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7 Quick Takes Friday 8.30.13

— 1 —

This past week I started to make more of an effort to publicize my blog.  I linked up my cat tree post to a couple of link parties, and started commenting on blogs I enjoy reading.  This really did help drive traffic to my site.  Typically I would only have a few hits on days I published posts; since I started publicizing more, I’ve had a steady stream of visitors each day.  I’m still totally in the single digits, lol, but it’s an improvement!  This next week I want to work more aggressively to drive up my numbers.  It might be tough, though, because I’ve got a really busy week ahead of me.

Oh, and you know what’s REALLY exciting?  People have been Pinning my cat tree post!!! Every time I look at Pinterest and see someone has pinned it, I squeal a little.  It’s the little things.

— 2 —

Canadian Bacon’s parents are coming to visit next week, so I’ve been trying to get things finished up around here.  When we moved in we left quite a few things undone just because we were ready to get in and settle (I only had a few days off between projects and we needed to take advantage of them to move).  I’ve been caulking – I think we have endless baseboards – and I’ve put up some trim work around the stairs.  There were raw drywall edges showing and that drove me nuts, so I went out to the garage and found some corner trim leftover from last summer’s sunroom build.  I wound up cutting down the trim and wrapping all the raw edges, which finished things off nicely.  After I got the trim up, I had to put some coats of primer on everything, and now it’s waiting for a topcoat.

The whole stairwell is still in pretty rough shape.  I sanded down the area of drywall right by the upstairs door that some past cat of Meemaw’s had shredded, but I still need to paint everything.  The cinderblocks only have one coat of paint on them and definitely need a second, and none of the drywall has been painted like… since my grandparents moved in.  You can see where my cousins and I scribbled all over the walls when we were really young.  Everything’s yellowed and desperately needs an update with fresh paint.  I’m just not looking forward to hanging over the stairs to do it.  I also want to finish off the ledge where the drywall meets the cinderblock.  I think I need to put a small picture ledge there and trim it out.

I took the bathroom door off on Wednesday to paint it – I finished my bedroom door and all the bifolds before we moved in, but the bathroom door was still primer.  It’s got a coat on either side now, but I need to do a second coat.  You can tell we don’t have any modesty around here since we’ve been living without a bathroom door for a few days!  That’s on the agenda for tomorrow, as well as finishing the window coats and putting the hardware back on them.  Then maybe I can even get around to touching up all the random nicks in the drywall.  Moving in dinged them up, and I’ve got them all spackled and sanded and they just need to be painted now.

— 3 —

I am really, really, really jealous that pretty much my entire family except me and Meemaw are at the beach right now.  I am overdue for a vacation.  I haven’t been to a beach in almost 20 years.  At the very least, I want to go back to NOLA.  I used to go there every spring and now it’s been a good five years.  That’s pretty much my favorite place ever and I’ve never even taken CB.  This must change.

Speaking of not being at the beach, Meemaw is now happily telling everyone that I couldn’t have gone, anyway, because I got called back to work yesterday.  Only 5 people from my 10 man team were able to show up on such short notice.  I would have been more than happy to NOT be one of them if I could be at the beach instead.  We will be working next week also, but should finish right before my inlaws roll into town.

— 4 —

Speaking of EVERYONE being at the beach, CB and I currently have custody of my mom’s giant German Shepherd, Deimos.  He is such a momma’s boy.  They cuddle together on the couch every night and watch tv.  He’s never really been around other dogs except for Nyx.  So to say this is a huge shock for him is definitely an understatement.  Poor Deimos is NOT happy here.

He loves CB dearly, but he hasn’t been eating much and he hates going out into the yard with Meemaw’s dogs to go potty.  He might be better if Nyx were with us, but she’s being boarded because she’s too aggressive with my cats.  He would definitely be better if he were at his house, but we can’t stay over there with him all day and Mom decided she’d rather have him and Nyx in constant company rather than leave them there alone for most of the day (we’d only really be able to go let them out twice, and that’d still be an inconvenience).  So he’s having to deal.

My three adult cats know Deimos quite well, having lived with him for almost two years, and they pretty much ignored him at Mom’s.  Well, they had to get reacquainted with him since they’ve been away from him for a few months, and the first day was… an adventure.

They were all acting terrified, and the poor kittens WERE terrified as they’d never been exposed to such a giant dog before.  CB and I shut the bedroom door and blocked their cat door to force them to stay out here with Deimos.  We knew if we didn’t, they’d just hide under the bed all week.  Shadow started to warm up to him pretty quickly, but Sky stayed terrified.

Just look at this poor baby. You can see the terror in her eyes.

