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7 Quick Takes 11.22.13 (Bacon Edition)

— Saturday —

Somehow “I work until 10:30 and have adjusted my day to compensate for that” does not compute with Meemaw and Sugarbandit.  Meemaw started screaming for me at 9:00am and continued to do so every hour on the hour until I emerged at noon.  That shit gets old fast.  I am tired of being told I’m “wasting the day” because I typically wake up at around 10:30am and go to bed at about 2am.

Today Canadian Bacon and I went to go see Thor 2: The Dark World.  I LOVED it.  I once read an article on how Thor was a feminist movie, and I was thrilled that Thor 2 dished up more of the same.  Not only were Jane, Darcy, and Sif badass in this movie, I fell in love with Thor’s mom Frigga.  Holy crap, was she wonderful and brave and fiery in this movie.  Perfection!

This evening we also went out to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate MY wonderful, brave, and fiery Momma for her birthday (and Uncle Jim’s and cousin Aiden’s).  We had margaritas and I ate fajitas jaliscos (steak, shrimp, and chicken) without the tortillas and with a lovely helping of queso and sour cream.  Tasty and keto!

— Sunday —

Tonight I had a yoga class with a different instructor.  This one emphasized planking and core work, and holy crap was it ever hard.  We even did side planks where we supported our body with one hand and reached for the sky with the other.  My arms ache.

I cooked my Perfect Steak for dinner, and followed it up with a new invention (coming later this week!): S’mores Peanut Butter Pie.

I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and taking more calls.

— Monday —

Today blew.  Work was godawful.  I had nothing but mad and rude people all night.  To make matters worse, there were three times when I asked for help and was given the wrong answers by various trainers and coaches.  The last straw was when I was told to quote a man $148 for new equipment, but the trainer had messed up and the equipment was actually $448.  When I panicked and asked how to correct that, I was told to tell the guy that I had been mistaken and his current equipment was actually better than what he was wanting to upgrade to (complete lie).  I was fortunate that our perpetual issues wound up with my phone disconnecting and my software crashing, so I was unable to finish with that guy.  Another unhappy customer, I’m sure.

— Tuesday —

Things at work were crappy up until lunch, but afterwards they improved.  My customers got a lot better, and even though several were unhappy, none of them took it out on me.  They were polite, and one lady even told me “ma’am, I know it’s not your fault that this happened, and I know you’re just following policy for your job.  You’ve been nothing but polite and professional.”  YaY!

This morning, CB and I went up to Madisonville to my appointment for bloodwork.  I didn’t see my nurse practitioner (who is AWESOME and I love her!), but I did get to hang out with her fabulous staff, including my college friend Kat.  Dude, Kat is looking so good!  She started on her mission to get healthier about the same time CB and I did, and she’s lost a whopping 50lbs!  The difference between now and last time was amazing.  It’s really inspirational, actually.  She’s sharing her strength training plan with me so maybe I can better structure my workouts.

In other good news, the nurse was able to get my blood going within about 10 minutes and in 2 stick sites.  Last time it took about an hour (even super hydrated, I have very stingy veins).  Kat had the picture they took last time of my arm with the needle stuck in it pulled up for reference, lol.  Oh, and the best news?  Their bodyfat monitor said I’m actually down to 41% instead of the 51% CB and I calculated at the beginning of the month!!

— Wednesday —

The people at Doctors Care (the office we went to two weeks ago for CB’s INS paperwork) were lucky I stopped by there after going to yoga, because otherwise I might not have been quite so zen when I was informed they’d lost the paperwork I’d paid $275 for.  What a damned debacle.

Finally, the receptionist managed to find it buried on her desk.  She proceeded to tell me that nothing had been done yet because he still needed to get a new TB skin test. Uhhh… no.  I told her that had been done 2 days later.  She then informed me that the doctor who did it hadn’t sent them the results.  Lady, YOUR doctor did it!!!  She eventually managed to find that too and promise me that the doctor would sign off on everything that day.  Super ridiculous.  We’ve cancelled on our lawyers twice now because we’ve been waiting for this paperwork, and now I’m going to have to try to schedule us a new appointment with my work schedule changing to earlier mornings.

Yeah, so I got the wonderful news that I have mandatory overtime at work all next week.  And my schedule starts at around 11am or 10:15 every day, and goes until 9ish at night.  Even on Thanksgiving.  I have no clue how we’re going to get anything done.  At least I’ll be getting time and a half for the overtime, and I’ll be getting holiday pay for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Only in America is Black Friday considered a holiday for some companies!

