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Stank, Stinkypoo, Poo
my heart


Adopted June 16th, 2009
Departed July 26th, 2016

We are so heartbroken and devastated.

Last night, Rain started crying and stopped walking. I rushed him to the emergency vet, where they determined he had something I’d never heard of, called a “saddle thrombus.” Basically, he was in congestive heart failure – something that is really hard to diagnose in cats until this happens (he had a full checkup in March). It’s genetic. A blood clot had formed in his heart and broke away to travel to his pelvis, where it lodged and instantly cut off blood flow to his back legs. If you google the term, you will find heartbreaking stories that are identical to Rain’s. There is no doubt that that is what happened to him.

The survival chance is extremely low, even with intensive and immediate treatment and most cats who survive the first attack suffer subsequent attacks and die within a year. He may have had multiple clots. What solidified the decision for me was that he was in extreme pain, and confused about his loss of mobility, and treatment continued to be painful. I would not wish that quality of life on anyone.

Darren and I said goodbye to him last night. This was completely unexpected and we are just so distraught. He was perfectly fine – cuddled with us yesterday, raised up on his hind legs to give us kisses, demanded food – until he suddenly wasn’t.

His proper name is Raincloud because he was almost identical to his older brother Stormcloud, who was a year old when he came into our lives. My cousin dropped him off on me a scant week after my Sox passed, and he helped pull me out of that funk. Storm and I raised him together. He spent days when I was at work at KHS confined in the bathtub, and all the rest of the time laying on my chest. You’ll see him there as a kitten in these pictures, and he was there when he died last night. We called him “Stinkypoo” because he had the worst kitten gas ever, though in later years Darren and I shortened that to “Stank” and “Poo” respectively.

This cat was my son and my baby. He was bonded to me, woke up with me in the morning, sat next to the tub while I was bathing, spent every waking minute he could on my lap. He loved Darren too. I had a hard time last night finding a picture of JUST Stank, because all of the other cats worshiped and adored him. As I said, Storm raised him; he raised Sky and Shadow. He spent the time he wasn’t cuddled up with me cuddled up with one of them. He and Storm are the reason we have the #gaycatlove hashtag, and he guards Sky fiercely. I don’t know what our pride will do without him.

Hold your babies tighter and love them as hard and as long as you can, because you never know when life is going to so cruelly snatch them from you.

I miss you, Poo. Momma and Daddy love you forever and ever.

–Eulogy from my Facebook page, 7.27.16


QT, Cuteness, QTpie


Adopted August 21st, 2005
Departed March 4th, 2016

My stately queen Q passed away peacefully in her sleep last night. It was very unexpected. She was perfectly normal at dinner, and simply appeared to still be asleep at breakfast time.

We are in shock, as you can imagine. I adopted her from the Calloway County Humane Society in 2005 and she was only 11 years old.

I took her to our vet this morning, and Dr. F said that physically, she looked great – good body weight, nothing outwardly wrong. She did not suffer an illness. He says sometimes cats will have heart issues or develop a sudden blood clot that kills them instantly, and he thinks that is what happened to Q. She seemed to simply just still be asleep. We could all only hope to go so peacefully.

I love you and miss you already, Q-T-Pie. I know you’re chilling with Sox, though. You’ve missed him terribly all these years.

–Eulogy from my Facebook page, 3.4.16



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