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7 Quick Takes 9.14.13

— 1 —

Sky and Shadow were spayed and neutered today.  Right now – Friday night – they’re staggering around like poor lil drunks.  I feel so bad for them, especially Sky.  Spays are so much more invasive!  She keeps hunching, trying to lay down without touching her shaved belly and stitches to the ground.  I know she shouldn’t be hurting because she’s had painkiller, but I still hate to see her look so uncomfortable.  At least it’s over and done with, and they’re so young and resilient they should heal quickly!

Shadow weighed 5lbs at the vet and Sky weighed 4.  They’re both getting so big!

Poor thing won’t even tuck her legs up to her belly… doesn’t she look awkward? :(

— 2 —

On Thursday, I went back to my mom’s doctor with her and my stepgrandma.  While we were sitting in the waiting room, I introduced my grandma to the glories of Pinterest.  She’s been saving recipes on Facebook and I told her that Pinterest was much better for that.  When ma got called back, we left her happily pinning stuff on her ipad.  By the time we came out, she’d pinned over 80 recipes and had created 20 separate boards to organize them on!

I’ve created a monster.

— 3 —

After my mom’s appointment, we headed up to Nashville to visit JoAnn Fabrics for their grand opening!  Dude, did we ever stack the coupons today!  I used a 50%, 40%, and $5 off $35.  I had quite a few things and it came to right at $20.  Ma got a bunch of stuff for quilting since she’s wanting to get back into that, including a pattern for a cat quilt and some really adorable cat fabric.  She’s never made me my own quilt, though as she points out, I’ve stolen the last two she made.  I took one to college with me, this patchwork blue and pink country quilt, and I quite literally wore it out.  It fell apart after so many years :(  I can’t wait to have my own kitty quilt!!!  The pattern has 6 cats on it, so I told her that she’ll have to do 2 tabbies for Q and Sky, 3 black and white swirls for Storm, Rain, and Shadow, and 1 tux in memory of SoX.

Like I said, I wound up buying a bunch of stuff for a project, as well as this super cute peacock hollow book.  I love peacocks, as I’ve said multiple times, and I really wanted to GET ALL THE BOXES.  But I restrained myself.  This book was $2.50 and I bought it totally not knowing what I’d use it for.  This kind of shit drives Canadian Bacon mad.  He’s already grilled me on its purpose and scoffs that I bought it just “because it’s pretty.”  But he can suck it up, because sometimes you need stuff in your life just because it’s pretty!

I have no logical reason to buy this gorgeous peacock fake book so I’d better put it back on the shelf, said no one ever.

Besides, I think I’m going to set it out on the small 2-shelf bookcase that sits by the door and serves as our shoe rack.  We can stash our sunglasses in it rather than just leave them scattered out.  That’ll be cute and organized.

So there, CB!

Also, me and Mom may or may not be going back tomorrow… just to buy more peacock boxes.  Because they’re half off and I realized I can get a really big one to stash my photo collection in, rather than keep them in the uglyass shoebox they’re currently in.  And maybe I’ll get another one to hold some stationery on my desk.  We’ll see.

— 4 —

Speaking of the project I bought stuff for, this is it:

Our fuse box. Isn’t it fugly?

Check out that eyesore.  One of the cons of building in the basement is that we have the fuse box and the water main going through the walls.  Our initial plan was to have our contractor build cabinetry around both of them.  That quickly fell to the wayside with our first, incompetent, drunken contractor (whom I fired) as well as our second (who was so busy with jobs he needed to get done and get out).  I’m happy with my disguise of the water main – it’s over my desk, and my Serenity movie poster is hung over it with velcro so it’s a cinch to remove – but I hated the curtains I’d hung temporarily over the fuse box, pretending it was a window.

Last week at JoAnn’s, I found a giant canvas that would fit over the hole.  I was seriously considering buying it on our trip back this week, so I could get it for 50% off the original $70 price tag.  Then on Wednesday, I was suddenly like “screw it, I bet I can build something similar for cheaper” and it was off to Lowes.

I did indeed manage to build something for much cheaper, spending only $24 on lumber.  But I’m not done, thus the supplies at JoAnn’s yesterday.  Maybe I’ll get time to work on it tomorrow?  And I’ll put up a project summary when I’m done, for sure.

Spoiler alert: it looks A LOT better already.

— 5 —

This week I joined a writing support group over at Five Minute Friday.  The idea is that each Friday you’re given a one-word prompt, and without forethought you just start writing on a five minute timer.  I found the blogger who started the group last week and I’ve been excited all week, waiting to write.  I feel like I’m pretty good at doing normal blog entries, but I haven’t really ventured into fiction writing in too damn long.  So I decided to use each prompt to inspire a fictional vignette.

I wrote my first one today, describing a scene I’ve imagined time and time again in my See No Evil story.  I wanted it to feel choppy and tense.  Most likely when I actually write that scene in the book, it’ll flow better and have more description and imagery.  But I’m satisfied with what I spewed out today.  It felt good to just write!

— 6 —

My car is still broken down.  Well, technically it’s not “broken down” as it still runs.  As I was driving home on my last day of work, I started to smell a very strong gas odor.  It became obvious pretty quickly that it was coming from my car, not another car’s exhaust.  At first I thought maybe I had a leak, but my gas levels have remained steady and there have been no fluids on the ground.

My uncle’s favorite mechanic came by on Monday and theorized that my fuel tank exhaust vent is leaking, as that’s located somewhere underneath my back seat.  He tried to figure out how to remove my back seat while CB worked on some moulding in the hatchback.  CB managed to pop a big piece off and pull the carpet back, and the whole cabin was immediately flooded with gas fumes.  So it seems like the mechanic is on the right path.  He said he’d have to read my manual to figure out how to remove the seats and see where the problem actually was, and he’d come back Tuesday.

Well, he never came back, and I finally called him today.  Apparently he’s swamped with work and my car has him stumped.  He’s supposed to have another guy work with him this weekend who knows more about newer Toyotas.  I’m supposed to hear back from him this weekend to see what we’re going to do next.  If I don’t hear from him (I HATE how professionals don’t show up when they say they will, or return calls… it gives me flashback to the hell we went through with The Great Basement Renovation) then I’ll take my car to another mechanic on Monday morning.

This is my car, an ’05 Toyota Celica, the day I bought her. Isn’t she sexy?

— 7 —

I looked at pictures on Mom’s camera and found this one she’d taken of me and my da.  It instantly became my favorite picture of the two of us.  I don’t know what that thing on my head is, it’s just some chicken thing that she bought because it’s a chicken and it goes with her kitchen. She doesn’t even know what it is.

But it makes an awesome picture.




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