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Everyday Eats: Friday, November 28th, 2014

Welcome back!  I hope all my American readers enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner yesterday!  I planned to stay mostly keto, but that flew out the window when my Meemaw revealed that she made my Gran-Gran’s famous from-scratch chicken n dumplins.  Those are my favorite family recipe.  It was all over at that point, and I regret nothing!

CB and I hopped back on the wagon today by hydrating and fasting until it was gym time.  We lifted, then came home and had protein shakes, followed a little while later by breakfast for lunch.  Then I headed out to yoga, and we just finished our late dinner.  It’s been a long day!


Egg cups topped with cheese; I only ate two of these.
Egg cups topped with cheese; I only ate two of these.


Salmon salmon with wasa crackers.
Salmon salmon with wasa crackers.


Pumpkin cheesecake and Reddi Wip.


60 minutes of yoga

Squat 5×5 135lbs
Bench 5×5 95lbs
Row 3×8 80lbs
Pulldowns 3×8 90lbs
Shrugs 3×8 45lbs
Barbell Curls 3×8 45lbs
Triceps Extension 3×8 37.2lbs


Still trying to eat at a relatively low calorie deficit to make up for yesterday.  Not bad at just under 1300cal.

Hit my protein goal and stayed under my carb limit, so did well there.

All in all, a pretty strong day!  I will remain solid until Christmas, when I’m sure I’ll indulge in my mom’s rum cake.

See you guys back here on Monday!

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