I’m happy to report that it only took until Thursday for the cats to take Deimos in stride.  They’ve now progressed to the part where they bully him mercilessly.  When I came in this afternoon and went to the bathroom, all five cats followed me in there.  Deimos came in also, and they formed a line around me… and hissed at Deimos to keep him away from me the whole time I was on the toilet.  That’s love, people.

— 5 —

So I need to tell a couple of Deimos/Cats stories.  We’ll go in chronological order.  This is the story of Deimos eating Meemaw’s foot… or so I thought.

Wednesday morning, I woke up delightfully at the asscrack of dawn to Meemaw screeching at me to let Deimos out of his crate so he can go to the bathroom.  Yeah, he’d been in there maybe like four hours, and that was pretty much the amount of sleep I’d gotten.  Wonderful.  It was already shaping up to a good day.

When I got out of bed, I put Deimos in the backyard and went to the bathroom.  As I was sitting on the toilet, I suddenly heard Meemaw start screaming for help in a panicked voice up in the livingroom.  I had to hurry up and finish and pull my pants up and run upstairs… I didn’t even have my contacts in yet, so everything was a shitty blur behind my pair of old hipster glasses.  She was screaming about Deimos.

What the…?

I burst into the livingroom to see Meemaw between Deimos and her cat Boo.  Deimos was jumping at the front door, frantically trying to burst it down, while Boo was trying to attack him.  Meemaw was screaming and her entire right foot was soaked in blood.  It looked like a murder scene, people.

I couldn’t even see the green-and-blue plaid print of her shoes from all the blood.  There was blood on the floor.  There was blood on the carpet.  I later found out there was blood tracked all the way down the hallway to the bathroom and also to the kitchen.  I immediately thought Deimos had mauled her foot or something, because otherwise htf would there be so much blood?!

Meemaw was screaming at me about letting Deimos in, I was screaming why the hell did she let him in, and Boo was intent on destroying poor Deimos.  For some reason, Meemaw figured I’d been up for awhile and had just decided to merrily put Deimos in the house and ignore him.  Uh, no.  From what I can figure, Dumbass went up the deck stairs and threw himself against the sunroom door, catching the latch (all the doors here have handles rather than knobs so they’re more handicapped-friendly) and popping the door open as he pulled the latch down.  Damn dog let himself in.

Meemaw was sitting in the recliner with Boo on her lap, and when Deimos burst in, Boo attacked him.  She’s very aggressive towards the other cats and dogs.  She went after Deimos, who flipped out and tried to bust out the front door.  Meemaw tried to shove Boo away, and Boo sliced up her foot.   That cat was the sole reason Meemaw’s house looked like the inside of a butcher shop.

And poor Deimos was like, “I just wanna go home.  This crazy bitch attacked me!  Where’s Momma?! :(”

— 6 —

And as if Wednesday couldn’t get any more exciting, here’s a story I posted to my Facebook from that afternoon:

To those of you who think I don’t know what having children is like or that I don’t know what I’m missing… I was painting my windows. Meemaw came knocking at the door and wanted the koi food (she’d left it upstairs). CB went to get it. I had to constantly remind Deimos to not jump on her. Meemaw went outside. There was a problem with the water hose (she thought the water had been cut off but really she just didn’t hear it coming out when she turned it on…? idk) so I had to put my paint down to go turn the water on for her and fill a water bowl.

I came back in the house and immediately notice Sky’s face speckled in paint. She’s licking her paw. I then realize her ENTIRE PAW is COVERED in paint. I look down. There are white paw prints all over my beautiful laminate flooring. Freaking kitten had taken the few minutes I was dealing with Meemaw to overcome her fear of the dog and go play around in my paint tray, which was sitting up on the window ledge. Panicked – you shouldn’t ingest that stuff!! – I pick Sky up and try to shove her in the sink to rinse her off.

Her panicked screams send Rain and Q running to her rescue while Shadow tries to jump in the sink with her and Deimos freaks out going WTF IS GOING ON OMG ARE YOU OK under my feet. Meanwhile, Sky’s gone into water-terror-induced convulsions and is proceeding to shred my bare shoulders, neck, and face (since I’m wearing a cami). Very little of her is getting clean and Deimos is frightening her even more by shoving his head into the sink, so I just say screw it and jump in the shower with her.

I stay in there as long as I can while she continues to assault me, then get out, wrap her in a towel like a burrito, and shove her at CB. I then attack the paw prints on the floor while Deimos tries to help by dancing in front of my face. As soon as they’re up, I’m on the phone with the vet to ask about Sky ingesting the paint… meanwhile I bleed and drip, completely covered in white paw prints myself!

I don’t need children, I have crazy grandparents, a loaner dog, and cats!

