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Everyday Eats: Monday, November 24th, 2014

Good evening!

I am sore all over.

Yesterday I went back to my hardcore hot yoga classes after two months off (The last class I went to, I left early – have never done that before – and when I got home I discovered I was running a fever. The next day I was diagnosed with MRSA.)  I have a love yoga, but I have a love/hate relationship with hardcore hot yoga because it whips my ass!  And wouldn’t you know it, after having been gone so long, my instructor Victoria had come up with all sorts of new sweet hells to put us through.  There was the normal litany of chaturaungas (going from high plank to low plank with your elbows tucked in to work your triceps), side planks, dead dogs, and she also incorporated all sorts of crazy new shit to work the core. I woke up this morning, went to roll out of bed, and was shocked at how badly I hurt.  Dude, my core is on fire!

The best remedy for feeling like hell after a yoga class is to go right back to one, so that’s where I headed tonight.  I originally scheduled to just take a regular class, for some nice relaxing stretching, but we had a relative come into town and we went out to dinner… so I changed my plans and went to the later class.  Hardcore again.

Something is seriously wrong with me, guys.  I may be a masochist.


CB and I are getting kind of burnt out on eggs, so lunch was a pizzadilla!
CB and I are getting kind of burnt out on eggs, so lunch was a pizzadilla!


First course: Caesar salad, no croutons, from Texas Roadhouse.


Main course: Chicken Critters with ranch and steamed veggies, from Texas Roadhouse.
Main course: Chicken Critters with ranch and steamed veggies, from Texas Roadhouse.

CB and I love us some Texas Roadhouse.  They have the absolute best chicken strips I’ve ever had.  The batter is light and airy, and relatively low carb – one critter is 5g of carbs.  I like to order the Chicken Critter Dinner, and CB likes to order the Chicken Critter Salad, and I give him however many critters I have in excess of 5 to add to his salad.  It works out.

Honestly, I could have done without the caesar salad (ate half of it), but I was worried that the veggies wouldn’t be steamed soft.  I asked the waitress, as I usually do, and she assured me that they were steamed soft and delicious.  As soon as she walked away, CB leaned in and told me, “You know they always say that, and they’re always hard.”  So many restaurants like to serve crunchy broccoli!  But this time the waitress was right, yay!!  It was really good :)


Please note that the numbers here are a little off, because for some reason the Steamed Vegetable entry doesn’t list any grams of fiber.  I’m sure that’s wrong – it probably has about 7g or so.  I would guesstimate I ate at right at about 40g of net carbs.  Higher than I would like, but not high enough to impact ketosis for me.

I changed my macros a little this weekend, based on the ketogains calc instead of the regular keto calc.  I lowered my calorie intake by about 25cal (so much!), and increased my protein while dropping my fat ratios.  So I didn’t quite hit my protein goal today (107), but I was pretty close.  I went over on my carb limit of 30ish, but not by too terribly much.  Fortunately, I stayed at a caloric deficit, so the scale should continue to move.

Tomorrow Mom, Meemaw and I are heading into Nashville for some doctors appointments and shopping.  I’m in desperate need of some new workout pants, as I’m down to one decrepit pair that I wear every day, and I also want some sweats to throw on over them to wear to the gym and yoga so I don’t freeze en route.  Hopefully I’ll find something!

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