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7 Quick Takes 10.5.13

— 1 —

This week started off pretty crappy with my kitty Storm hospitalized.

A little over two months ago, I found some bloody urine on the floor.  I immediately suspected Storm since he’s my only cat who’s ever had UTI issues before – back in 2010 he wound up very, very sick from one.  Canadian Bacon and I took him to the vet, who was kind of baffled because Storm was acting like he felt so good.  He did a urinalysis though that showed his urine was overloaded with bacteria.  We put him on Clavamox and things seemed to clear up.

Two weeks after that, I saw Storm straining.  I called the vet to ask if I could just have another round of antibiotics, and that’s what we did.  By the time we finished that round, everything was fine.  Storm acted like he felt fabulous for about a month, no straining or anything.

Then last Friday night I saw him straining again.  Saturday morning he seemed “off” so CB and I took him back to the vet.  He was blocked and had to be hospitalized before he got worse :(  They put a catheter in him, started hydrating him subcutaeneously, and let him flush out.

We picked him up on Monday and he spent the couple of days pretty sedated and peeing everywhere (we were told he’d be really sore, and possibly not have good control yet – his puddles were large and clear so I didn’t mind cleaning up).  Today he’s acting as good as new, rolling around on the floor and acting like the ninja kitty he is.  I’m going to take him back shortly for his final followup and we’ll see how things go!  Hopefully this is DONE with!

Pretty strong evidence Storm's feeling better, I'd say.
Pretty strong evidence Storm’s feeling better, I’d say.

— 2 —

CB has been wanting a dedicated workout area and gym equipment here for some time.  He was able to amass quite the collection for his birthday, but we didn’t have anywhere to put it.  So I wound up doing something super nice and he better never forget it – I decided to move out my pub table and chairs.  I love my pub table and chairs.  They’re pretty much my favorite piece of furniture.  But honestly, we weren’t using them here – we eat upstairs or at our giant desk while we watch our shows.

It was actually my idea, but it was still pretty hard because I love the set so much.  Oh well, we’ll get more use out of the gym equipment right now and it’ll be better for us.  We broke the set down and moved it to my old room at Mom’s house, where she is graciously allowing us to store some stuff we don’t have room or need for here (pretty much my entire kitchen and dining room, now).

Meemaw bought CB a weight bench, and he used his birthday money from his parents and others in my family to buy a barbell and weight set from Dick’s.  He also bought a set of those interlocking rubber squares to set up underneath it.  It’s a nice little area and it will help us in our quest for fitness.

...I still miss my table.
…I still miss my table.

— 3 —

Over the past week, we watched Avatar: The Last Airbender together.  The anime started out meh but I really got into it about halfway through the second season.  I logged some killer time on the bike because I’d hop on it at the beginning of an episode and just keep on riding throughout.  Since we finished the series, my time has lapsed severely lol.  We need to start The Legend of Korra soon.

I’m really enjoying the direction Revolution is going this season, and is it just me or did Monroe get a lot hotter now that he’s all scruffy?  That’s a nice change, for sure :P  I also LOVE Parks & Rec (of course), and Agents of SHIELD is still enjoyable although it’s a little campy.  It’s reminding me of Buffy’s first season, which isn’t a bad thing.

I loved the finale of Breaking Bad.  I think it came perfect circle, and I’m glad that the cancer isn’t what finally killed Walt.  All I wanted was for Jesse to be free, BITCH, and I got that!

I suffered through episode 2 of Glee (Santana’s commercial was hilarious though!!) and I’m ready to watch next week’s episode, the farewell to Finn.  That will likely be the last episode CB and I watch.

— 4 —

This week our new Clarksville Texas Roadhouse opened.  I used to really enjoy going to the one in Paducah while I was in college at Murray.  It was our “cheap” restaurant when we’d drive up there; two people could generally eat really well for less than $20.  I was really happy to see it’s pretty much the same here.  Mom and Meemaw and I went there on Wednesday evening, and the wait wasn’t too bad considering it was opening week.

Meemaw & Andy the Armadillo, Texas Roadhouse mascot.  Meemaw didn't want to take a picture with him but I assured her she had a chance of going viral with this picture, so she relented.
Meemaw & Andy the Armadillo, Texas Roadhouse mascot. Meemaw didn’t want “to have her picture made with an armadillo!” but I assured her she had a chance of going viral, so she relented.

