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Over the past two years, I’ve become addicted to cycling.  I LOVE riding my bike!!  I can happily ride for hours and hours.  If you are a fellow cyclist, please add me on Strava!

So far I have gone through three bikes:

This is the Terminator, so named because it is a Shogun T-1000.  I bought the Terminator off Craigslist for $100 along with another bike.  He was really heavy but he got me into riding.  I sold him before we moved to Nashville and I kind of wish I’d kept him just because he was a damn tank and would’ve been a good spare bike.  I put some Ergon grips on him and changed the twisty shifters to Shimano trigger shifters.  The derailleur was Shimano Tourney.

The Terminator

This is Livvy, my 2015 Liv Alight 2.  She is a hybrid with Shimano Altus components.  Livvy is my first “real bike” from a local bike shop.  She’s beautiful and comfortable and I really enjoyed riding her.  When my homie Rikki started riding with me after I moved to Nashville, she bought Livvy off me (she’s now the distinguished Olivia) and I purchased Spock, my first road bike.


This is Spock, my 2009 Trek Madone 5.2.  She’s a full carbon road bike built for speed.  I bought her used from my new local bike shop here in Nashville.  She was owned by a lady who raced her.  I’m sure she’s not my final bike and she wasn’t really what I was looking for, but I got an incredible deal so I couldn’t pass it up.  She runs full Shimano Ultegra components.


Canadian Bacon got a bike (“Bones,” a Giant cyclocross) for his birthday.  Since we have such limited storage space here in the Cat Condo, we decided to hang our bikes in our stairwell!

Livvy & Spock on a trip downtown!


Riding on my lunch break at Tennessee State University!


Spock & Bones on the runway of the Cornelia Fort Airpark.