All Good Things Must Come to an End: My WoW Story

Main and alt, Kelida and Kaliath
goblin death knight and troll discipline/shadow priest


As of June 2013, three years since we started playing and two years after we created our guild, my husband and I quit World of Warcraft. We became too busy with our real lives; we moved in with my grandparents to help care for them, I went back to work full-time, we were feeling the burnout from pushing so hard, and we didn’t really enjoy the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

We quit with over 16k achievement points, a mile-long list of personal rankings each, and an embarassing amount of gold & vanity items. Our guild Unpossible was ranked in the US Top 200; a goal I had once wistfully looked towards.

We made many, many dear friends playing this game, and still keep in contact with most of them.

At some point in the future we may return to Azeroth. If we’re at a place in our lives where we can once again dedicate time to the game, we will probably pick up the next expansion and check out raiding once more.

I wrote several posts concerning WoW, guild leadership, and girl gamers, which I entitled “Memoirs of a Guildmaster.” I still have many stories to tell and will probably write more of them.


My goblin death knight in my favorite transmog. This beautiful artwork was done by my very talented friend Cnids, who played our raid group’s elemental shaman, Svolm.

My WoW Story

I began playing World of Warcraft in September of 2010, right before The Shattering patch hit at the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Together with some friends, I started my own guild in late July of 2011, shortly after the Firelands patch of Cataclysm launched. By March of 2012, my guild was ranked server first on US-Undermine, and in the US Top 500. We finished out the tier on a new server, US-Area 52, with a US ranking of 632 and a US 221 Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievement.

You can find more information about my guild at our homepage, Unpossible.

We post parses of our raids, and you can peruse our logs at World of Logs.

Unfortunately, the server move and my subsequent name change from Shamaroth (drow for “unholy”) to Kelida (“the wanderer”) lost many of my world rankings.

However, you can still view a live profile of my main, and current rankings achieved on Area-52 under the name Kelida at WoW-Heroes.

A cartoony drawing of my goblin death knight, originally destined for our guild’s website banner. She’s munching on a pink-frosted cupcake, the symbol for Unpossible. This was done by my longtime friend Ash, who was Krocs, our raid group’s boomkin in Cata and our hunter in MoP.
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