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Everyday Eats: Monday, October 17th, 2016

I’m going to give this a try again — tracking my daily meals here on my blog for added accountability (and to also give you guys ideas for what to eat on a day to day basis).  I’m not sure if I’ll do this every day, or only a few days a week, or just once in a blue moon… I’m really busy with school right now, and I’m actually avoiding homework to make this post (procrastinators unite!  …later!).  So we’ll see!

Mondays are my long day.  I have work for 8 hours, then I have an hour break until my evening class, which lasts for 3 hours.  During that break I have to drive from one campus to another, and traffic is unpredictable.  So I use the word “break” loosely!  Honestly, traffic in Nashville is so terrible that my day stretches longer than it would in a non-metro area.  I leave the house by 7:10 to start work at 8, when my campus is only about 15 miles from the house.  Fun.  And then I usually get home around 13 hours later.  Anyway, there’s some context for you.  I pack a ton of food for Mondays, and today I decided I wanted to cook myself a little breakfast to fuel on the front end, too.  Normally I skip breakfast, but it sounded good today.  So here’s what I ate:




Breakfast:  two eggs fried in a spritz of oil, and two toasted pieces of Healthy Life low carb bread with about a tablespoon of butter.  I melted a slice of tomato basil pepperjack on my eggs.

Snack:  what I like to call “knock off moon cheese,” ordered from Amazon (<—- affiliate link, someone use it so I can see if this damn thing works… please)

Lunch:  leftovers from last week:  baked swai fillet with a cilantro pesto sauce, and my broccoli cheddar miracle rice casserole

Dinner:  “keto cereal,” a half cup cottage cheese topped with a tbsp of chia seeds, a quarter cup of toasted pecans, and three sliced strawberries




I’ve been arbitrarily trying to stick to around 1300 cal.  The ketogains calculator says I need to eat just under 1400 to burn fat.  I never tweaked this (I’ve gained some weight this past year, unfortunately) and in fact I haven’t religiously used MFP in some time.  That’s got to change.  At any rate, I did well sticking to my calories today, but I need to work on meeting my protein goal, especially since I’ve been cycling so much lately.  Today was a recovery day by necessity (no time to ride!), but I’m still sore from last week’s 100 miles.  My muscles are probably pissed off at me for not fueling them properly.

I’ll try to do better tomorrow, aching muscles.

Have you missed me here?  I post religiously on Instagram.  If it’s not food, it’s my adorable cats.

Come join me on MyFitnessPal as I attempt to regain control over my eating habits!

And finally, if you are also as addicted to cycling as I am… or if you, ugh, shudder, run… add me to Strava?  I’m kinda lonely over there.



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  1. Hi Britt! Im new to keto and was wondering how you feel mentally on keto, i was reading up the cognitive benefits online and am really interested in how it is working out for you in that way. Thanks.

    1. I have never noticed any mental differences, unfortunately… I got none of the exceptional clarity or whatever you hear about. I’m less tired, though, so there’s that.

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