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7 Quick Takes 12.6.13

— Saturday —

I had asked Meemaw to wake me up after 10am to take Bacon to the vet, as she’d been telling me all week that she wanted us to go on Saturday.  She woke me up at 9am instead to tell me that she was going to go to breakfast.

I think I am going to now start using this weekly recap to record all the ways Meemaw wakes me up at ungodly hours.

Bacon got a clean bill of health from the vet.  He was also a real little bitch at the vet.  He is terrified of needles and the vet tech and I were having to force him down so he could get his vaccines and heartworm test.  Consequently he was sore later that night.  I can’t really find myself feeling too bad for him since he scratched me up in the struggle.

Mom found Bacon a good home, but now Meemaw wants to keep him.  However, she still wants me to keep him downstairs with me, and for me to feed him and take him outside and all of that stuff… I have told her that CB and I do not want a full-time dog and that she is going to have to transition him to life upstairs.  I don’t think she believes me.

The really nice computer chairs CB and I ordered on Black Friday surprisingly arrived today.  Talk about a fast turnaround!  They went together easily and are incredibly comfortable.  They seem to be worth every dime.  This all-steel and cold-pressed memory foam construction is hella sturdy.  I have high hopes that they’ll last for years.  Unlike my patience with Bacon.

I was still really tired after only getting about 5 hrs of sleep, so I laid down to take a nap at about 3:30.  Within an hour, Meemaw had yelled and woken me up twice.  The cycle is never ending.  I wonder how long it’s possible for a human to get subpar amounts of sleep.  I think she’s running an experiment to find out, and I am her test subject.

— Sunday —

Today I was deep in the best sleep I have had in a long time when Meemaw woke me up at 10:30 to ask if I’d let Bacon outside yet.

I am kicking his ass out.  I have told Meemaw that he has to start staying upstairs with her; I’ll be damned if she wakes me up every morning to make sure I’ve let him outside to use the bathroom.  I can take care of a freaking dog.  I’ve kept cats alive for a really long time, haven’t I?

I was subsequently informed that Meemaw and Mom have decided that Bacon’s name is going to be “Rudy,” short for Rudolph (the Red-Nosed Reindeer) because they think he looks like a deer.  I am rebelling and still referring to him as Bacon, Bakes, and The Baconator.  I think they have a much better ring to them.

Tonight that bastard (also a good name, Bacon the Bastard) came in from outside, jumped up in my bed, and pissed on it.  He is officially kicked out.  I took him up to Meemaw at 1am and woke her up (sweet, sweet revenge) and told her he was her problem now.  He slept in the washroom with Chewie and Cookie.

Also, can I just say how much I love Homeland?

— Monday —

Meemaw did not get a chance to wake me at an ungodly hour because I woke up myself for yoga.  Thanks to my shitty ass work schedule, I have to start going to the 9:15 classes.  So that’s 3x a week I’m losing some sleep in the morning.  At least yoga is fun!

I went ahead and paid for a monthly subscription.  At $55, it’s not too bad of a fee – one of the many reasons my studio is so attractive is its low cost – and I plan on going 3x a week this month.  This morning’s class was a great start.  They installed new flooring over the weekend, and it’s reacting interestingly with the heat.  Our instructor said that at one point the humidity was at 60% (up from 40%) and we were at about 115 degrees (instead of 105).  I sweat buckets and drank 45oz of water.  Afterwards, our class just kind of staggered out into the lobby and laid around to recuperate, lol.  It felt awesome.  I am also now incredibly sore.

CB and I are scheduled to see our lawyer again next Monday.  I have also successfully taken time off for that day.  I could have just taken a few hours, but the prospect of us taking our time in the city and doing some shopping was just too much of a draw for me.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Bacon got out of the fence.  He dug a hole and took off.  Meemaw and CB went looking for him.  Fortunately for that little bastard, they found him and brought him home. CB told me smugly that Meemaw has reverted to calling him “Bacon.”  I think Meemaw is reconsidering rehoming him at this point.

Cookie and Chewie got into a huge fight in the washroom tonight.  I heard them going nuts and Meemaw screaming, so I ran up there to find Cookie ripping chunks out of Chewie.  I threw Bacon into the main part of the house, tried to get Meemaw out of the way, and attempted to pull Cookie off of Chewie without getting mauled like poor CB’s hand did back in October of 2012 – the last time they went at each other like this.  I finally got them apart.  Cookie is a damned menace and I’m surprised she hasn’t killed Chewie yet.  You all know I’m a huge animal lover, but that dog would have been long gone by now if it were up to me.  She needs to be in a single-pet family.  I’m just glad they didn’t hurt Meemaw.

— Tuesday —

My entire body is sore today.  I loved how hard my yoga instructor pushed me yesterday, but holy crap, am I ever feeling it.  My legs and my arms just ache.  Despite that, I still lifted weights.  Previously I was lifting 50lbs and I was getting about 9 in until failure. Today I decided to go big or go home and put two 25lbs on the ends, adding up to 65lbs with the bar.  I was only able to bench press 3 times until failure.  I did 4 reps and wore myself out.

My company is in negotiations with another company and it’s not looking good, so we all got mandatory overtime all week, and next week too.  I hate that bullshit.

— Wednesday —

The best cure for being sore from yoga is to do more yoga. Now on my crusade to go 3x a week, I ventured out again this morning. The temperature was in the upper 60s.  Can you believe that shit?  20s all week, then BAM – 65 midweek.  We were roasting when we got out of the hot room.  I didn’t have much time to acclimate myself because I had to get to work at 11 and my class let out at about 10:25, so I went ahead and just booked it out of there.  Fortunately the temperature was perfect and didn’t shock me with extreme frigidness.

Predictions of a big icestorm this weekend. Between my lack of sleep, my hormones, and working out daily, I am extremely exhausted.

CB and I have started watching the show “Arrow,” which is based in the DC comics ‘verse and focuses on billionaire playboy-turned-vigilante Oliver Queen.  It seemed kind of hokey, and the show DOES have its cheesey points, but overall it’s incredibly engaging and we’ve become hooked in a very short amount of time.

We are spending hours with the loveseat pulled up in front of his computer, watching it while cuddling under the mink with an ever-changing rotation of kitties.

Ladies, after looking at this image, give me one good reason why you wouldn’t want to watch this.


— Thursday —

I called in to work today. Woke up with a sore throat and ears and feeling generally miserable – possibly because of lack of sleep and workouts, but probably also because the temperature is dropping drastically.  I don’t do so well with rapid weather changes.

This is my first time ever calling in at this job, and fortunately I was able to use unpaid time off for it instead of taking a point.  I have two days of UTO this quarter that I have not yet used, and if I don’t use them by the end of the month, I lose them.  My other day is scheduled for next Monday, so CB  and I can go visit with our lawyer in Nashville to submit our immigration packet.

I felt better later in the day, and Mom and I ran around and did some Christmas shopping together.  By the time we got home, it was sleeting and the roads were becoming messy.  Dire icestorm apocalypse warnings seem credible at this point.

— Friday —

Ice storm all day.  My internet went down halfway through the day, so I wound up leaving work about 4 hours into my shift.  It came back up later, but was pretty spotty.  Me and CB used this time to run a few errands in the ice and stock up on kerosene and rock salt for Meemaw & SB.  We wound up paying $9.47/gallon for kerosene… can you believe that?!  We also pulled out the heater in prep for the inevitable loss of power.

…and heaven and angels sing! And heaven and angels sing!!!

Today will also live in infamy as the day I began playing the Wildstar beta.

Spoiler alert: It is everything I’ve hoped!

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