Food & Fitness: December 2013 Recap

Spoiler alert:  December 2013 was not the best month ever.  According to that son of a bitch, the scale, I actually put on 2lbs.  My measurements mostly stayed the same, but they did shrink slightly in a few places, so I guess that’s a plus.  Canadian Bacon’s measurements didn’t change much either, although he was able to lose a whopping 3lbs.  All in all, it’s pretty disappointing since we were hoping to get close to a combined 100lb loss.  We finished out the year with 76lbs down.  I guess that’s still a child, eh?

We have some theories as to why we fizzled out this month.  They are, in no particular order –

We grew lax at the end of December.  We began indulging in carby deliciousness on Christmas Eve, and subsided on the 29th.  So that was definitely an upset to our routine, BUT on those days we still ate to our typical calorie deficit.  Anything we gained should have just been water weight.

In my girls-only corner, the typical keto shark week bullshit finally caught up with me.  I’ve been riding the crimson tide for two whole weeks, which is really annoying, and since my weight loss usually fluctuates with my hormones… I can only imagine that’s thrown me completely out of whack.  I’ve also been feeling kind of puny and achy, and I’m attributing that to low iron.  Of course, CB hasn’t had this issue… that bastard.

Honestly, we think we’ve been working too hard.  CB started the very rigorous P90x program and has been going at it on a daily basis.  He’s been nothing but a pile of sore muscles since Thanksgiving.  And although I haven’t picked lifting back up but for one half-assed attempt, I have been religiously going to yoga 3x a week.  That doesn’t seem like too much, but Santa brought me a heart rate monitor for Christmas and I found I’ve been calculating my calories burned on yoga days to be entirely too low.  Like, I was calculating I burned maybe 300cal?  And my heart rate monitor assures me that the lowest I’ve burned was 650 – sometimes ranging up to almost 1,000.  Holy shit.


So we have this theory that we’re working too hard (maybe putting on muscle) and not eating enough, since we’re both still just eating around 1700cal or less a day.  Especially when you figure out how much we’ve been burning with our workouts, that seems to be a pretty solid theory.  And then when we got to talking about that, CB decided to abstain from P90x for a week – and that’s when he dropped the 3lbs.

You know what was awesome, though?  Pretty much my whole family commented on our weight loss over Christmas.  I was kind of despairing that it wasn’t really obvious, despite the fact I’d lost 2 pants sizes, but we got a ton of compliments.  Super sweet!

Oh, and in other news?  I was thinking of doing a Color Run with my yoga friends on March 1st, which means I’d need to start training for a 5k now.  CB and I obligingly went out on Tuesday night to give it a try, and suffice it to say that I am still not ready to begin the C25K.  30lbs ago it was hell; now, I’m not sure it’s as bad as before, but the freezing freaking temperatures out there made me hate my life.  We’ll give it another try when it starts to warm up.

Goals for January include returning 100% to keto (we indulged on New Year’s day as well as on the 2nd), maintaining proper macros, and eating the correct amount of calories.  CB says he’s going to discontinue the cardio parts of P90x because he doesn’t want to eat more – me, I’ve been really freaking hungry all last month and now I know I at least have a good reason why, so I’ve upped my calorie count some to accomodate for yoga.  I also want to try to drink more water this month; since starting my job, I’ve dwindled my intake to slightly under a gallon a day as I’ve been able to get away less and less to go pee when I need to.  That has to change; I need more water.

See you guys for another check-in next month!

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  1. To find out for sure…have you thought about doing a water displacement test? You go underwater and they measure your lean body mass and fat. It’s extremely accurate. That way, if you are gaining muscle, you know it, and you know exactly how many lbs of fat you are losing. I do this once every few months, bc it can get pricey. $40 per test is what I pay. Some places have deals if you buy them in packages though, which makes it a little cheaper. Anyways…just a thought ;)

    1. I would really like to have a dexa scan or go in a bod pod! I need to look into what’s available locally. I don’t have insurance right now, so I need a cheap option. I might just wind up waiting until the turn of the year, when I will have insurance again, and request my doctor to refer me for one.

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