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7 Quick Takes 11.2.13

— 1 —

This week has been pretty awesome, guys!  Let’s start with work –

Made it through my first week of training last week.  Due to a host of technical issues, the exam we were supposed to take last Friday was pushed back.  We took it on Tuesday and I scored a 97%!  I only missed one question.  We have three exams we have to pass, and if we make less than an 80% we are terminated.

So I’m here for another week, at least!

— 2 —

Despite passing the exam, I am frustrated by training at work.  We’re plagued by technical problems.  At first I thought most of it was user error (and I still think a lot of it is), but I experienced some kinks this week too.  The day of the test, my user account was inexplicably locked and I couldn’t access the system.  It took me about 45 minutes on hold with the Help Desk to get someone to take 3 minutes to unlock it for me.

Since then, our training system keeps going down and we’re doing a lot of hurry-up-and-wait-ing.  We’re really off schedule and I worry about getting everything done.  This week’s test is also postponed.  Next week is our final week of training and we haven’t even learned the phone software yet.  I am NOT ready for live calls at all.


— 3 —

So back to the good news.  I posted two recipes this week and listed them on the Reddit ketorecipes page.  The first one, my Pita Pizzas, blew up!  I was raking in the page views and ended with 244 for the day.  I was ecstatic!

Yeah… then yesterday when I posted my Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs, I got to see what “blow up” really is.  That post racked up 2,273 views yesterday and it’s already pushing 1k today.  CRAZY!!!  I’m excited to have so many views and can’t wait to post more recipes next week.  I’m hoping to experiment in the kitchen this weekend!

And the best part?  I can tell from my stats that people are reading my other posts also (though not with the same frequency, to be sure).  I’ve even had comments on some of my other posts.  Amaaaaazing!

— 4 —

Speaking of the Reddit keto community, I’m a part of 3 subforums there – ketorecipes, keto, and xxketo (a females-only sub).  The people there have been so supportive, and they have such a deep knowledge base that Canadian Bacon and I have been turning there for diet advice.  They’re a great resource and I’m so glad I found them!  I’m really loving reddit and will probably branch out my subs here soon.  I can spend hours just reading the collective knowledge and creativity on that site.

— 5 —

CB and I took our weights and measurements today.  I’m in the process of writing up my October recap, but spoiler alert: we both lost weight and inches!  Yay!!

Lest you think I am starving myself (coughMeemawcough), this was my breakfast today. I eat this quite frequently. Doesn’t it look fabulous?

Another resource we’ve been using heavily is MyFitnessPal.  We both have accounts.  He just tracks his weight/measurements there, but I log my food daily to keep a close eye on my calories.  MFP has a large r/keto community, and I’m friends with a lot of different ladies over there.  I have two “twins” who are similar to my age/size, and we cheer each other on.  It’s excellent accountability.

I have my first yoga class tomorrow at 2pm.  I am nervous!!

— 6 —

Last night after the stroke of midnight I realized it was NaNoWriMo.  Then I randomly decided that I should do it.  I fear I may be crazy and I probably won’t finish.  But I’m going to try to do some major work on See No Evil.  I have most of the plans in place… I need to just write.  I’ll be happy if I even make 25,000 words — half of the overall NaNoWriMo goal.  I’ll keep you guys updated, and will probably even post chapters here.  That’s my hope, at least.

— 7 —

The next three weeks are jam-packed with fun and excitement.  We have CB’s INS physical coming up, then a meeting with our lawyer to send off all of our paperwork, and I have a doctor’s appointment for bloodwork to check on my vitamin D deficiency.

I’m thinking of also having a full panel done, just to see how my numbers compare to the ones back before I lost weight and started working out.  And CB and I want her to check our blood pressure and use the calipers on us for updates there, too.  I bet we’ve changed pretty drastically since May!

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