Five Minute Friday, Saturday Edition: Together

It’s been a month since I’ve participated in a Five Minute Friday.  I’ve been wanting to get back into it, but I’ve been trying to figure out how with work.  I guess this week’s entry is technically going to be a Five Minute Saturday.  Next week I’ll try to write Friday morning, as long as Meemaw doesn’t have nefarious plans to drag me kicking and screaming to Walmart again…

My timer went off somewhere halfway through this.  I kept going, because this scene wanted to get out of my head.  It’s from my See No Evil story, sometime in the beginning of the second book.  I’ve been considering tackling writing and finishing the first book during NaNoWriMo next month.  I think I may give it a shot.



Gasping for breath, they stumbled down the corridor, desperately seeking shelter as the world outside shattered.

“There!” Brenna shouted, pointing towards a lone door as she swung her katana, brutally and efficiently lopping the head off of al’vanna demon that scurried after them.  Supporting Alex between them, their friend’s leg dangling loosely as blood poured down it, Xav and Will trudged before her.

Darting around them, Brenna slammed the door open and popped in, looking about the storage room for danger.  Cleaning supplies and boxes were stacked haphazardly, but there was nothing… else… in there yet.  Xav and Will settled Alex against a wall, not too ungently, and together with Brenna they shoved what appeared to be a broken pool table against the door.

“It won’t hold for long,” Alex said grimly, trying in vain to stem the blood flow from his thigh.

Already a small body slammed against the door, which thudded with the force of the blow.

“And what the fuck happened to you?!” Will exclaimed, turning back to him.  “I turned my back for a moment and you were on the ground.”

“Dra’sari demon,” said Alex, his tone clipped.  “Ripped at me from behind and then I went down under it.  I think the ankle’s broken.”

“It didn’t live long after,” Brenna said absently, scanning the room for something – anything – to keep them alive.

Something harder slammed against the door.

“Pity you couldn’t get it before it crippled him,” Will griped as his hands nevertheless worked delicately to staunch the bleeding.

“We can get out there,” said Xav.

Brenna followed his gaze.  Set high into the wall behind them was a tiny window.  They had missed it in their initial observation, as it was completely blacked over with layers of peeling paint.

“You’re right,” she said with some surprise in her voice.  “The ground must slant behind the building, so the basement isn’t completely underground.”

As she pulled a stool over and rose up to examine the window, Alex and Will traded knowing glances.  The door continued to thud, the sound growing more relentless; the bottom of the metal frame was starting to twist.

“We don’t have much time,” Alex said.  “I’m useless like this, you three go and I’ll give you a headstart.”

Brenna snorted as she slung her katana back over her back, rubbing her hands together absently.  “We’re in this together.  We’ll get you out first and be right behind you.

“I love you, Bren, but it’s not happening like that this time,” said Alex, unbuckling his sword belt only to drop it on the ground.  “Take that, Will, it’s too important for them to get.”

“You’re fucking nuts–” she started to say, but at that moment Xav slung his fist against her jaw and everything went black.  Without missing a beat, he began to drag her body to the window.  Will reached out to shake Alex’s hand solemnly before buckling the saber around his own waist.

“Take care of her,” Alex said, drawing a fistfull of small daggers from his rucksack.  “She’s a handful.”

As the window slammed shut behind them, Alex closed his eyes and awaited the inevitable.  The door continued to shake.

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