I have a newfound obsession with power tools and building shit.

I got my first taste of building shit when I was in college and a bookcase I bought from Wal-Mart literally ripped in half as I was assembling it.  I said F this S, returned it, and invested the money at Lowes into a $10 Black & Decker electric screwdriver with a drill bit and some lumber.  I don’t think I had any clue what a level was and didn’t give a shit if things were square or not.  That bookcase was sturdy as hell even though the shelves were kind of crooked.  It’s gone through three moves without a scratch and is currently living at Mom’s house… because she liked it so much she wanted to keep it when I moved out.

So far, I’ve built three different double computer desks for me and Canadian Bacon – one in Thunder Bay using some cleats and a sheet of melamine, one at my mom’s house using a closet door, and one here in the basement at Meemaw’s using 2x10s and 2x4s.  I was solely responsible for the first two, but CB helped me with this last one.  There’s no way in hell either one of us could move the thing by ourselves.

In January of 2012, I started renovating my Mom’s 1960s kitchen – stripping and refinishing all of her cabinetry, tiling a backsplash, installing new lighting, the works.  It’s August 2013 right now and it’s still not done.  I PROMISE I’LL FINISH IT, MOMMA!

Momma’s Kitchen Makeover got put on hold for our biggest DIY endeavor yet – back in March, CB and I undertook The Great Basement Renovation.  We converted my hoarder Meemaw’s blackwidow-infested basement into a 700sq ft apartment, complete with bedroom, living area, and full bathroom.  We did have a contractor (two, actually, after I fired the first drunken one) but we did a lot of the work ourselves, including all of the finishing.

I’m really wanting to get into building furniture, and I think that’s what I’m going to focus on next – after I finish Mom’s kitchen, that is!


  1. I love your blog and am trying your creamsicle jello right now. Can’t wait to try the cheesecake fluff. I also love crafting and keto. Do you have any photos of your DIY crafts? I would love to see. Way to go on your progress!
    You have a GREAT blog. I am craving photos like I am craving the Cheesecake fluff. ;)
    ——-Fellow keto/crafter.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments!!!

      I don’t craft too terribly much… I build more so than craft (I’m all about those power tools). Or maybe that counts as crafting, too? lol

      So far the things I have the most pictures of on here are my cat tree and litter boxes. That will change soon though, as my husband and I just bought a condo and are slowly renovating it!! I plan to document that :)

  2. I just made your jello, cream and sour cream goody. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Ticks me off I had to use sugar free strawberry because I didn’t have any orange on hand. Next time.

    I started the keto low carb eating 3 weeks ago and so far so good. Pretty much all thanks to pinterest where I seem to find all kinds of really good recipies and hints.

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