to fix that – maybe CB will? – but I’m sure as hell not climbing up on the roof.  The only way you’d get my ass up there would be in a flood or the zombie apocalypse.


Disclaimer: The “7 Quick Takes Friday” link party is hosted by I am not religious and generally steer away from religion-affiliated sites, but I enjoy this link up!  Just wanted to give a heads up as to the content of the link for my many athiest and pagan friends :)
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