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About Me

My name is Britt.

My greatest aspiration in life is to grow up to be a crazy cat lady. Currently I am in training under my Meemaw, who is an excellent role model in this field.

I think consenting adults should be able to love and marry whoever they wish, regardless of race or gender. I just happen to be straight, but I did kind of make things more adventurous by marrying a Canadian. Whole different breed, that one.

I’m a feminist. That means I believe in equality for all genders. I firmly believe that instead of teaching our daughters how to cover up their boobs and to avoid drinking, we should teach our sons not to rape. I believe women working the same jobs as men, with the same experience, should receive the same pay. I believe that we need more women in government. Also, I love my power tools.

I have a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC) and English Literature from Murray State University.  I am currently finishing my M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership (NCATE) at Tennessee State University, an HBCU (a historically black college and university).

I taught high school English and Journalism for four years. I learned a lot in that career:  I went into teaching for all the wrong reasons, I think public education in America needs huge reforms to make it viable long-term in this changing world, I am an excellent writing instructor, and that although I enjoyed mentoring students, teaching at the secondary level was not for me.

As I finish my advanced degree, I work seasonally on contract for a couple of different big names within the standardized testing industry.  I manage people and conduct training sessions on how to score writing assessments.  I really enjoy my job, but my long-term goal is to work at the post-secondary level mentoring students.


Me and my husband, Canadian Bacon.

I am a gamer. I started role-playing on AOL in middle school. I’ve done every tabletop RPG under the sun. I have a fondness for Mechwarrior and Neverwinter Nights. I met my husband playing the (horrible) free mmorpg FlyFF. I was a hardcore raider and a guild master of a US Top 200 World of Warcraft guild. Some couples go out to the movies. My husband and I destroy internet dragons together as our bonding experience.  Currently, we are too busy being adults to settle down with another MMO, but we still play other less time-consuming games here and there.  I recently set up a Retropie and am having a blast playing the classics!

I created and I wrote the webcomic See No Evil.  Unfortunately, my artist quit, so I am currently just writing the damn story in a novelized form.

I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon and I have a Bersa Thunder .380. As a former teacher and a handgun owner, I am vehemently opposed to teachers carrying to school. I see absolutely no reason why civilians should ever own assault rifles. I believe that handgun ownership should be pretty strictly regulated but that weapons used for hunting are a whole different beast.

I don’t want to have children. Neither does my husband. Stop bugging me about it.  Our cats are our kids and we love them dearly.

My head ain’t screwed on straight. That’s what my Sugarbandit (grandfather) always says. But being normal is boring anyway, so I like my life just the way it is.


  1. Hey Britt, I love you just the way you are don’t ever change!! Miss you both….xoxo

  2. This is a cool blog, do u mind writing about losing weight with keto?

  3. Why do you eat low carb?..dieting?..

    • Yup – trying to lose weight!!

      I’m doing low carb, specifically, because diabetes runs rampant through my family… and I think it seems counter-intuitive to try to combat diabetes through consuming sugars. I’ve also tried low-fat, carb-heavy diets in the past and they never seemed sustainable, plus I was always ravenous. Low carb has been a winner for me!

  4. I am back and forth on the low carb eating. Diabetes also runs in my family, I also have a very low thyroid. (Hopefully it will soon be on track). Anyway I know the low carb eating does work for me with losing weight. I just need to stay motivated. I am also a blogger with a recipe page and always looking to add some great low carb recipes to my list so as not to get bored. Low carb does work.

  5. Marry me!
    Just found your inspiring and hilarious blog….love it.
    Keep on keepin’ on groovy low carb lady. :)

  6. Hello Britt,
    I have just tried your ‘porridge’, and sensational is what I call it, did not think for a moment that it would be so tasty. A few tweaks – spoon of cream, 1/2 t vanilla, flick of butter and a pinch of salt – Yum!
    Thank you for the recipe, and I look forward to many more.

    ps. the cats are cute.

  7. First, you are hilarious and super down to earth and that makes your blog/page even more interesting.
    I don’t do the whole “diet” thing and have an “addiction” to sugar! Seriously, my mom told me if I keep on I will probably be diabetic. Water wasn’t in my vocabulary because the military made me despise it. So, coffee (caramel machiatos) were my go too about three times a day. There for I ventured into “keto” to make a lifestyle change.
    Other blogs on keto are kinda lame and lack the personality such as yours. It’s great to read and see the dramatic changes of you and CB. It’s also great to see that you did turn it into a lifestyle change. I’m also all in or not. I have a serious addiction to sugar and love sweets and never thought I could do it, but I’ve lost about 15lbs so far and feel great.i like finding new ideas for my sweet tooth. Which is how I found your page with your “jello bombs” on pinterest. I just wanted to let you know how amazing and clever I find you and your blog. I can’t wait to see your future posts. You and CB are an inspiration to people like me starting out. Also, thanks for taking the time and creating a page. Not many people realize how time consuming that can be. Any who, my comment is staring to get lengthy and I don’t want it to sound stalkeris so I’ll end it. :)

    • Yay! Thank you for commenting and saying such lovely things! I DEFINITELY believe in sugar addiction. I am firmly addicted to it and I have to avoid it or I relapse and binge. It’s all or nothing for me… so it’s got to be nothing.

