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Everyday Eats: Friday, January 12th, 2018

Good evening, everyone!  Hope you’ve had a lovely low carb week.

Over the past two years, I’ve had a lot of “false starts” back on keto.  You know, the kind where you eat perfectly for like a week and then the next thing you know you’ve hoovered a Wendy’s double cheeseburger with large fries?  Yeah, those.  I keep waiting for that to happen, but it hasn’t yet!  I’ve been perfectly keto again since Dec 27th.  That’s 18 days!  (Shit, it sounded way more impressive before I actually counted it out).  At any rate, that’s the longest I’ve been back low carb since I originally fell off the wagon and started gaining weight again.  I’m thrilled!

The weight is coming off sooooo slowly this time, though.  I’ve still only lost 7 lbs since then.  But I guess that averages out to around 3lbs a week, so I should just get over it and be happy.  I’ll try to do that.

It’s been nasty here in Nashville these past few days.  There was a bunch of rain Wednesday & Thursday, then the temperature plummeted over 30 degrees overnight and yesterday we got a shitton of sleet and then some snow.  Nasty, nasty black ice and it’s bitterly cold again… I am not a fan of this kind of weather.  I’m ready for the spring bike riding weather!!  At any rate, CB and I have been hibernating.  I’m actually writing this swaddled in TWO blankets, one wrapped around my back and over my head, draping across my arms as I type at my desk, and the other a big electric blanket that’s wrapped from my underarms down to my feet.  IT’S COLD AND I DO NOT LIKE IT!

Ah, what the hell. Here I am in my current, ridiculous, freezing state.

Since I knew we’d likely get snowed in, I got the supplies for milk sandwiches when I got off work on Thursday.***

***shout out to Kroger Carbmaster milk for being damn near the only milk left in the case as desperate Southerners prepared for Snowmageddon 2018.

So yesterday I actually made us breakfast:

Two servings of Conecuh hickory-smoked sausage links, eggs with cheddar scrambled in butter

My Sugarbandit used to like the Conecuh brand sausage, but he’d get the Cajun variety.  Back then I was afraid it was too spicy.  When I was recently looking for some sausage links at my local grocer, I found the hickory-smoked version.  IT IS SO DAMN GOOD.  They’re a regional brand, but if you live in the south, you should look for it.  I sent CB to the store for some more the other day and he came back with a bag full because it is literally that damn good, so why not?

We ate breakfast more around noonish, so it was really more of a brunch… then I didn’t feel like making a “proper dinner,” you know, meat and veg and all, so instead I just made some jalapeno poppers:

Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, to be exact

I don’t have like an actual recipe for these bad boys, just mix up some cream cheese and cheddar for the stuffing, and bake til done.  I dipped them in ranch dressing.

I didn’t keep track of my calories for the day.  It seemed like too much of a pain in the ass to try to figure out how many calories the jalapeno poppers were.  I know that breakfast was around 800cal, so I still had a fairly large amount left if I’m trying to stick to around 1500.  At any rate, everything was exceedingly low carb, so I’m counting it as a win.

Tomorrow:  Miracle Pie recipe, at long last!


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