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7 Quick Takes Friday 8.23.13

— 1 —

My high school buddy T’onna of Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty got me started on this 7 Quick Takes Friday thing.  Although I enjoy DIY, I’m not really “crafty,” and her 7 Quick Takes posts are always my favorite because they’re little snippets of her life.  Come to find out, they’re part of a link party hosted by a religion blog.  That gave me a pretty big pause because I am so nonreligious.  However, it looks like a large amount of the party participants are also nonreligious, so I am going to tentatively try participating in the link party.  I need to get out more.

— 2 —

Speaking of getting out, I’m pretty sad that I don’t get to go to Georgia next week.  It was my idea in the first place to send Sugarbandit down there to visit his brothers and sisters, and now it’s spawned into a huge family reunion with a low country boil, and he’s flying my mom and dad down there with him.  Meemaw throws an absolute shit fit every time me going is brought up (“who will stay with me?!”), so I’m stuck here at home while everyone else gets to visit.  Even my Aunt Karen and my cousins are going! I haven’t been to Brunswick since I was like 10. But what am I supposed to do?  My job description is “Meemaw’s bitch.”

— 3 —

Since quitting WoW, I haven’t really been interested in playing another game.  I’ve kinda looked at Mechwarrior Online off and on, because I know I have a ton of friends there, but I haven’t taken the plunge.  I know lots of my WoW buddies are just waiting for the next patch – and I’m not gonna lie, I was really looking forward to killing Garrosh – but I don’t really have it in me to go back.  I don’t want to raid if I’m not raiding with my buddies.  Dave (Obom) and I talk about this periodically.  I really miss playing with D, Gwen, Sean, Dave, El, Prokks, Jake, etc.  I think my WoW ship has sailed.  CB is also not playing anything with routine regularity.  It feels weird to be a gaming couple that’s not playing a game together.  Maybe Elder Scrolls will be our next MMO?

— 4 —

Things are weird with my job right now.  I really, really enjoy the company I work for – I just don’t like that it’s contract work.  My last contract was for a brand new project that they are having a TON of issues with.  To make a long story short, I worked most of last week, and then got sent home temporarily because they’re having a lot of organizational and computer issues.  I’m technically “on call” and can return at a moment’s notice.  We were only a fraction of the way through the project so there’s still a ton of work to do, but I’m not sure yet when I’ll go back to do it.

— 5 —

Last week CB and I met with our new immigration lawyer. We found this low-cost law firm through the USCIS site, and I really like both of the partners.  We had our initial consultation and now we’re in the stage where we’re gathering documentation.  The actual immigration process is supposed to take 3-6 months once we submit our paperwork; feasibly, CB can be legal by Christmas!  Our lawyers were quite candid and assured us several times that things are going to be fast and smooth sailing because we’re “not brown.”  I figured as much, but that’s so unjust.  Apparently a lot of things were fudged on CB’s entry to the US (and mine into Canada!) because we’re white.  We were supposed to be stamped and visa’d, but never were because “they don’t worry too much about white people at the border.” (Please note that CB is technically native – you know, like Native American, but up in Canada they just call it “native,” but physically he is as white as a white boy can be, and that’s all people seem to care about).

As a side effect of being married to a foreigner, I’ve gotten pretty interested in immigration law.  I might enjoy a career in a field that deals with immigrants and helps them with staying lawfully in the country.  I never knew how much of a pain in the ass immigration is – back before CB came into my life, I’m pretty sure I joked about how we needed fences at our borders – but now I believe, quite passionately, that the whole system needs a major overhaul.  It should not be this difficult, this time consuming, and this expensive for my lawful husband to live with me.  If being a professor doesn’t work out for me, maybe I’ll go back to school again to pursue law.  Or – even better – maybe I could land some sort of position in a non-profit that utilizes my background in Journalism and English.  I don’t even know where to start, though.  Next time we see our lawyers I am going to ask for advice on how I can get involved in working with immigrants.

— 6 —

My cats are so damned adorable.  Having two kittens at the same time is the best.  It’s so much fun to see how they learn and grow and play together.  Sky and Shadow are both really smart.  They are always getting into things.  Shadow is really loving, and will happily spend hours in your arms cuddling.  Sky is a big bundle of energy and is always up to shenanigans.  Whenever I come down the stairs, she runs to meet me at the top and walks down with me.  Both babies crawl in bed with me at night, and will sleep the night through with me and CB.  I haven’t had a cat sleep reliably with me since SoX, so it’s really sweet that both of them do.  When I take a bath with a book (and let’s be real, I do that damn near daily), Storm, Shadow, and Sky climb up on the rim of the tub to talk to me and play with the water while Rain huddles up right at the edge of the tub and purrs loudly at me.  Q is even opening up more, now that we have more room and she’s not constantly vigilant for the dogs.  Last night she played with me for several hours, chasing the laser pointer and running around with her little felt mouse. I love cats so much.

— 7 —

I badly need to take pictures and write some updates on our living situation here, and try to tie up the Great Basement Renovation story.  Not like it’ll be finished – because I will never finish caulking, I swear to god – but we’re at a state of reasonable doneness.  But that requires me to clean and make things look okay for photos.  And it requires good lighting.  And I’m taking crappy pictures with my cellphone.  I just feel like it’s not good enough, but I need to suck it up and get it done.  I would be super pissed if I were following a blogger who was like “hey, the last thing you saw was drywall going up, and shit’s been done for months now and we’re living here… I’m just too lazy to post updated pictures.”  Gah, sorry guys!  I’ll get on that!

Disclaimer: The “7 Quick Takes Friday” link party is hosted by  I do not agree with their religious beliefs, being a Pastafarian and all, but I support their right to worship whatever they want.  His Noodliness the FSM is just the most delicious deity available.  Arrrrrr!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Brunswick isn’t very far from where I live. I shop there sometimes. And how many cats do you have, and do all of their names start with S? My hubby used to play WoW. He hasn’t played in a few years.

    Whenever we move back to WA, I’m gonna visit Canada. I have never been out of this country, and that’s sad considering that I’ve been a military dependent my whole life. I hope everything works out with your husband’s immigration.

  2. I have SO much family in Brunswick. That’s where my grandfather’s from, and he has 8 brothers and sisters… and they all have hordes of kids. I’m probably related to half of southern GA.

    I have 5 cats… I’m a crazy cat lady, but my husband loves them too. We’re big animal people and we want to get a dog when we buy a home in the future. And maybe have chickens too, lol. Our cats are Q, Storm, Rain, Sky, and Shadow. Q’s name was given to her at the humane society. I named Storm and Rain – they’re from before I met Darren – and we named Sky and Shadow together, keeping with the nature theme.

    I can’t believe you’ve never been out of the US! I’ve been back and forth to Canada a couple of times now and I love it there. I really, really loved Germany though. My dad was working overseas back when I was in college, and my Mom and I flew over there to meet him. It was my first time flying, and it was like a 15 hour flight, lol. I’ve only been to Ontario… WA borders with British Columbia and Darren says it’s really pretty out there. I hope to make it out that ways sometime too.

  3. My mom had a cat named Stormy once… That cat put her in the hospital! It scratched her really bad. I like the names Storm and Sky a lot!

    My husband has lived in Panama and Germany, but I haven’t gone anywhere cool. I will definitely visit Canada. I worked for MWR (Morale, Welfare, & Recreation), we sold tickets for tours of different places in Canada, but I never went…

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