      I am so proud of you for losing 15lbs already. Keep on going… who knows how far you’ll end up?! I never imagined I could lose 100lbs, and I’m still going!

      I love to write, and I don’t want to be artificial, so I let my voice shine through. I’m kind of wacky, and I know it actually turns some people off, but I’m glad it attracts some like you :)

  8. Deborah Lonsway

    I love everything you put out here!! Is there a way to join your site? How do you see all your post? Just follow you or what? I absolutely love your low carb recipes, my son and I are both on a Moderate Atkins Diet similar to the Ketogenic diet. He was started on it for seizures so we are both overweight so we’ve both been on it for almost 4 months and we were getting burned out on things and now I found you and your gonna be a lifesaver!! I have sweet cravings especially chocolate and have looked on everything for low carb desserts that we could use and found nothing till now! Thank you so much!! You’ve got the best low carb recipes. God Bless You and keep up the good work!!!!! You made my day

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! On my main page, there is a little box where you can submit your email, which will subscribe you to the site and let you know when I make new posts :)

      Keep in mind that all of my recipes are just for fun and hopefully weight loss… I don’t recommend them for medical ketosis for seizure patients! (just covering my own ass here!). I’m sure you know what is best for you and your son! It’s so awesome that you went on the diet with him :)

  9. Hey Britt!

    Me and my fiance are also hardcore gamers and we live with two cute kitties named Leeloo (yes…Leeloo Dallas multipass) and Butterfly. I rescued Butterfly from under my porch and we’re pretty much inseparable.

    I was wondering, random question. How did you get started on your blog. I stumbled across yours, (kinda jealous) and i also am ketogenic with a love of cats, and guitar… and wanted to know more about how you made it happen. I’d love to converse with people about similar interests.

    • Hi Tannara! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

      I kept a Livejournal all through high school and college, until I kind of got out of the habit. It was open only to my close, personal friends. I really enjoyed writing about my days. So I decided, when my husband and I moved to Canada, that I would start a blog that my family could see to chronicle my adventures. Well, we didn’t stay there too long, and when we came back I wrote off and on about gaming. It really kicked into gear when I started recording recipes when I went low carb. For the first few years of blogging, I kept it on WordPress. It was free to use. But once I started getting a LOT of traffic, I decided to go out on my own with my own domain because I could then monetize (those Google Ads make me about $50/mo). More importantly, it allowed me MUCH more customization (you are limited on the WordPress-hosted sites, because they want you to pay for more things). There’s a lot of blogging software out there, but I definitely recommend WordPress. Start a small blog, and if you like it and keep up with it, and it’s worthwhile to you to self-host, it’ll be easy to move over to your own domain with the WordPress tools.

      Just remember that blogging should be something you love before it’s a business. I don’t really run this as a business, it just brings me in some side cash for my savings account. I would have to post a lot more often, and put in way more ads, and deal with affiliates and sponsored posts, and shit like that. That’s not to say I’ll never do that… but at this point in my life, I’m so busy with school, and work, and (now) remodeling my new condo, that I can’t imagine putting that much time and effort into this. It’s just an outlet, a hobby for me.

      Good luck, and please link me to your blog if you decide to start one!!!

  10. Crazy Cat Lady/gamer/insane liberal/Pastafarian here too! So cool! Nice that I am not a total anomaly. Just found Keto and your blog and I am thrilled! It is hard enough starting a new diet but even harder reading someone’s blog for recipes/tip/tricks and having to read alot of stuff that makes my skin crawl. Glad to have found another cat owned being that seems alot like myself. I am still trying to get the hubby (also a crazy cat lover) to go keto or even low carb, but with great recipes and your sense of humor, I just might have a chance!

    Thanks for starting this blog, and keep writing!


    • I’ve got a couple of other comments on here that basically say the same thing, so we’re not alone! There are more of us crazy cat lady low carb liberal gamer girls out there than you expect!!

      Thank you so much for the sweet comments. I hope my recipes help you (And hopefully your husband) on your keto journey. How have you been doing thus far?

  11. You sound amazing, Britt!

    I love that you’re a liberal southerner! I love that you’re a gun-toting feminist who believes that shaming women is NOT the way to get boys to learn how to have loving, fulfilling relationships with women. Rock on, sista!