We wound up going back tonight for Sokol Dinner Night (weekly ritual of going out with my parents, stepgrandparents, and my da’s bro and his wife).  Tonight I grossed everyone out by eating a cup of chili on top of my plain sweet potato.  Am I the only person who does that?  I LOVE that combo but everyone else seems to think it’s disgusting.  Hmpf, they just don’t know.

— 5 —

So, in other exciting news, the government shutdown.  It sucks because it’s really impacting a lot of people locally, since we have Ft. Campbell and all.  Fortunately my da is “essential personnel” since he’s a paramedic on base, but my grandma and several other people I know have been furloughed.  The commissary and PX are closed, which sucks because we always go shopping to stock up on groceries at the first of the month, and we have yet to be able to do that.

Frankly, I think the entire thing is stupid.  I really, really like the Affordable Care Act.  As someone who is employed but unable to get insurance through my job, I’m thrilled at the options on the Marketplace.  I can have pretty damn good coverage for less than $200 a month – that’s comparable to what I was paying out for my excellent coverage as a unionized teacher.

Really, what gets to me though, is that the American people have spoken on this subject.  We voted for the ACA, it was challenged and went to the scotus, who approved it, and then we affirmed it again by re-electing the president who wrote it by a landslide.  A very vocal minority of the opposing party is pitching a shitfit and – in my opinion – demanding rather unreasonably that it not stand.  What spoiled children!

Even if you don’t agree 100% with the ACA, you at least have to admit that healthcare in the US is broken.  CB is quite content with the socialized healthcare he receives back home, and finds this whole mess rather ridiculous.  Why on earth wouldn’t we want to take care of one another?

— 6 —

So, maybe because of the shutdown, tempers are high everywhere and the crazies are coming out of the woodwork.  There’s that woman at the Capitol who ran the barricade and was shot, and the dude who lit himself on fire today.  But things are happening here, locally, also.  On Thursday, some nutjob sent a bunch of threatening emails to various police officers across the state.  The emails threatened the officers’ families, children, and local schools.  Since the schools weren’t specifically named, several school systems in TN decided to go on “lockdown.”  Our county was one of them.

As Meemaw, SB and I drove around town early Thursday morning, we saw a very high police presence at the schools.  Even the private schools had cop cars circling around them.  I hung out with my bff Llek, whose boys are both in elementary school, and when an automated call went out saying that parents were cleared to pick up their kids for an excused absence if they so chose, we swung by and checked them out.

Lockdowns are no fun.  I hated them as a teacher.  The kids always went batshit crazy and I was cooped up in the room with them while they badgered me with requests to go to the bathroom or otherwise leave the room when they couldn’t.  I would have been in hell if I were still in the classroom.

— 7 —

In other “the world is going batshit crazy” news, this happened to my stepgrandparents.  There was a knock at their door and they opened it to “half the Clarksville police force in their front yard,” in my grandma’s words.  The cops explained that they thought they saw the perp go over their fence and they needed permission to search the backyard.  My grandparents watched through the glass back door as the cops hauled the robbers out from under their camper, where they were hiding.

My grandma was especially thrilled to point out that it had been raining, and when it rains her dogs like to poop under there.  Mwahahahaha.

The next day, CB and I were out running some errands.  As we headed home, we saw a bunch of cop cars blocking off part of the street.  We had to detour, but we were able to see about 6 or 7 cars, half of them unmarked, and a whole slew of cops out in a yard.  They had guys cuffed everywhere.  Some were kneeling and cuffed, some were face down and cuffed, some were up against a tree and cuffed.  I haven’t seen anything in the paper about that incident, but my guess is that it was a drug bust or something.

It’s been an exciting week, but all the same, world, I’d appreciate it if you got your head out of your ass soon.


Disclaimer: The “7 Quick Takes Friday” link party is hosted by  I do not agree with their religious beliefs, being a Pastafarian and all, but I support their right to worship whatever they want.  His Noodliness the FSM is just the most delicious deity available.  Arrrrrr!
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