At least my calls tonight were all really good.  I’m getting better, and even when customers were upset, it was like the previous night – they didn’t take it out on me.  I had some really nice calls and I’m glad for that.  Although it makes me wonder what epically horrible buildup the universe is trying to prepare me for.

— Thursday —

Today I posted my S’mores Peanut Butter Pie recipe and it was another hit.  I think it did better than my chicken strips, but not as good as my breakfast burritos.  My peanut butter cup fat bombs still take the cake as my highest-viewed recipe ever.

At work, I got all the calls I’d never gotten before… I had a bunch of weird stuff.  Like these guys who were trying to activate some equipment that was still tied to someone else’s accounton the other side of the country.  So I guess people eBay our equipment when they stop paying on their accounts.

For dinner tonight we had my perfect roasted veggies, except this time I tossed them in bacon grease instead of olive oil.  Let me tell you, those were the best damn brussels sprouts I have ever eaten.  Total gamechanger.

— Friday —

CB and I got up early to go see Catching Fire. I liked the first Hunger Games movie, but I didn’t think it was anything to write home about.  I actually liked Catching Fire a LOT better (and it’s my least favorite of the books).  There was a lot of action and I enjoyed that we got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes Capitol action.  I really liked the scenes with Snow and his granddaughter.

We were FINALLY able to pick up CB’s immigration exam paperwork from the doctor’s office.  Two weeks to the day we returned for the readings of his TB skin test, we got it all back.  It’s insane how long we had to wait.

When we got home, CB was like “uhh… why does Meemaw have three dogs?”  I was like what?  and I looked, and sure enough, there was this small brown min-pin / chihuahua mix looking thing just sitting in the yard chilling.  Chewie and Cookie were pretty much ignoring him.  We realized he was shivering really badly, so CB coaxed him over when I went to ask Meemaw why she had a third dog.  Meemaw was baffled and I had to point out to her that yes, indeed, there was another dog in her yard.


As best we can figure out, he’s either a stray who managed to somehow slip into the fence (although why he’d do that when Chewie and Cookie go ballistic and run barking at the fence when dogs even walk down the street), or someone tossed him into the backyard because they didn’t want him anymore.  Unfortunately, animal abandonment is a very real issue here, especially with the military base.  We’re not sure which option applies to him.  He’s a cute little thing.

So we’ve taken to calling him Bacon, and we’re going to go check for a microchip at the vet’s tomorrow.  If no one claims him (we’ll put out a classified), CB and I may keep him depending on how he gets along with the cats.  Right now he’s kind of terrified of them.  When we brought him in the basement, the whole pride advanced on him menacingly… it was a sight to see because the cats usually avoid dogs (they’re even afraid of fat old Gizmo!).  Then Shadow proceeded to chase him around all night in an attempt to play with him.  Now, hours later, it looks like the two of them might be on the track to becoming friends.

He’s really skinny, and he was freezing – he’s the kind of dog that needs a sweater to go outside in this nasty weather – and he was infested with fleas.  CB bathed him with dish soap, and then Meemaw let us put one of Gizzy’s topical flea/parasite/heartworm prevention things on him.  They’re about the same weight, but he’s much taller than Giz.  When we let him out to go to the bathroom, he tried to nail Cookie, LOL.  He’s not yet neutered.

We’ll see what happens!



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    1. I think so too. Or, there are these neighbors a few houses down that are absolute scumballs. They had a dog chained out to the tree last winter that had a very thin coat, and he died. And they have this cat that always comes up here to eat. He broke his foot and couldn’t walk on it… I took him down to their house and they were like “oh, there he is” and tossed him in the house. The next day he was on our porch begging for food again. If this dog belongs to them, they ain’t getting him back.

    1. We may… we may not. It’s an additional expense when we’re trying to save, and although he and the cats are tentatively getting along we’re not comfortable having them together unsupervised. I’ve got ads running in the local paper, Craigslist, and on We’ll see if anything comes from those, and if we still have him in a week we’ll figure out if he’ll be ours forever. He IS adorable.

      This is Aunt Evelyn right? :)

    1. Everyone loves Bacon too, though I’m starting to think he might also have some aholish tendencies… let’s just say that almost a week later, the honeymoon is over!

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