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Everyday Eats: Friday, December 5th, 2014

Today was relatively uneventful.  I went out shopping with my bff for a little while, I took a yoga class, and then I went Christmas shopping with my mom and aunt later that evening.  I ate lunch out at Burger King, and I thought the lady who handed me my food was kind of rude – she had to announce, “You guys are weird!” because I ordered my double cheeseburgers bunless.  Llek pointed out that she was just joking, but still, I think that was kind of inappropriate.  She’s being paid to give me my food, not make commentary on it!


Bunless double cheeseburgers with mayo and mustard from Burger King.
Bunless double cheeseburgers with mayo and mustard from Burger King.


Perfectly-cooked ribeye and buttery broccoli.
Perfectly-cooked ribeye and buttery broccoli.


70 minutes of hardcore hot yoga


I don’t think I’ve eaten this low carb in a long time!

Not going to lie, it’s just after midnight and I’m totally wanting a bowl of chocolate CarbSmart icecream and peanut butter… but I am going to chug some water and try to ignore that craving.

Went slightly over my cal goal today, but not as badly as I have the past couple of days.  I was slightly short on protein, but not terribly.  All in all, a pretty good day.

Tomorrow the husband and cousin and I are heading to the gym at noonish to do our workout.  We may or may not go to breakfast with Mom and Meemaw – guess that’ll depend on if we’re awake yet, and where they go.  I have no plans yet on what I’ll be fixing for dinner.  Probably chicken quesadillas, I guess.  I also bought some soup bones at the commissary this week, so I am going to try making bone broth for the first time ever soon.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, too.

See you guys back again on Monday!

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