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I have been a gamer girl my whole life.  It started when I was 5, with an original Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda.

In middle school, I got my first computer and became engrossed in AOL’s text-based roleplaying chatrooms; the realm of Rhydin.  Throughout high school, I ran a massive forum called UCoR while simultaneously sneaking around and killing political dissidents as an assassin.

During college, I ran an online alternate universe mafia rpg, did some tabletop D&D with my buddies, and was the storyteller of an epic Vampire: the Masquerade campaign called New Orleans by Night.  I also became heavily involved with Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries in the NBT-4 League, where I was the Loremaster of Clan Nova Cat and, later on, the Loremaster of the Clans.

I played a lot of Neverwinter Nights here and there, picking it up between other games when I was bored.

My first year of teaching, I needed a mindnumbing activity to distract me from the hell that was my career.  I started playing Fly For Fun (FlyFF), a cash shop mmorpg with my best friend Llek.  This is where I met my husband, Canadian Bacon.  I was a Blade and he was an Elementor and it was love at first sight (or something like that).

True story: we sold our FlyFF accounts and used the proceeds to pay for our rings, wedding, and trip to Canada.

After quitting FlyFF, we needed a new game.  Together, he and I started playing World of Warcraft.  We got into competitive raiding and created our own guild.  I led Unpossible for two years, and when we quit we were a US Top 200 guild.  I had a plethora of dps world rankings under my belt.  We had an amazing raid group and I miss them all the time.

I wrote (and still write!) a series of blog posts on running a guild and being a leader, including all of the crazy shit I heard and saw over the years, entitled Memoirs of a Guild Master.

Most of our raiders are looking forward to playing Wildstar together in Spring 2014 when it launches.

Until then, I am biding my time with work, blogging, school, and dicking around in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


  1. Howdy thar! I love your blog, I’m also a girl gamer from childhood (mostly arcade and old school console),rabid liberal, ketoer and cat wrangler (I have the dubious distinction of owning a Siamese Triad gang). I met my guy playing Everquest way back in 1999-2000 and we’ve been together ever since. We still game together, lots of board and card games like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Pandemic etc until some new MMORPG’s launch. We did also play a bit of WoW, but was mostly into EQ2 at that time, because we’re old school Everquest players. Now I’m looking forward to EQ Next and Elder Scrolls Online. You know, I did get an invite for the Wildstar beta, but was out of town when I received it, not sure if I can still beta that at this point.

    Anyway, it’s fun to come across a blog that matches my background so awesomely. Now if you add in Sci-Fi-Fantasy book/show fanatic, it would be eerie. Oh, I also have/had great yoga experiences. Though I consider him the yoga-Nazi because he teaches Iyengar yoga and actually trains with Iyengar in India each year, so he doesn’t let you get away with anything. He’s brutal, but I love it!

    • Hey! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I always love to see new virtual faces around here :)

      Giiiiirl, if you can redeem that WildStar beta key still, you need to do that. I’ve had the opportunity to play this past week (blog post on my first impressions coming soon) and it is everything I’ve dreamed of!! It makes WoW look old and broken down! I haven’t given TESO much thought because I’ve never really been a big Elder Scrolls series fan. My husband has a beta though and he’s very “meh” about it – says he’s not going to play it at release. A couple of my guildies have had the same reaction. YMMV though!

      How is the tabletop GoT rpg? I’ve been looking at that and considering asking Santa for it.

      It really IS fun to meet other ladies with such similar interests. I’ve never been to a scifi/fantasy book/show because I don’t ever hear of them around here (Nashville, TN would be my closest big city). I am an avid reader though and would probably have the time of my life at one of those. I review books on here occasionally, though since I went back to work full time in October I’ve read far less than normal. What are some of your favorite titles?

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