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Everyday Eats: Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Evening, everyone!  Before I forget, I wanted to let you know that I won’t be blogging my meals tomorrow.  CB and I will be out of town for the evening, so I won’t have computer access to draft a post.  I will still Instagram all of my meals, so if you haven’t yet, go ahead and follow me @screwedonstr8!


"Pizza Nachos" - crisped sandwich pepperoni topped with marinara and mozzarella.
“Pizza Nachos” – crisped sandwich pepperoni topped with marinara and mozzarella.

Someone on the xxketo subreddit posted about “pizza nachos” the other day, and I decided to try them.  These were… meh.  They need some work.  They didn’t want to crisp up in the microwave very well, and I should have broiled them for longer to brown the cheese.  I may try them again, I may not.  They were delicious but not filling.


Buffalo Wild Wings naked tenders with garlic parmesan sauce and a side of fries.
Buffalo Wild Wings naked tenders with garlic parmesan sauce and a side of fries.

I need to take a hot minute to talk about this travesty.  First, I didn’t know that what I ordered came with fries.  When fries are put in front of me, I eat them.  They’re pretty much my favorite food.  So that was an epic fail.

Second, there is a great debate on the carb content of those “naked tenders.”  I assumed they’d be super low carb, like Popeye’s, because they’re just plain grilled… they weren’t even seasoned.  I distinctly remember Buffalo Wild Wings having a nutrition section on their website, but I can’t find it now to save my life.  The MyFitnessPal entries on these wings are split – many users claim they have 36g of carbs (6 per strip!!!) while others claim they are 6g of carbs (1 per strip).  I have no earthly idea how these things could have 36g of carbs.  I even found a post on an Atkin’s forum where they were discussing how they must be injected with sugar, or something.

I am going to just keep telling myself they’re 1g of carbs per strip.  I can’t even fathom that they’d be 6g.  Perhaps the 6g was intended to be per order, and there was a typo in the nutrition facts originally.  That’s my best guess.

At any rate, lunch was unsatisfactory.  I will never order anything but bone-in wings at BWW again.  The strips were very underwhelming.


Chicken quesadilla on a low carb tortilla with sour cream and taco sauce.


Deadlift – avoided due to injury
Squat – 5×5 115lbs
Close Bench – 5×5 75lbs
OHP – 5×5 60lbs
Row – 3×8 70lbs
Pulldown – 3×8 90lbs
Barbell Curls – 3×8 35lbs

My glute is almost all better, but there’s still a slight twinge so I decided to skip deadlifting for the week.  I feel the strain still while squatting so I deloaded some – was squatting 125 and about to move up to 135.  Hopefully will be back on track with that progress next week.  In other lifting news, I have been using the women’s barbell (35lbs with a slightly smaller diameter for my tiny hands) for my deadlift and OHP, but I think I’m going to go ahead and transition to the full Olympic bar.  I’m getting to the point with my OHP where I can barely get the bar up on my chest to press it and I am going to have to start using the power rack, which takes the standard size bar.  And anyways, when I first started I couldn’t press the 45lbs – so that problem is solved.  Time to progress.

Shout out to my favorite cousin, who came both Tuesday and today.  She wants to get stronger and more fit and was a real trooper today, despite still being sore from Tuesday’s workout.  It’ll get easier! <3



Today was not a good day, nutritionally speaking.  I went over my cal limit (it’s not too bad, though, since I lifted today and I’ve eaten at a bigger deficit the rest of this week).  What really hurt was the carbs from those damn french fries.  One day I would like to have the willpower to resist french fries that are sat right in front of me.  I can abstain from ordering them, but I’ll be damned if I don’t eat them when they’re provided to me.  I need to work on that.

Hit my protein goal so at least all’s not a wash.

See you guys again on Monday!! :)

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