My blogroll is comprised of some real life friends, some online friends I’ve never met, and some blogs I just enjoy reading – they’re all worthy of a second look.


Billy Goats Gruff – now, I have never met David, Patricia, or their daughter Phoenix, but I am friends online with his brother and sister-in-law, Nik and Rachel.  Nik linked me to this blog before and I find it absolutely fascinating.  David and Patricia are building a cob house to live sustainably off the grid in Thunder Bay, which is where CB and I lived in Canada.  Their process is very cool.

Daily Cat Pictures – my girl Lizzy posts pictures of her adorable cats.  I can always count on her to understand me when I freak out in my capacity as a cat lady.

I Hate Chris Pine – one of my former students posts crazy shit on her tumblr.  Like I don’t even know what half of this is, but some of it is hilarious.

Live. Love. Learn. – Gabbye is one of my former students – my yearbook editor – and she has a powerful way with words.

Maggie Wing Sings – written by Maggie, one of my college friends and Schwenk’s wife.  She’s a talented musician and writes about auditions and performances, as well as other real life stuff.

Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty – written by T’onna, one of my high school friends.  She’s super crafty and hosts a weekly link party called Submarine Sunday.

Secularize This
– written by Mike, a high school buddy, under the claim that “what this world needs is a voice of reason.”

Straight Trickery – written by Geri, who’s been an online friend since the late 90’s when I role-played on AOL.  I find we seem to have a lot in common… views on politics, women’s rights, and a love for gaming and WoW.

That Jason Guy – written by Schwenker (yes, that is totally his name), one of my college buddies.  He’s been mostly blogging about his internship (he does some sort of psychiatric head shit that escapes me but sounds very important), as well as other miscellaneous things.

The Barefoot Guy – I don’t know Mayor personally, but he’s dating my college roommate Auddie, and he’s got interesting things to say about running and being a dad.  Also, his blog lets me creep on her since she doesn’t write one herself :P

The Hopeful Adventures of a Chubby Mom – Jamie is one of my teacher buddies. She recently had a baby and has embarked on a journey to lose weight to better keep up with her little one. She’s one of the most upbeat people I know.


(aka bloggers I enjoy reading who have no idea who I am, unless they recognize me from commenting on their blogs like a stalker)

Ana White – awesome furniture building plans for all skill levels.
Back to Her Roots – she’s also married to a Canuck, and enjoys growing and eating whole foods.
Daily Garnish – healthy, vegetarian recipes from a culinary school graduate.
Decor and the Dog – a mix of building and crafts, with adorable dog pix thrown in.
DIY Diva – one badass chick who can build anything – she inspired me to ask Santa for my Makita.
House*Tweaking – this blogger and her husband are renovating and tweaking an old rancher.
Life Begins at Thirty, Right? – a Canadian lady who is renovating her Toronto row house.
Love, Joy, Feminism – dissecting conservative evangelical writing.
Manhattan Nest – a hilarious and sarcastic gay guy renovates an apartment and new house with his partner and their dogs. fabulously.
Mark Does Stuff – Mark Reads and comments on popular lit. Right now he’s reading Tammy Pierce, my favorite
Southern Hospitality – beautiful and classic Southern style in a newly renovated home
South Your Mouth – delicious Southern food by another lady married to a Canuck. We Southern ladies apparently like yettis.
Thrifty Decor Chick – building and crafts
Ugly Duckling House – renovating, building, and crafting… with an adorable dog.
Victoria Elizabeth Barnes – some hilarious lady who is addicted to shiny things renovates a Victorian with her husband.
View Along the Way – renovating a foreclosure on a budget, with a lot of hilarity thrown in for good measure.
Young House Love – probably the superstars of the blogosphere, YHL is super famous and they post about renovating, building, crafting, their kid… and their dog. Are you sensing a theme here?


I love comments, and read every last one. Talk to me!