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Everyday Eats: Monday, October 6th, 2014

Good evening, everyone!  I hope you all had a terrific weekend.  We had some complications at the end of last week that led me off-schedule.  Thursday, Mom and Meemaw and I were supposed to go meet Sugarbandit in Nashville for an appointment with an orthopedist.  Imagine our shock when his rehab facility called us as we were en route to say they’d sent him to the local ER!  He has been having some trouble with his urinary tract, likely a complication from the fall and broken pelvis, but when they got him to the ER they realized that one leg was grossly swollen.  A few tests later, he was diagnosed with a blood clot throughout his left leg, and we had him transferred back to Nashville.  Vanderbilt and Skyline (our top two choices) were full, but he was admitted into Centennial Medical Center and is still there.  We pulled some loooooong hours on Thursday and Friday and I was too tired when we finally got home to even contemplate posting my day’s eats.

On the brighter side of things, we were able to steal a few hours on Friday to stop by Rivergate Mall and do some shopping.  I am going to be a groomsmaid in my bro Chris’s wedding in November, and his requirement was that I have a “floor-length black dress.”  I could pick whatever style I wanted.  I was fortunate that I found a beautiful, beautiful dress at Macy’s, and a size 18 fit me!  18 regular, not plus size!!  It looks fabulous, and it was less than $100!!  I am stoked.  I still want to lose about 10lbs before the wedding, because I think the dress will fit even better then (it’s a little tight around the armscye, but that’s not really visible – I can just tell from the fit).  So I have committed to eating beautifully clean until then – no cheats at all, and I may try to eat more strict keto than my normal “keto lite.”

And that leads us to today…



We woke up at about 10, and headed to the gym by 11.  On the days we are able to go to the gym in the morning, we are trying to work out fasted.  Today I felt weak and shaky by the end of the workout, but I don’t really know if that’s because I wasn’t fueled up or just because it wore me out.  Today was the first day I did my 5×5 squats at the gym.  I have been practicing them at home, with a broom instead of a barbell, in front of the mirror to perfect my form.  I can’t go down as low as I should be able to (thighs are not parallel perfectly with the ground), but I am much better than I was at first.  I am still practicing my “third world squat” frequently and have been foam rolling my calves, too.  I guess that’s helping.



Breakfast was a protein shake made with one scoop of powder, one cup of Carbmaster milk, and about a cup of ice.  I feel like adding the ice has really turned these protein shakes around for me.  It actually gives them the consistency of milkshakes!  CB tried it for the first time today too, and I think he may be a convert.

I love how my camera focused on that adorable kitten in the background rather than the drink I was holding centered in the foreground…



Meemaw wanted to “get out of the house” for a little bit, so I chauffered her over to McDonald’s for her customary 6-piece chicken nugget, small fry, small diet coke, and honey mustard (I can rattle her order off for any of the fast food restaurants she frequents).  I got myself Popeye’s – 5-piece naked tenders, green beans, and ranch.  Sooooo good!



Tonight’s dinner was my oven-fried porkchops with a side of buttery broccoli.  I don’t particularly care for these top loin boneless chops we’ve been eating… they’re kind of tough and not as flavorful as the bone-in.  I may have to go back to those.  I think we have two more left, and then I’ll buy something different on our next trip to the commissary.



Today I killed my protein goal.  I really didn’t eat that much fat, but I feel absolutely stuffed right now.  I probably won’t eat as much tomorrow.  My macros were 45/49/5 – pretty skewed – but not really bad.  I came in at just over 1200 calories.  My carbs were super low at 15g net, which is excellent.  Hopefully I’ll reach that 10lb loss by November 8th!

No idea what I’m going to eat during the day tomorrow.  We’re going to Nashville early, so Meemaw will probably want Hardees.  I’ll most likely fast until lunch time, when I’m sure we’ll check out the cafeteria.  I hope it’s got as much variety as Vanderbilt’s does!  I’m planning on throwing some chicken thighs in the crockpot, so I can at least look forward to having those for dinner when we get home.  And then Wednesday is our 1-year ketoversary, and CB and I are trying to figure out what keto foods we want to feast on in celebration.  He’s leaning towards pizza.  I’m leaning towards steak and bacon-roasted veggies.  We’ll see!

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