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Everday Eats: Monday, September 8th, 2014

Today the culture of my wound came back and I was positive for MRSA :(  Lame!  It does appear to be healing well, though.  I screwed up the courage to ask Canadian Bacon to show me a picture he had taken of it, and I was not as appalled as I thought I would be.  Unfortunately I still can’t go to the gym and work out.  I thought maybe I could go do some weights, but I was told I need to make sure I’m not sweating, as that could aggravate the wound and impede my progress.  Blah.  I have all this energy and nothing to do with it!!  Hopefully I can get back to my lifting soon!

So since I can’t lift, I guess I just have more time to cook delicious keto foods, right?  Today was pretty tasty.  I also posted my quesadilla recipe today, and it didn’t do as well as I hoped.  It seems like my posts that get the most traffic are my desserts.  Seems like there are a lot of sweet tooths around here! (is that grammatically correct?  sweet tooths?  sweet teeth?  whatever)


I am really enjoying this combination of Oscar Meyer Smokies + 2 eggs + cheddar cheese.  It whips up really quickly in a skillet.  CB requested breakfast burritos, but I didn’t want to spend the carbs or the cals, so I just ate mine in a bowl.  So good and so easy!  It’s much faster than cooking bacon or ground sausage.

On the side was a blackberry yogurt cup.  As far as my survey of Kroger Carbmaster yogurts has gone, I’ll say it’s one of my top 3, along with vanilla and strawberry colada.  I’ve got a new couple of flavors to try, so I may still find some more that I like… but so far, those three are by far the best.


I didn’t so much have a proper lunch today as I did a small snack.  I was craving something sweet and salty, so I measured out 2 tablespoons of Smucker’s Natural Creamy Peanut Butter into a little sauce dish, stuck a Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie 86% dark chocolate square in it, and microwaved it for 30 seconds.  It made a delightful little dish of molten, peanut buttery chocolate that I ate with a couple of squirts of Reddi Wip.

The downside of photographing all of your food – I didn’t see that damn cat hair with my naked eye and I would have been blissfully ignorant had I not taken this picture (and looked at it after I ate the concoction, obviously).  I’ve probably eaten thousands of cat hairs in my life!


Dinner was some more slow-cooked chicken thighs and buttery broccoli.  Meemaw asked if I ever get tired of the broccoli… not really!  It’s so good when it’s coated with butter and Lite Salt!!

If you haven’t tried cooking boneless, skinless chicken thighs yet, I highly recommend it!  We get these packages for about $2.50 and they easily feed me and CB.  Such a cheap dinner!  And so easy to cook – I just throw the whole package in the crockpot, season, and forget about it for the rest of the day.  They come out perfectly tender, and I even get some chicken broth I can save and drink later, or turn into a soup, or whatever.


Today was an okay day.  I didn’t eat a ton and I was under my protein goal, but I also wasn’t very hungry (nor did I work out, which prompts me to ensure I reach it).  My carbs were under 20g (hallelujah), and my overall macros were pretty good with 68/27/6.  The scale is back down to the lowest it’s been, after bloating back up with this staph infection and my subsequent cheating when I couldn’t cook.  Hopefully I’ll see a loss here again soon!

I hope everyone else had a delicious day!

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