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7 Quick Takes 9.28.13

— 1 —

Last Monday, Canadian Bacon told me he thought that Sky’s stitches looked funky.  Sure enough, I checked her belly, and they seemed swollen.  I barely slept that night, worrying to death about my baby girl.  I woke up early on Tuesday and took her in to the vet, only to have him tell me that they looked fine and that was normal. *facepalm*

On Wednesday I checked her belly and noticed that she’d torn a stitch… at least, it was bleeding.  So it was right back to the vet.  At that point, the vet was like “She’s healing so fast.  These are doing her more harm than good right now,” so he just took them out.  It wasn’t even a week since her spay!  I’m SO glad he went ahead and pulled them early.  You can’t even tell now that she was stitched up!  Kittens heal so fast!

— 2 —

CB turned 25 last Wednesday.  We went out to dinner at Noodles & Co (it’s new here and we love it!) and followed that up by watching Riddick.  Don’t waste your money – the movie sucks.

His parents came down from Canada to visit us for the first time that Friday.  We went out to dinner with my whole family to Casa Blanca.  It was nice!  One of the presents they gave him was a small canvas painted by his mom’s 91 year old neighbor.  It’s of Pebble Beach, which is a small beach on Lake Superior, a short distance away from where he grew up.  It’s absolutely beautiful and I love it!  We hung it up over his computer, where it neatly fills in the dead space he made me leave because he didn’t want glass reflecting at him.  This was an excellent solution, and I loooooove one-of-a-kind art!

In comparison, here’s CB on Pebble Beach shortly after we were married!  Isn’t the painting instantly recognizable?


— 3 —

I got to take my Canadian family around for some sightseeing, both in Clarksville and in Nashville.  Poor CB missed out on a lot of touristy stuff when he first came down… he arrived in TN shortly after we had a devastating flood in May 2010.  I actually had to pick him up at an earlier bus stop because both the Clarksville and Nashville Greyhound stations were underwater!  I never got to take him to Oprymills or around downtown Clarksville because they were all flooded out.  By the time everything was fixed, he’d been here so long that we didn’t care about sightseeing anymore.

One of the cool things that we missed right in Clarksville is on the riverfront in the Cumberland River Center.  There’s a big timeline of major events on the river in there, and right smack in the middle is a picture of my Paw-Paw!  That’s Meemaw’s dad, btw, my great grandfather.  When the Cumberland last froze back in 1940, he and one of his friends drove their motorcycles out on it and walked around.  There’s a picture of them standing smack-dab in the middle of the river!  Super cool, huh?

On Sunday, I drove them up to Centennial Park, which I always loved going to as a kid.  I really wanted to take them inside the Parthenon, and made sure that it was scheduled to be open.  Unfortunately when we arrived it was closed for a wedding or some shit!  QQ!!  But CB was still in awe by the outside.  It really IS quite breathtaking and I can’t wait to go back inside.  I haven’t been in since they painted everything and I really want to see the statue of Pallas Athena all made up.

Fortunately we got to the park right as a music festival and a greyhound festival were ongoing.  The greyhound festival was particularly cool – it was an event that was a dual adoption / fundraiser for retired racers.  One of the event coordinators tasked us to “go around and pet as many dogs as you can.”  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  There were hundreds of dogs and their people just milling about.  There were also a bunch of booths selling crafts, dog treats, custom collars, etc all to help raise money for the organization.

It was a fun day.

— 4 —

I took my car to one more mechanic last week.  They had it overnight and couldn’t figure out a damn thing wrong with it.  They even pumped pressurized smoke into the fuel tank and nothing escaped.  I’d given up and figured my last hope was to take it to the overpriced, skeezy dealer…

…but then earlier today (Thursday) when I took it over to Llek’s to hang out, the smell was virtually gone.  Soooooo weird!  We could still smell a trace of it, but Llek said she didn’t really smell much.  Later, CB and I also took it for a ride and he said the same thing.  So maybe whatever was wrong with it is now fixed?  Let’s hope!

— 5 —

I’ve been working on an art project for our bedroom.  I nailed some scrap planking together, distressed it with my hammer and some screws (which was super fun! I want to distress ALL THE THINGS!), stained it, and am now in the process of painting our anniversary date and a quote on it.  I keep going back and forth between really liking it and really disliking it.  When I’m finally finished I’ll either decide to hang it up or burn it.

— 6 —

I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see a few more pounds missing.  I only weigh twice a week, since I know I fluctuate quite a bit based on how much salt I’ve eaten, but I’ve still had a downward trend.  Score!  I stated in my August Food & Fitness Recap that I wanted to lose 4lbs this month.  So far it looks like I’ve lost 6!  Woo!

I have also discovered that I really like fresh raw tomato slices if they’re cold and salt and peppered.  I’ve been killing those at dinner AND breakfast!

— 7 —

Dude, television this week.  So much has happened!  CB and I watched the finale of Dexter late Sunday night on his laptop after his parents had fallen asleep.  It destroyed me.  Deb has always been my favorite character!  But ultimately I think the episode was just excellent and a great wrap-up for the show.  I hate it when shows that shouldn’t have happy endings have them, so I really liked how Dexter wound up.  Even though I understand the significance of what happened after the fade-to-black, in my head I prefer to think of it ending right there.

Breaking Bad was awesome too.  We’ll be done with that shortly and I hope its ending is as solid as Dexter’s.

A lot of our favorite shows came back on this week.  We’ve already watched How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and Revolution.  I can’t wait for the second episode of Homeland on Sunday – I love that show.  CB and I watched seasons 1 & 2 in about 3 days last month and I’m completely hooked.  It’s easily one of my favorites.  I also really like where Revolution is heading so far – it appears darker than last season.  It’s kind of campy, but I still enjoy the storyline.

Tonight Big Bang and Glee aired.  I really disliked last season of Glee, but we’re going to at least watch the first few episodes this season to see how they wrap up Cory Monteith’s character.  Finn has been my favorite since the first episode, so I’d like to see how that plays out.

Oh, and Agents of SHIELD?  From the first five minutes you could tell it was Joss Whedon’s work.  I fell in love.


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