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Everyday Eats: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Hello, everyone!  The site is currently booming with a lot of traffic thanks to a couple of my recipes being linked in different Facebook communities.  Thanks, guys!  I feel the love!! <3  To my new visitors:  stick around!  Explore a little!  Subscribe for updates!  Basically, make yourselves at home :)

I’ve talked a bit before about how some days I just feel like eating ALL THE THINGS.  Other days I don’t feel like eating anything.  Today was one of those days.  I ran some errands with Meemaw in the morning, dropping her dog Chewy off at the vet for some blood work, picking up some wound care supplies at the drug store for Canadian Bacon, and so forth.  She wanted to stop by Big Burger, a local greasy spoon, for breakfast.  I kept her company and had some tea but basically wasn’t hungry enough to eat a breakfast there.  Then later when we got home I had to make a gazillion and one phone calls about medical bills (and that’s not really an exaggeration), so that kept me busy until it was well past lunch time.

That’s a good thing, I think.  I didn’t have time to consider eating.  Tomorrow is my first day back at work, and I’m going to try IF 16/8.  Last year when I was working, I had a hard time keeping my calories down.  I get bored there and tend to want to shove stuff in my face to deal with it.  So my plan for this year is to allow myself a feeding window of noon-8pm.  I get lunch at noon, which I’ll be packing and taking with me, and that gives me time to have dinner after I get home.  I’m sure the first few days of adjustment will be tough, but I’m just going to chug water to try to tame the cravings.


One and a half pizzadillas with marinara sauce.
One and a half pizzadillas with marinara sauce.


Naked tenders and green beans from Popeyes!  Soon to be featured on Keeping Keto: Restaurant Reviews!
Naked tenders and green beans from Popeyes! Soon to be featured on Keeping Keto series!



Not pictured, of course, is the square of 86% dark chocolate that is literally in my mouth at this very moment.  But it’s totally on the nutrition stats, so it counts!

Today I failed to meet my protein goal.  I probably should have whipped a shake up, but honestly, I’m getting kind of sick of them.  Right now I’m planning to drink one after my workout tomorrow evening, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually want one.  We’ll see.  I did, however, stay below my carb and calorie limit, so that’s good!  I have been playing a constant battle of gain and lose the same five pounds since CB was hospitalized in December, so that’s fun.  Hopefully I’ll finally *woosh* (maybe after my Sunday-Monday rest days?) soon and drop a couple of pounds below that.

See you guys back here on Friday with pix of my packed lunch!  I’m excited about sharing that because I know so many of you guys also have to pack your keto meals to go for work.  What do you like to take for lunch?


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