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Everyday Eats: Friday, October 24th, 2014

Today I tried a new (to me) restaurant in town, Pat’s Cafe.  It’s a southern, soul food-type hole-in-the-wall located downtown.  They have permanent fixtures like fried chicken and greens on their menu, but they also have daily specials and a’la carte offers.  I wound up ordering a grilled slab of bologna that was about 3/4 of an inch thick, with a small bowl of baked beans on the side.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture!  You’ll have to take my word that it was good.  I also can’t wait to come back sometime after the wedding (no cheating until then) on a Wednesday, when they serve oxtails and red beans and rice.  Ohhh man, that sounds sooooo good.  Cheat meal, anyone?

I can remember Sugarbandit cooking oxtails and rice in the pressure cooker on Meemaw’s stove when I was growing up.  I think he was surprised that I liked them!  I’m kind of surprised too, honestly – I was a picky eater as kid.  As far as I know, no one else around here would eat them.  But I remember them being tender and spicy and delicious, and I look forward to having them again!


A hand-shaped lean burger patty, topped with American cheese (out of my typical cheddar) and a sop egg. Sop eggs are generally fried over-easy, but I think this may be considered “poached” because I simply cracked it on top of the meat and covered it to cook. A drizzle of reduced sugar ketchup on top, that I just realized I forgot to put on my food log.


A bowl from Burrito’s, a local restaurant similar to Chipotle. Half the normal amount of refried beans, grilled chicken, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, hot sauce, sour cream, and cilantro.


I hit right at my calorie goal today, and I met my protein goal.  Macros were 54/36/10, so that’s pretty good – little high on the carbs, but not bad.  Beans’ll get me every time.  I don’t think I’ve ever had two servings of them like this in a day, and I need to make sure I don’t do that again.

The weight I added with the funeral is steadily coming off, and I hope to go below my lowest weight again soon.

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