Window painting progress on Wednesday night. I drew a helpful arrow so you can see THE DEMON KITTEN, SKY, watching my work and plotting on how to take a header into the paint.

— 7 —

I am lusting after some art for the bedroom. Previously, I had my Waterhouse “Lady of Shalott” print hanging in there as well as my Victoria Frances vampire bride print.  They definitely did not go together, and I was wanting to reunite the Waterhouse print with my other Waterhouse and Leighton, which are hanging over the loveseat.  I finally got the bright idea to move my two sconces and mirror that were hanging between them, and the horizontal Lady of Shalott print fills up that space perfectly.  Yay!  But I definitely need something else in the bedroom.

I found another Frances print I liked, a horizontal one, but CB deemed it “too creepy.”  He’s not really fond of my current one, either.  I’m really wanting to get some more Pre-Raphaelite art to hang in there, because I find the style itself beautiful, and love how so many of them portray strong mythical women.  I’ve actually found a couple of Waterhouse prints I want, like “At the Shrine” and “Ophelia,” but my absolute favorite is one called “The Lady Clare” after a Tennyson poem.

I’d never read the poem before, so I looked it up last night.  It’s about an heiress set to marry a lord, and she discovers that she was really lowborn.  Her mother, a household servant, replaced the lord’s daughter with her when they were infants and the lord’s daughter died.  Her mother reveals the truth and begs her to go on with the marriage, but Lady Clare decides to tell her betrothed the truth.  The poem ends with him going eh, you were a Lady yesterday, and you’ll rightfully be a Lady tomorrow, cause I’m still plannin on marrying you.  AWESOME.  And totally great for a bedroom, am I right?!

The colors – deep scarlet and cream – complement my bedding perfectly.  Also, there may or may not be a goat in the picture.  Just sayin’.

Disclaimer: The “7 Quick Takes Friday” link party is hosted by  I do not agree with their religious beliefs, being a Pastafarian and all, but I support their right to worship whatever they want.  His Noodliness the FSM is just the most delicious deity available.  Arrrrrr!

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  1. Hello! Clicked on over from Jen’s. A few things – 1) I love cats too. Your black and white cats look similar to my cat – Diego. 2) Your disclaimer at the bottom is one of the most interesting disclaimers I have ever read. I have heard of the FSM, but didn’t connect that with Pastafarian (well, it is early after all…and I was up a bunch last night with a screaming teething toddler, but I digress). Anyway, I googled Pastafarian and this is the first headline that came up – I definitely learn something new everyday. 3) The “Lady Clare” painting is awesome and thanks for giving some background on the poem that inspired the painting. I am a pretty much a neophyte when it comes to poetry and art, but my curiosity and interests in those two subjects has been piqued over the years and I am trying to learn more and more. 4) Good luck on publicizing your blog more! Sounds like you are on the right track. Best regards! – M P.S. I am off to check out your cat tree post.

      1. And that is what happen when a cat jumps on your keyboard! :P

        Hey, thank you so much for coming to visit and leaving a comment! I was really wary at first to link up over at Jen’s because I’ve had some negative experiences at religion blogs before, but so far I’ve really enjoyed the people I’ve met over there! I love reading about her scorpion adventures, too – she cracks me up.

        I first learned about the FSM when I was in college, shortly after Henderson wrote his letter to the Kansas Board of Education. It really struck a chord with me as I have always been passionate about keeping Church and State separate, especially when it comes to education. My mom’s side of my family is all Southern Baptist, my stepfather’s is Catholic, a couple of my colleagues are Muslim, my husband is athiest, and in college a bunch of my friends were pagan. I have a definite appreciation for religion, and feel people should be able to worship however they see fit as long as they treat one another well. I’m definitely one of those hippie “coexist bumper sticker” people! I saw that article the other day too and had to giggle with glee at the thought of a dude with a colander on his head in a yearbook picture!

        Good luck on your quest to learn more and more about poetry and art! I’d like you to some resources except I don’t really have any! I just ran across Leighton and Waterhouse at Hobby Lobby one day and started to do some research from there.

        Again, thanks for visiting!

  2. Jen Fulwiler’s scorpion “adventures” are the #1 reason I have no interest in moving to Texas or any of the southwest for that matter! LOL! That is why I am actually very thankful for the cold winters up here in the frozen tundra, it kills off those kinds of creatures!

    We do agree on keeping the church and state out of education, but maybe for different reasons. It is the primary reason we are planning on homeschooling our daughter. I don’t want the state involved in what I can and can’t teach her! :)

    I hope you are having a good Labor Day weekend. The heat finally broke up here and I am planning on going for a walk later this afternoon and it is actually pleasant out.

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