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This time last year, I shared my recipe for peanut butter cup fat bombs.  They are one of my most popular recipes, and for a very good reason – they’re damn good.  Ever since then, I’ve tried to make different candy-like fat bombs, to no avail.  I even had a particularly promising orange creamsicle treat that failed hardcore when all was said and done.  Then yesterday I found something new (to me) at my local Kroger – coconut butter.  Have you ever heard of it?  It’s whole coconut pulp, processed into a smooth butter.  It’s absolutely delicious.

Immediately the gears started spinning – could I incorporate this into a new type of fat bomb?  Coconut is the perfect storm of nutrients and fat, after all.  But what could I make with it?  And then it hit me – Almond Joys.  They’re coconut, chocolate, and almonds.  And one tiny Halloween-sized bar is 9g of carbs!  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an Almond Joy-flavored fat bomb that met your keto macros?

Spoiler alert:  Yes.  Yes, it is awesome.



These differ from typical Almond Joys in that they’re made of dark chocolate – better for you, and fewer carbs – and don’t have actual coconut flakes in them.  The coconut butter is smooth.  It does, however, have a strong coconut flavor.  Paired with almond butter, these fat bombs are very much reminiscent of the treats they’re named after.  You can tweak this basic recipe and make them sweeter.  These are not as sweet as my original peanut butter cup recipe because, a year into keto, my taste buds have changed.  They still taste like candy to me, but I will add some suggested tweaks below if you need to sweeten it up.



  • 4T coconut butter (not coconut oil).  If you cannot find this, you can process unsweetened coconut in a food processor or blender until smooth and buttery.
  • 4T almond butter
  • 1oz cream cheese
  • 1T cocoa powder
  • 2T sugar free syrup (I used Torani’s French Vanilla, but I would also recommend Coconut or Chocolate flavors)
  • 16g dark chocolate

If you need to sweeten the batter, I would also add a packet or two of Splenda or Stevia (or another sweetener of your choice).  You could also use a lighter percentage of dark chocolate, such as 60% (these were made with 73%).  And if you’re really crazy, you could also add unsweetened coconut flakes and almonds to give it more of an authentic Almond Joy texture.  Just remember to adjust your nutrition information accordingly if you make changes!


Add all ingredients except for coconut butter to a microwave-safe dish.  I just use my Pyrex measuring cup.  The reason you don’t add the coconut butter is because it is made of actual coconut fiber, which scorches easily, even in the microwave!

Microwave in 15 second intervals, stirring each time, until the chocolate and cream cheese are melted and all ingredients are fully incorporated.

Then add the coconut butter, and mix everything together fully.

Protip:  I mix everything with a butter knife because the batter doesn’t cling to it easily, and it makes quick work of scraping down the sides of the dish.


This batter didn’t get liquidy like my peanut butter cups.  I think that is because I had to use an inferior almond butter.  Typically I use the Trader Joe’s brand, which is all-natural and has more oil in it.  Still, this worked fine – so if your batter looks grainy like this, just roll with it.  If it really bothers you, add a teeny bit of coconut oil to smooth things out.  Or just use a better almond butter than I did!

Spoon (or pour) batter into 12 equivalent portions.  I use my trusty mini-muffin tray.


Ignore that empty cup in the upper left hand corner.  There were 12 servings.  I just kind of ate a good amount of the batter out of the bowl… for taste testing purposes, of course.

Pop in your freezer.  They should be set within an hour, and you can pop them out easily with a butter knife.  Or if you used one of those fancy silicon candy moulds… well, you know better than I how those things work.  Just make sure you store them in your freezer, or at least refrigerator, because they melt quite easily.

Eat and enjoy!


These are an easy way to add fat to your diet if you are feeling a little peckish.  Each bomb is 86cal with 7g of fat from the coconut and almond butter.  They are only 2g net carbs, and 2g protein – making their macros 80/10/10 fat/pro/carb.  You know they’re a powerhouse of nutrition with the coconut, almonds, and dark chocolate.  Basically, these are a treat you can have regularly without feeling guilty.  And I consider that to be a win!


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  1. Ok, so I’m not happy with you (wink wink) in fact I’m quite mad. Ever since I’ve introduced this recipe to my husband that has been on the New Atkins diet, he wants me to make it every week for him. Thanks a lot kiddo for posting this “can’t do without” recipe. But seriously, thank you so much. My husband has been so excited about me making this, he has exclaimed, “I can have sweets again!!!” Loves it, so so good!

    1. I’m sorry, I’ve never worked with cacao powder before. Cursory googling suggests that you can just substitute it straight out for cocoa powder, so I’d try using the exact same measurement. Let me know how it works out!

    1. You will need to get a food scale to weigh out 16g. For that particular bag of chocolate chips, I want to say it was something like 16 chips… but I don’t remember.

      If you’re trying to lose weight, or if you enjoy baking, a food scale is absolutely necessary. I weigh almost everything I eat now! And you can get them for pretty cheap (less than $15) from Amazon or Walmart.

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