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Everyday Eats: Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Woohoo, it’s hump day! :D

I was starving today.  I think it’s because yesterday was a lifting day, and because it’s shark week.  So there’s the perfect storm of my body trying to recover while my girlie bits simultaneously rip themselves apart.  Wonderful, huh?  So I’ve been doing 16/8 IF pretty successfully, but today that was a NO GO!  I knew before I even left the house that I was going to need some sort of food that morning.  Since I left a little early, I had time to stop at what my family likes to refer to as “The Sausage Station” off of Exit 40 on I-24E.  It’s a Phillips 66 that has a large hot bar, and they serve fried smoked sausage on a stick.  It’s amaaaaaazing and perfectly keto friendly!

Last night at the gym I think I actually experienced “bonking.”  You know, when your body just gives out from complete lack of energy.  It was like all of a sudden my gas tank ran dry.  I had squatted, benched, done my deadlifts, and was in the middle of a set of overhead presses when I just gave out.  It was so sudden and honestly somewhat frightening.  I had the bar over my head with 55lbs loaded on it (I was working up to my old record of 65) and was pressing upward on my third rep when suddenly… nope.  The bar went down and I sat it on the ground and just kind of tried to figure out what had happened.  I rested for a few more minutes, gave it another shot and nope, it wasn’t happening.  I’m not sure if it was because I was just tired after a long day of work, or because it’s shark week and my energy levels are low anyway, or because I’d only had about 500 cal all day at that point.  Whatever it was, we went ahead and called it a night and came home and had dinner.

But anyway, I didn’t have anything extra prepped to bring for lunch today, and after feeling such pure exhaustion I didn’t want to screw around with prepping a lunch.  So I wearily planned on eating out today.  We have several restaurants near my job (my favorite is an El Salvadoran pupuseria y taqueria) and I figured I could just pick up some barbecue from Whitts.

CB requested quesadillas for dinner, and that rounded out my day!


Comically-phallic smoked sausage on a stick, eaten in the luxury of my car.
Comically-phallic smoked sausage on a stick, eaten in the luxury of my car.


8oz pork bbq and 4oz baked beans from Whitts.
8oz pork bbq and 4oz baked beans from Whitts.  Also in my car!


Delicious chicken quesadilla with sour cream.  Not in my car.
Delicious chicken quesadilla with sour cream. Not in my car.



Exceeded my protein goal today (yeah, that giant pile of meat for lunch did it), stayed under my calorie count, and went just a little over on my carb count.  The beans at lunch did me in, but I can’t help it, they’re so good – and they don’t kick me out of ketosis, at least in that quantity.

I’ve got some chili cheese dogs packed for lunch tomorrow, and I’m planning on having pita pizzas for dinner after the gym.  Hoping tomorrow’s workout is better!


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      1. Are you using the premium my fitness pal app? I am using the free one and I can’t figure out how to get net carbs. Are you still posting on your blog and Facebook? By the way I love your blog

        1. Nope, it’s just regular old free MFP. The screenshots I post though are from the website on my computer, and not the app on my phone. You can run a script to make it show net carbs. Let me find the link for you… https://github.com/Surye/mfp-keto-userscript Go there and follow the directions, and MFP will show you net carbs!

          I haven’t posted in awhile, mostly because I’ve been busy / have been eating the same stuff over and over. I am still here, though, and expect to start posting again soon! I have a few recipes I need to shoot some photos for :)

          1. Also, in the meantime, I am VERY active on Instagram if you are over there. I snap pictures of all my meals. My IG is @screwedonstr8.

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