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Everyday Eats: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Good evening, fellow ketopians!  I am glad you liked yesterday’s ridiculous story.  I was looking forward to trying one of my new suits at the pool today, but alas, it was not to be.  My day was so jam-packed that CB and I had to go to the (closer) Y that doesn’t have a pool and speed through our lifting workout.  At least this is one more day for the lifeguards to forget my rear end :P



We had to speed home from our workout because we had an appointment to take Meemaw’s dog Chewy to the vet.  I was staaaaarving (like I usually am post-workout) so I snacked on a few beef sticks in the car.  When we got home a little over an hour later, I whipped together this simple lunch of salmon salad on wasa crackers.  I blended some ice and 1 cup of Carbmaster milk with a half scoop of protein powder, too.  It made a pretty tasty drink.  The ice was a nice component and I much prefer shakes that just have a half scoop of the powder because they don’t taste so overpoweringly sweet and chalky.

Speaking of protein powder, can anyone recommend to me a good chocolate one?



We had a meeting out at the rehab center to discuss Sugarbandit’s progress and potential issues that have cropped up.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will be home by Christmas!

After the meeting, my Mom, Meemaw, and I went out to dinner.  It’s always a hassle choosing a place, because Meemaw’s so incredibly picky and because I have these dietary limitations.  Mom suggested Rafferty’s, which is a regional chain steakhouse.  It’s really very good but – you know it – much like many of the local restaurants we frequent, they post no nutritional information.  Pre-keto, I loved their fall-off-the-rack ribs and baked beans, and bacon cheese fries, and they also make the best honey-butter croissants… but I digress.  Their steaks are really, really good, and they offer a variety of veggies, so it’s easy to eat there.

Mom and I split a 12oz ribeye, and I also had a small (about the size of my fist) sweet potato and some grilled asparagus.  The portions were just right and the steak had such a wonderful flavor.  They gave me a little cup with their cajun butter, which was also quite tasty on the ribeye.



I have been having this nagging craving for cottage cheese lately, which is something we just don’t keep in the house.  I asked Mom and Meemaw if they were down for splitting a side of cottage cheese and fruit as a dessert.  The strawberries were unfortunately sort of sour, so we cut them in halves and sprinkled them with some Splenda.  It was really good after that!  Now, cottage cheese and strawberries aren’t strictly keto – neither are sweet potatoes – but in small amounts, if they fit your macros, why not?  They don’t spike MY cravings (your mileage may vary) and they are real food.  And this was such a good dessert!



Making sure I hit my protein goal has seemed to really help kick-start my weight loss back up.  I think I put too much of an emphasis on fat for too long, when I was stalling out.  I am still satiated now that I am focusing on protein, because I am filling the gaps in with fat.  My macros today were 59/32/9, and as you can see I was somewhat high on carbs (31g net), but I didn’t go crazy.  My calories were just under 1400 which is excellent.  Another good day!



I’ve been thinking about adding my workout summaries, just in case you guys are interested.  This is what I did today.  I keep track over at Fitocracy (and, more importantly, in my daily planner that I carry with me to the gym to keep notes).  I am roughly following the ketogains plan, with some different accessory lifts that my personal trainer recommended (seated rows instead of bent over rows, and lat pulldowns).  I am also still really working on my squat.

I have been doing some daily with body weight, and practicing with the standard bar we have here at home, but today I did a set with the Olympic bar at the gym.  I’m still pretty off-balance doing that, so I am going to continue practicing with body weight and the standard bar.  The problem I am having is that I am really inflexible and can’t do a “third world squat,” because I have very little ankle dorsiflexion and range of motion with those calf muscles.  This is apparently a common problem as our generation spends most of their time in computer chairs at the office (guilty as charged.. and at home too, in my case!).  I am stretching them daily, practicing sitting in my third world squat, and today I also bought a foam roller to help work the muscles out.  Owwww.

Tomorrow we are going to Nashville for one of SB’s doctor’s appointments (he’s being transported there), and then Mom and Meemaw and I are going to go dress shopping.  I have to buy a floor-length black dress for my bro Chris’s wedding in November.  I’ve been putting it off because I’ve been losing weight, but it can’t wait much longer.  I’ll either be in a really great mood from finding many things that fit, or in a really bad mood from finding nothing that fits well.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s the former and not the latter!

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