Food & Fitness: November 2013 Recap

The end of November marked the end of mine and Canadian Bacon’s second month on our new keto diet, and the fourth month since we have been trying to become more fit and healthy.  Spoiler alert: it’s still going great.

November also marked the first time on keto that I actually knowingly “cheated.”  I indulged a bit on Thanksgiving (Gran-Gran’s chicken & dumplins made by Meemaw, some rolls, and a piece of Aunt Karen’s fudge pie) but I was solidly back in ketosis 24 hours later.  YaY!  No regrets at all.

Also last month, as I explained in “How I Learned to Love the Heat,” I became an avid yogi.  I can’t believe how quickly I fell in love with yoga.  My studio is amazing and I am overwhelmed by the love and acceptance everyone there has for each other.  I have felt very welcomed, and each class I am challenged and encouraged to push myself a little harder.  I succeeded in my goal to attend yoga 2x a week last month, and this month I have already paid for a monthly subscription and plan on attending 3x a week, MWF (or some variation thereof).  I went this morning and am so sore right now… it feels wonderful.

Unfortunately, I failed to find time to fit weight lifting into my schedule in November.  I half-assed it a few times, but with my work schedule fluctuating, I prioritized yoga over lifting and it fell to the side.  I am planning on recommitting this month; I’m wanting to lift 2x a week, on T/Th.

An eerily-accurate self-portrait of myself weight training.

There’s a method to my madness; I’m trying to get my schedule under control because lately, it’s felt like I don’t really have days off – my weekends are totally eaten up by running errands with Meemaw and yoga.  I’m wanting to do everything during the week, and dedicate my days off to rest and relax and play video games with no other plans.

November was the month I saw my greatest loss yet; a solid 10lbs gone.  I’m really giving a lot of credit here to yoga.  I was just looking back at some of my previous food & fitness posts, and my goal for October was to lose 5lbs.  I blew that out of the water this month!  2.5lbs a week — I’ll take it!

The thing is, though, that through daily logging at MFP and through experience, I’m learning that my body is very cyclical in its weight loss.  Both last month and this month, I had a very stubborn two week plateau at a certain point in my cycle, then dropped the weight quickly during the other two weeks.  It’s fascinating to track how my weight loss matches up, and also how my hunger compares.  There are some points when I’m scrounging to meet a 1,200cal goal and there are others when I’m restraining myself from going over 2,000cal.  I’m definitely becoming more in tune with my body.

CB lost 8lbs this month, so this was the first time I actually beat him out.  YaY!  I’m sure it won’t stay that way for long though, curse his metabolism.

One of the many delicious meals CB and I ate this month. And Meemaw thinks we’re starving ourselves and not getting enough nutrients!

So for those of you keeping track, thus far I have lost 36lbs and CB has lost 39lbs.  According to our amateur calculations, I’ve lost 4% bodyfat and have put on a good deal of muscle.  I’m skeptical, though, because when I went for my quarterly checkup this month the bodyfat meter at the doctor’s office read a good 10% less than what we’ve been estimating my percentage at (CB’s was spot on).  I think we’re going to order a set of calipers and also that meter itself, and try to routinely take our own readings with both of those.

I haven’t really lost inches this month, which is kind of weird, but I’m wonder if maybe it’s because I lost some muscle with the reduction in weight training?  Not really sure.  However, I can tell a huge difference in the fit of my clothing pre-diet and now.  I’ve gone down two jean sizes and had to go “shop” my old clothes in storage at my mom’s house for some smaller jeans.  I also gestured wildly with my hand one day and nearly lost my wedding rings.  I got my fingers sized out of curiosity and I’m two sizes down there, also.  I can actually wear my rings on my index finger!

No, my abnormally-long pinkie nail isn’t for doing lines of coke. It’s for scratching my ear and picking my nose, obviously. Also, shanking CB in self-defense when he attacks me.

So, long story short, it’s been a great month.  Keto has been remarkably easy for us and we don’t feel deprived.  December should hopefully bring some similar results; I’m aiming for 6-8lbs down this month.  I’m honestly not sure if I’ll indulge again at Christmas.  I guess it’ll depend on whether or not Meemaw makes dumplins again.  I’m really looking forward to ham, which is one of our staple Christmas foods, and that’s keto-friendly.  A spoonful of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving pretty much affirmed that I don’t care for them anymore, so I’m not sure what else there is to interest me.

Oh, Mom’s rum cake.  Okay, so there is that.

At any rate, with four months and nearly forty pounds down each, CB and I are feeling great and are looking forward to continued weight loss and fitness gains in our new lifestyle!  How great would it be to lose a combined hundred pounds for Christmas?  That sounds like an excellent gift to each other, I think.

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