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Everyday Eats: Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Today was a rough day :(

Last night I felt myself slip out of the proper form while deadlifting, and I felt something twinge in my back.  Today I woke up in full-blown pain, gimping around like I’ve got a pulled back muscle or something.  I hope it’s not that bad… planning on going to the gym tomorrow still, because I think I can do all of tomorrow’s lifts.  I’m just hoping I’m fine by Monday, when I’m due to deadlift again.  So this morning I was in some amount of discomfort while my bffe and I ran around (although I had a lot of fun with her), and this afternoon Sugarbandit was in pretty rough shape, too.  Some days he has good days, and other times like today he’s kind of out of his head.  Dementia is a bitch.  So that was really hard to handle because it’s just distressing.

Needless to say, I really, really wanted to just stop and get Wendy’s for dinner.  A double cheeseburger and fries sounded sooooo good.  But I’m dedicated to not cheating til Dallas, and dammit, I’m going to hold to that!  So I came home, popped a percocet for my back, and cooked dinner!



Longhorn’s is one of my favorite steakhouses, not just because their food is absolutely delicious, but because they DO post all of their nutritional information online.  Yay!!  My bffe and I ordered the same thing – Flo’s Filet, 6 oz of tender, fall-apart filet mignon.  And ohhhhhh, was it ever good!  I paired mine with a side of asparagus, and slathered about a tbsp of butter on both.  This is the best steak I’ve had in quite awhile!

Also, I got a self-confidence boost while we were hanging out.  She ordered a dress online for her brother’s wedding, a size 16.  It was a little too big for her, so I asked to try it on, and it easily fit me!  Sure, it’s probably vanity sizing, but it was still a nice little pick-me-up :)



We had ground beef thawed out, so I was bound and determined to make burgers for dinner tonight.  We had to stop by Kroger’s to pick up Storm’s amitriptylene from the pharmacy, so I swung through the store to get a couple of staples.  I eyed the chocolate Carbmaster milk (next time), but actually purchased some guacamole, reduced sugar ketchup, and these flatout wraps pictured above.  It was nice to be able to pick up my burger and actually eat it like a burger!  And Meemaw’s fresh green beans were, as always, very good.



Today was a pretty solid day.  I came in at around 13500 calories with 65/30/6 macros, almost perfect.  I hit my protein goal.  I really, really wanted to eat all of the bread that was delivered at our table (because Longhorn’s bread is the best), and I also really wanted to take the easy way out with fast food for dinner, but I didn’t.  So that’s a win in my book.

Tomorrow is uncertain.  I think they’re going to send SB back in town to rehab tomorrow, so my mom is going up there with Meemaw in the morning.  I guess I technically have tomorrow “off.”  CB and I are considering seeing a movie, and we’re planning on going to the gym fasted, when we wake up.  I’m going to make time to write my 1-year ketoversary post!  I’m also thinking I’ll probably make some chicken quesadillas tomorrow, but I’m not sure what else we’ll have.  Maybe I’ll go crazy and scramble some eggs.  Those haven’t been on the menu in awhile.  Stay tuned!

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