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Everyday Eats: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Allow me to tell you a story.

It is quite embarrassing, so you will probably enjoy it.

Canadian Bacon and I go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  We do a bit of cardio on the rowing machines to warm up, then go straight to the free weights and lift, and then head to the pool.  We swim a couple of laps and then spend some time in the hot tub.  That’s our typical routine.

At the Y, the women’s locker room is on the left side of the pool, and the men’s is on the right.  I hop into a lane and swim to the men’s end, which is where the hot tub also is.  When we’re ready to go home, I hop back in and swim back to the women’s end, where there is a convenient ladder for climbing out of the pool.

Last night, someone was in the lane I usually use, so I took another one.  When it was time to hop out and go to the locker room to change back into street clothes, I hesitated briefly.  Should I swim under the ropes, change lanes, and climb up the ladder?  No way!  I’ll just pop up the side of the pool and lift myself out!

Before we continue, you need to know this:  my bathing suit is a relic from my superfat days.  It is at least 4 sizes too big, but it is really adorable, consisting of board shorts and a tankini.  Actually, I don’t wear the tankini anymore, because it’s so big it floats up and exposes me in the water.  Whoops.  I usually just wear the board shorts, which have a drawstring as well as velcro, and my sports bra.  I have been hopeful that I can stay in the board shorts until next summer, when I’ll buy a whole new bathing suit.

Yeah… not so much.

Unfortunately, I must have exerted too much force as I popped myself up on the edge of the pool.  Or something.  Because the water dragged against my board shorts with a crazy resistance, and before I knew what was happening, I was laying on the side of the pool and my shorts were down around my knees.

There was a full moon at the Y last night.

I scurried up and pulled my shorts up and hightailed it to the locker room without stopping to see who saw me.

CB reassures me that probably only the lifeguards (“and the guy in the hot tub who was staring out at the pool”) saw me.  Like that makes it any better!  They’re the ones who will be there next time!!

So suffice it to say, Meemaw and I added “find Britt some bikini bottoms” to our list of errands to run today!!  And we hit the motherlode at K-Mart and JCPenney – assorted bottoms for $2 each!  I bought 4 different ones in a variety of sizes, so hopefully as I continue to shrink this winter, my drawers will stay on my hips!

And that brings us to today’s food.



Today I satisfied the wings craving I’ve had since Saturday.  Woo!  I’m not sure if this is nationwide, but at our local Buffalo Wild Wings, traditional wings are .60c on Tuesdays.  I ordered 8 to go, and devoured them with some ranch while Meemaw ate her Krystal’s.  This is the garlic parmesan flavor, which is my absolute favorite!!

Wings are such a great keto food, as long as you make sure they’re not breaded and as long as you don’t order some that have a sweet sauce.  Spicy and savory is the way to go!



Dinner was a simple affair of slow-cooked beef roast and buttery broccoli.  It took no time at all to throw together.  I love my crockpot!!



Today was SUCH a good keto day!  I stayed under my calorie allowance, hit my protein goal, and only had 6g net carbs.  How amazing is that?  I hope it reflects on the scale tomorrow, but it probably won’t until this weekend.  I’m finding that during the week my weight is elevated – probably from sore muscles retaining water from weight lifting – but I tend to drop a few lbs on the weekends when I rest.  Still, I can hope!  I’ve already beaten my 60lbs down by my ketoversary goal.  At this rate, maybe I’ll be 80+ lbs down by Christmas.  What a great present that would be!

No idea what we’re doing for food tomorrow.  CB and I are hitting up the Y in the morning, fasted, and then I have to take Meemaw and her dog Chewy to the vet.  After that, we’re going out to the rehab center for a meeting with SB’s caregivers to discuss his progress and treatment.  My mom and aunt are going to that, so I’m hoping maybe we’ll do dinner out since it’s later in the day.  If not, I have some ground beef thawed, so maybe I can get down with some zoodles and meatballs or taco salad or something like that.

Have a good night!

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    1. It’s really funny in retrospect, and honestly it feels slightly good… I’m literally falling out of my clothes! But I’m totally going to not meet the eyes of the lifeguards for some time now, lol!

      Thank you!!

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