Book Review: the short second life of bree tanner

So this summer my family started a pretty cool tradition:  every Saturday morning, we go out to eat breakfast at one of the small local restaurants, courtesy of Sugarbandit.  Today we went to Big Burger down on Riverside (which I think is Sugarbandit’s favorite restaurant/dive/hangout, period) for some smoked sausage and fried eggs.  This morning Sheryl (my favorite cousin) joined us, and afterwards we all went up the road to see Kelly B’s new apartment (my second favorite cousin, Sheryl’s little sister).  On our way out I snagged this book off of her bookshelf and told her I was borrowing it.

the short second life of bree tanner, by Stephanie Meyer, was a really fast read at just 178 pages.  I finished it in about an hour and I have to say, it’s my favorite of the Twilight books.  I am not a die-hard Twilight fan (aka Twihard), but I don’t hate the books either.  My mom got me Twilight back in ’06 for Easter, along with another book that I can’t remember right now, and I liked it enough to want New Moon.  Very shortly afterward, Eclipse came out, and it ruined the series for me so much that it was just as an afterthought that I picked up Breaking Dawn one day in Wal-Mart.  Ugh.

bree had the elements of Twilight and New Moon that I liked, and thankfully none of the shit that I didn’t (Edward and Jacob’s chauvanistic, controlling and emotionally abusive behavior – UGH).  The book gave me an insight into my favorite part of Eclipse (okay, let’s face it, the only part I liked) – the battle between the new coven of feral vampires and the Cullens.  It was really cool to see a “real” vampire instead of a vegetarian, and learn the inner workings of a feral coven.  In short, bree was cool because it was about vampires and not about a dysfunctional, abusive relationship meant to make teenaged girls swoon.  Ugggh.

Now:  back to my regularly scheduled housecleaning session with Darren, then on to the wonderful World of Warcraft!

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