Food & Fitness: January 2014 Recap

“Your diet isn’t good for you. You need to drink juice.”

“You’re going to get sick going to yoga this winter. You’re going to get chilled and catch pneumonia.”

“You’re missing too many vitamins from your diet. You don’t eat enough fruit.”

These are all things Meemaw has said to me in the past month. She has also told me that I need to eat mashed potatoes and that it won’t hurt for me to have them for dinner, and last night she waved a french fry practically under my nose to offer it to me.

This, people, is definitely a large part of why I am fat.  Another great Meemawism was when I was trying to explain to her why I think I feel sick after eating certain foods – I’m almost positive I have a gluten sensitivity – and her solution to that was to eat more bread.  Ay carumba.

Regardless of the peer pressure to go hog wild in January, Canadian Bacon and I did pretty well.  I’m not going to lie, we entered 2014 with the attitude that we’re okay with going slightly-higher carb if that’s what fits our meals for the day.  So I’ve definitely had a sweet potato (or sweet potato fries) here or there, and god forbid, when I was sick at the end of the month I may or may not have indulged in egg drop soup and  a little bit of fried rice.  And I absolutely drank only diet ginger ale for 3 days straight when I felt like I was on my deathbed.  Whatever, it worked.

This is what I eat for breakfast 2/3s of the time. Another 3rd replaces the sausage with bacon. The final 3rd includes delicious coconut-almond pancakes or tea and chocolate or breakfast burritos. I promise I am not deprived.

Anyway, most people go into the new year making resolutions to be stricter and to lose weight.  That wasn’t necessary for us, since we made that resolution back in August.

In January, CB lost a total of 8lbs.  He’s completely stopped P90x and most of his workouts, because he says they stall him out (true story) and he’d rather lose the weight rapidly then try to get physically fit.  He’s getting closer to his goal weight, and predicts he’ll hit it this spring.  He’s lost a total of 52lbs, and plans on going down about another 30 or so.

Thanks to my hormones, I’m still creeping behind him.  I lost the 2lbs I’d gained in December, as well as a few more, for a total January loss of 5lbs.  I’ve lost 39lbs altogether (spoiler alert: between the end of January and now, I’ve hit the big 4-0!).  I don’t expect to hit my goal weight for quite some time… I’m predicting the end of the year.  But hell, I’ve already been working on this for nearly 6 months, so what’s another year?  I briefly considered dropping yoga, because like CB I believe it’s making me lose a lot slower, but I absolutely love going and I can tell it’s made a massive difference in my flexibility, so it stays.  I’ll deal with a slower loss because I know yoga has so many more health benefits.  I have stopped lifting because I am working on my ankle dorsiflexion to be able to squat and deadlift properly.  I’ve regained a lot of flexibility there but it’s still not 100%.  When I can squat properly without lifting my heels, I’ll be back on the weightlifting wagon with an appropriate workout plan.

I haven’t really noticed a difference in CB’s clothes, though his measurements have definitely shrunk.  I guess that’s the benefit of wearing shorts and t-shirts year round.  He is fitting back into some pants he hasn’t worn in awhile, so there’s that.

On the other hand, I can tell all over that my own clothes aren’t fitting properly.  I actually bought a new pair of jeans the other day, because the two good pairs I have just fall off of me.  Seriously, I wear them to yoga over my yoga pants, and I’m pretty sure that’s all that keeps them up.  They’re not flattering at all, and I was feeling frumpy.  CB wanted me to hold off on getting new ones until I go back to my job in Nashville in March, with the logic that I’ll probably need a smaller size by then, but I found these on sale and sometimes you just need something that makes you feel good, you know?  I started out in a 22 and was buying my clothing exclusively from Lane Bryant and Cato.  These are 18s from Kohls and after wearing them all day yesterday, I honestly think I could have gone into a 16… they loosened up quite a bit.  At any rate, I was modeling them for CB and he’s all “so what’s the difference in these from your old jeans?  They look the same!” then I turned around to display how they were hugging my ass, and he quickly went “Oh!  These look good!”  LOL.

I also invested in some new yoga clothes this past month at a sale at Old Navy – $14 for 2 pairs of compression/sweat wicking cropped yoga pants.  They fit so nice and I threw away my old ratty crops that I was wearing, they were paint-spattered from building the apartment here as well as several sizes too big.  Mom gave me some more pj pants for Christmas (really, they’re Danskin activewear knit pants) because they’re all I wear around the house, and they’re size 16.  My old, larger pj pants are starting to fall off and the 16s fit very well.

I bit the bullet and had my rings resized.  When CB bought them, he wisely got a lifetime warranty for them that covers sizings as well as repairs, gem replacements, etc.  I don’t like being without them but I went ahead and shipped them off for resizing.  I went from a size 10 (total sausage fingers) to an 8.5, and the woman at the store tried to convince me to get them down to 8.25!  So now we’re back to my rings properly fitting on my ring finger, and that feels really nice :)

Before I start back to work in the office, I’m going to need to buy some more underthings.  The girls have definitely shrunk and I found a bra shop here in town that has certified fitters, so I want to go and get sized and buy a new bra.  None of my old ones fit well anymore, but I’ve been putting that off because… well… bras are damned expensive!  And that’s also not to mention my panties – they keep slipping off.  That’s a good thing, but it’s also a damned shame, because one of the things you don’t know about me is that I like high-quality undergarments and I’ve got a small fortune invested in my panties!  I think it’s time to suck it up and buy some cheapies to tide me over during this process, while setting aside some money for high quality goods at the end of this weight loss journey.

Anyway, that’s enough about my underwear.  CB and I have to go run some errands today, and we’re planning on stopping off at our new favorite lunch spot – a local Chinese buffet.  I know, that seems so counterintuitive to weight loss, right?  But this place has a hibachi, and we load up on steak, chicken, shrimp, zucchini, broccoli, eggs… all fried in garlic butter.  It’s less than $15 for the two of us at lunch time (dinner is a different story, holy crap price increasing), so we’ve gotten to where we like to eat out there when we’re out and about.

Excuse me, I have a date with this.  And my husband.
Excuse me, I have a date with this. And my husband.

Can I just mention again how happy I am with our new lifestyle?  Orange juice and mashed potatoes be damned, this is delicious.

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