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an april fool’s wedding

Apparently your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.  Am I a bad wife if I admit that it wasn’t?  I’ve shared many more with Darren that were more exciting, and have had other amazing ones with different friends and family.  The wedding was just another day!   I know I was also “supposed” to be really nervous about exchanging vows.  The truth of the matter is, I WAS incredibly nervous, but not about that.

If you know the Drury family at all (at least the Clarksville branch), you know we are perpetually late to EVERYTHING.  I told Darren that I’d probably be late to my own wedding.  That’s what I was nervous about — that we would miss our scheduled appointment or that Mom and da would be late.  We got up at about 8:30.  I showered.  We got dressed.  I left Mom directions while she was in the shower, and Darren and I went ahead and left.  The wedding was scheduled for 10:30 but we were supposed to be at the county clerk’s office a half hour early in order to get our license drawn up.  I didn’t know where the courthouse in Hoptown was, so I was worried about finding it.  Google maps showed me that it wasn’t very far at all from where I taught at Hopkinsville High School.  I did get a little turned around, because when I plotted my route I didn’t take in account for one-way streets, but I called the office and one of their secretaries (also named Brittney!) was able to direct us in and even land us in a parking space!  At this point I called Bryan to find out where he was — and that dork was at the Clarksville County Clerk’s office!  I told him “You had better fly!” and he began the race to make it 30+minutes up the road to be in time for our wedding.

The paperwork was short and sweet.  We’d already filled out an app, so we just forked it over with the fee and waited in the hallway while our license was typed.  We went in and signed it, and then we were told that Judge Tribble would marry us in his building out back.  We were like “what building? and walked outside only to come face to face with…

Wow.  We totally got the Vegas experience without the trip to Vegas.  At this point I think our nerves kicked in a bit, and Darren and I sat on the sidewalk staring at the building while we waited for 10:30 to approach.  Finally the time arrived, but none of my family had, so we walked over to the Chapel of Love to see what was going on.  No one was inside.  It was a small room with a white podium at the head (and a door that never opened behind it) and a pew on either wall to the side.  There were some flowers but absolutely no religious symbolism, which Darren commented positively on.  So we sat and we wait.  Eventually the family showed up, but still no Bry.  10:45 ticked around and we couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Finally we noted that the sign out front that said “check in before entrance” pointed to the building next door, not across the street from whence we’d came.  We let ourselves into what was apparently the Judge’s office.  His secretary, who I’d spoken with on the phone several times before then already, got our paperwork finalized and told us that there was no rush, just let her know when Bry showed up.  When we stepped back out to wait, he was there, and so we got the ball rolling.

To be honest, I don’t remember the ceremony very much.  Darren and I stood in front of the podium and held hands.  At first he asked something about objections, and Darren and I were just confused when the family stood up.  The judge looked confused too, and they all shouted “April Fool’s!”  I guess trying to do a fake objection.  Then we awkwardly fumbled with the rings and got them on, and then there were the vows.  I don’t remember what they said but when the Judge asked me, I just said “yes,” not thinking about how the proper verbage is “I do.”  Darren did the same thing and Bry continually teased us about it all weekend.  It was over and in less than 5 minutes we were married!  Previously I had admired Mike and Korey’s wedding because it was SO fast (less than 15 minutes?), and all I’d had to compare it to before were three Catholic weddings (one with a full Mass) and Heather’s long Baptist wedding.  Ours definitely blew all of those out of the water speed-wise!

Afterwards we gathered out front for some pictures.  I STILL don’t have any of me and Darren!  Everyone else took those and no one has given me copies yet :(  This is one I snapped of our attendants:  Man of Honor Bry, my mom, stepgrandma Barb, da, and Barb’s friend Jenny.  Barb gave us a dozen roses “because you have to have flowers when you get married” and I held one during the ceremony.

We left from there to get brunch and wound up at O’Charley’s.  There was cake at O’Charley’s.  Oh yes, there was cake.  Barb had a his and her wedding cupcake for us (kid’s cupcakes with red icing for me and blue for him), and after we all ate the waitress brought out a beautiful sheet cake!  I guess you can say that red and cream were our wedding colors?  Red is Darren’s favorite color, and my second favorite (sorry – loyalty to blue!).  It’s my favorite to wear, and since I’m an English person who loves symbolism, I like how red symbolizes all of the things a wedding should stand for — passion, love, desire, blood.  Those are the primary reasons I chose a ruby for my engagement ring — I knew everytime I’d see the color that I’d think of him, I enjoy the symbolism, and I generally dislike diamonds.  When we have a proper ceremony some day in the future, I want to wear a red dress.

Meemaw wanted to take us out to dinner, but we couldn’t go that night.  Our plans kept getting pushed back for various reasons until we were finally able to end up at Charlie’s Steakhouse on Monday night.  I love Charlie’s — it has the best steaks I’ve ever tasted — but I only ever go there when invited because I could NEVER afford the place.  I always order the “Good Kabob” because they’re amazing.  They’re also one of the cheaper steak items on the menu at $23!  Meemaw and Sugarbandit were there, and so was my mom, Heather, my Aunt Karen and Cheesy, and my favorite cousin Sheryl.  Aunt Karen made us a wedding cake that was absolutely delicious!  She makes the best homemade buttercream frosting, and she knows I think that so she baked an amazing cake for us.  I’m told that it was a work in much progress, because she started to make it Friday, then they ate one layer of it when they found we weren’t eating out that night, and I guess she finished the next layer Saturday, but then it started to collapse so she just wound up securing the whole thing together with a ton of more buttercream.  Soooooo good!  They put a cute little cake topper on it that was a bride dragging a groom.  Kelly said that she wanted a Canadian and American flag on it to symbolize me dragging Darren across the border.  Darren said that I was just saving him from the buttercream-covered sinkhole.  It was adorable and we all had massive pieces and then two days later the whole thing was magically gone.

My family is the best.  I really and truly believe that.  They rolled with the punches and came out swinging!  They’ve been incredibly supportive as Darren and I embark on this trip together, and I know they’ll be there for the rest of our lives <3

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