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Everyday Eats: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Tuesday I ate almost the exact same food as Monday, with a breakfast variation.  So let’s go ahead and look at Wednesday. 

Breakfast:  None, fasted.

Lunch:  10 Brazilian Pepper wings from Wingstop.  Oh man, their stuff is so good!  And that flavor/sauce is like crack!!!!  I could drink it (maybe I have).

Dinner: Still pretty much full from the orgy of wings I feasted upon for lunch, I ate some chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.  You guys.  This is my newest recipe and it is amazing.  I’m all out of a certain ingredient, so once it’s delivered I’ll shoot some photos and draw the recipe up.  Like legit 1 carb a cookie.
Just under 1500 cal, 93g protein, 111g fat, and 5g net carbs.  It doesn’t really get anymore perfect than that!! 

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  1. I can’t find your chocolate chip peanut butter cookie recipe! Can you give me a hint! :)

  2. I have just found this site and boy am I glad! It is great to see you are back and posting! I hope you have some more new recipes to post up. I was just looking around for a Keto Dessert that uses Jello and found this site :) I managed to find some sugar free jelly that was on offer and so cheap it was crazy not to buy it.

    • Thank you!!! I’m trying to be a bit more active. I’m graduating soon and I’m hoping that will free up more time to write!

      I hope the creamsicle jello recipe worked well for you :)

  3. Wingstop must sprinkle in some crack because that stuff is so addicting!!

  4. Hey Britt, you have a damn good blog. Can you please post or repost the recipe for your 1g net card chocolate chip cookies (I couldn’t it). They look really good…I’m “jonesing” for a good CC cookie right now! Please, please, please.

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