    I’m a native Californian who (briefly) lived in the deep south and have been forever changed by it (in some ways quite traumatically, in other ways very much not). Years later, in 1990, when I was 19 and still in college, I drove across the US, back to the south to say goodbye to my dad’s wife, who was dying of lung cancer. It was a beautiful, wonderful, horrible, amazing experience. When I arrived in Berryville and, later, looked up some of my old middle & high school friends, all of them except ONE was already a mother. One friend (also aged 19, like me) already had 3 kids! Ugh. So horrible (to me). So my hat’s off to you, for not being a “breeder” (I can’t believe that I said that; I actually hate that word; I’m a mom and I love kids- but not everyone needs to have them, for goodness sake!) simply because everyone else thinks that it’s “normal” to have a family in that way. Fuck normal. I like you.

    Plus, I’m also a teacher-drop-out (it was soooooooo not the profession for me either! damn, that was a hard lesson). Aside from the gaming-thing, we have a lot in common.

    I married a woman from Holland, so I know what you mean about the “whole different breed” thing. Ha! Marrying a non-American is an adventure all right. Just because I’m bi and you’re not, does not make you a boring bigot. LOL

    • Thank you! It’s so nice to meet you!

      I feel like the lone hold out in my friends group. I can only think of a couple of other ladies my age who don’t have kids yet. I still haven’t completely ruled out not having one, but I’m still leaning towards no. It just doesn’t feel right and I don’t have a pressing need to be a mother. I’ve got my cats for that and good lord, they keep me busy and stressing!

      What do you do now that you don’t teach?

      I’m back in school now for educational leadership, and am hoping to work at a university.

  12. I LOVE LOW CARB! I found I can manage my weight most on a low carb diet and feel best when I do follow it.

  13. Would love to see current updates. I found your blog while looking for Keto recipes, and I found that I enjoyed reading about your life :)

    • Thank you for the sweet comment :) I’ve been so busy as a full time student + working two jobs! I’m hoping to start posting again with some frequency, though!

  14. Great recipes in your blog. I made the Salmon Patties with a can of salmon that was just hanging out in my cupboard. I used horseradish mayo which made them a little more zesty. I hope you are still doing well on your journey. It was inspiring to read your years one and two stories. You have really stayed the course and have gotten the results. I am a sugar addict as well and will be all or nothing. Paleo and weight watchers only took me so far. My body cannot handle the carbs. Also, when I dabbled for a couple of weeks last summer doing the keto/Atkins plan it was the only time in my life that the sugar monster was tamed and I did not have cravings nor did I feel hungry. I have a question about which app you use for tracking your meals and which is more keto friendly. When I tracked 6 ounces of romaine lettuce on the Atkins app it said it was 2 carbs. On the My Fitness Pal app it says it is 12. Which one is right? Do you use actual carbs or net carbs for keto carb counting? Thanks for your help. God bless you and thanks again for sharing what you have learned.

    • I use net carbs instead of actual carbs… my best guess would be that the Atkins app shows net carbs while I know MFP shows full carbs.

      I have slid back a little since my Year Two post, but am back on the wagon and going strong again. I feel like I’ll probably be fighting this battle my whole life, but I know it can be done!

      Good luck with your keto journey!

  15. Laura Plaisance

    did you ever write down your chocolate chip cookie recipe?

  16. Stumbled onto your blog following a recipe link …. and I loooooove it!!

    I am 2 months keto – though this is my 5th attempt. Managed to stick with it this time.
    I love my kitties and used to cycle competitively (though now just for fun). Would game a whole lot more if I had the time – maybe I will one day!

    You seem like my kinda person!! So glad I found you :)


    • Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hello! I hope you are successful on your keto journey this time :)

  17. Love this blog, you had me at throw those sunsabitches in the pan!! I think it is so great that you lost all that weight. I just started 1 month ago and down only 8 lbs. How long did it take you to loose 100 lbs? Gonna try all your recipes and think this is the lifestyle for me. I am a retired nurse and can’t believe it took me so long to find the right fit for me. Thanks again.

    • Thank you! :P So sweet of you to stop by and comment!

      It took me about 2 years. I am not very strict on keto – I tend to go off it on holidays and such, and sometimes I just want a damn margarita and some tacos. So the stricter you are, the faster you’ll lose. I’ve put some weight back on and am about to recommit for the New Year! It truly is a lifestyle change. Best of luck with yours!

  18. you had me at “Holy shit”

    • That’s really refreshing, when I get so many fucking comments from people complaining about my language. Like really, why do they feel like it’s necessary to come up on my blog and complain? They’re free to click the little x in the upper corner and leave. I’ll never understand that!

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