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Q:  What does the name “Screwed On Straight” mean?
A:  My grandfather — whom I always called “Sugarbandit” — used to tell me all the time that my “head wasn’t screwed on straight.”  It was his way of teasing me that I wasn’t normal.  I’ve always been the “weird one” in my family who was obsessed with reading, gaming, fantasy, etc.  He always said it fondly and so I decided to embrace it and go with it!  When I first started the blog, I was doing a lot of DIY and was into building things with power tools, so there was also that kind of hidden meaning that I was screwing things together, checking to make sure they were straight and flush, etc etc.  It has nothing to do with my sexuality, you damn pervert.

Q:  How much weight have you lost?
A:  About 100 pounds, give or take.  I tend to hold water weight very easily and so my weight fluctuates constantly by as much as 10 pounds!

Q:  Why do you eat low carb?  Don’t you know that much fat will kill you?
A:  Diabetes runs rampant in my family.  My mom, great uncle, and great grandmother are all Type I.  Many of my family members who aren’t Type I have developed Type II as they have aged.  Low carb diets are recommended for diabetics or those who have insulin resistance, so it seemed like a good idea to go ahead and start eating that way to hopefully prevent ever getting it.  I’m aware that my pancreas can give me the finger and take me Type I any day, but I’m hoping to at least stave off Type II by eating this way.  Also, I’m not eating more fat now than I was on the SAD (Standard American Diet); it’s just a larger percentage of my daily macros since I cut carbs out.

Q:  What do you use to count carbs or calories?
A:  The app/website MyFitnessPal.  It’s a great resource and I highly recommend anyone starting a weight loss journey to use it for accountability!

Q:  But you can’t show net carbs on MyFitnessPal!
A:  Oh yes you can!  You just need to install and run a special script!

Q:  Do you still post here?  I notice you haven’t updated this thing in like, forever.
A:  I do!  But see, right now I’m working like three jobs (seriously) and I’m in school full-time.  I don’t really have much time to post, to be perfectly honest.  So when I do it’s because I’ve got something exciting to share.  I hope to begin posting regularly once again in the future, but that won’t be until after I graduate (Summer 2017) and hopefully land a full-time regular gig.  Updated Jan 2018: I graduated with my M.Ed. in August 2017, but decided “ah, what the hell?” and immediately rolled into a doctoral program.  Currently, I’m a full-time doc student who is also working. Please pardon any delays in posting; school and work have to come first.

Q:  Do you really make money from blogging?
A:  I do, but not very much.  Any money I make comes from running a few ads and from you clicking on my Amazon Affiliate links.  I try to keep the ads unobtrusive — I’d probably make a lot more if I plastered them in the header, for instance, or all throughout my posts.  But I’m not about that life.  I do this for fun and the money is just a perk, and too many ads everywhere are annoying as shit.

Q:  My cat is blocked!  Can you tell me how to unblock him?!
A:  I am not a veterinarian and I cannot give medical advice.  I can tell you that I have had a lot of success with Storm and Shadow by keeping them on amitriptyline and using prazosin and buprenorpherine as needed.  I highly recommend anyone with a urinary kitty ask their vet about those drugs.

Q:  Should I get my urinary kitty a PU?!
A:  A perineal urethrostomy is a major surgery that has the potential for a lot of complications.  Having experienced what I did with Shadow, I would never elect to have a PU done unless it were 100% medically necessary and I had explored every other option.  That being said, again, I am not a vet and you should listen to whatever yours recommends!

Q:  I see you have a Skyla IUD.  Should I get one, too?
A:  Just as I am not a vet, neither am I a doctor.  I can’t recommend what birth control will work best for you.  That being said, I absolutely LOVE my Skyla IUD, and other than the prolonged bleeding that I documented in my posts about it, I have had no other ill side effects.  I am very happy with mine.

Q:  OMG young lady, I can’t believe the heinous profanity you are using here!
A:  Since the catastrophic election that landed a Russian puppet in the White House, I have been inundated by people trolling me about how much I swear and how I should be ashamed of myself.  Let me be clear:  I don’t give a flying fuck.  I have a degree in English and Journalism.  I believe that words carry the power that you give them.  Cussing is a normal part of my everyday (non-professional) language.  I blog “in my voice” as a type of catharsis, so I’m not going to filter my language here.  Don’t bother reprimanding me about it because you won’t change it.  The first amendment guarantees me freedom of speech/freedom of the press, and the beauty of the internet is that you can click the little X in the upper right hand corner to leave any page you want at any time.  Please don’t feel the need to sit here and bitch about my language when you can go elsewhere.  Updated Jan 2018:  I still have to delete rude comments complaining about my profanity on a weekly basis. Rather than continue to do that, anyone who decides to whine is going to get a response linking them to one of my personal favorite songs, Blink-182’s “Family Reunion.”  This is purely for my own amusement and because I hate deleting comments.  You can view the video here, if you’d like:



Q:  What is ScrewedOnStraight’s privacy policy?
A:  Okay, so I know you didn’t really ask that and probably don’t really care.  But for legal purposes, here goes: doesn’t share any personal information with third parties, nor do we store any info about your visit (though it may be used to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience via cookies). You can turn off cookies in your browser. We are not responsible for republished content from this blog on other blogs or websites without our permission.  This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated in February, 2017.