Keto Desserts: Cheesecake Fluff Edition

Lately I’ve been thinking that I need to get more fat into my diet.  My macros have been sitting pretty regularly at 65/30/5, and I’ve been ravenous lately (probably due to the increased workout levels I’ve been engaging in).  So I’ve been considering tweaking them to 70/25/5.

Now, I could just stuff my face full of my Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs, but I’ve been kind of craving a bit more variety.  Don’t get me wrong, I still pretty much eat at least one a day, but a girl’s got to diversify her desserts.

Since I posted my last recipe – my Peanut Butter S’mores Pie – I’ve been playing around with no-bake cheesecakes.  I actually made a really tasty Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake that I’ve never gotten around to posting.  Both of those things had base comprised of heavy cream and cream cheese and I had to restrain myself from just eating all the filling straight from the KitchenAid.

Then I was like, why the hell do I have to stop?

Thus, Cheesecake Fluff was created.



  • 8oz cream cheese
  • 4oz heavy cream
  • 4T sour cream
  • 4T Torani Sugarfree Syrup (here I used Salted Caramel and it is damned delicious)
    OR you could use vanilla extract + sweetener to taste – I’m just a crazy Torani fangirl. I have like 8 different bottles on tap right now, no joke. They should give me some sort of sponsorship.

Combine all ingredients in your mixer and whip until it forms stiff peaks.

Yeah, that’s it.

I should note here that over these past two weeks, I have made a whole slew of versions of this.  I’ve made the aforemention pumpkin flavored, s’mores flavored, and simple French vanilla.  Don’t be afraid to play around with your syrups and additives.  This was the first time I’d tried the Salted Caramel flavor and I was NOT disappointed!


This recipe makes 4 servings.  I usually dole out two for my husband and myself, and stash the rest in a mason jar to eat later.  Tonight you can see that I garnished the base with some fresh raspberries and – later – a dollop of whipped cream.


It’s sooooo good, and so quick and easy to make.  You can whip up a batch in less than 5 minutes, and the flavor combinations are endless.  It’s a decadent creamy dessert and a fat bomb all in one.  And at just 3 net carbs, 5g protein, and 31g fat, it’s a great addition to the keto diet.


Let me know if you make some fluff and enjoy it!  What’s your favorite flavor combination?  I’m curious as to what other people create :)  If you enjoyed this recipe, would you pretty please consider liking my Facebook page? You could also follow me on Instagram. And I love comments here – let me know how you like a recipe, and/or how you tweak it to make it your own!


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  1. I make a similar version you may want to try by adding sugar free jello. Melt powdered jello in 1/4 cup hot water, then a 1/4 cup ice water to cool. Also, if you whip the cream first it comes out a lot fluffier. Using sugar free jello gives you lots of yummy flavor choices and helps the dessert gel nicely. Fill 6 silicone cupcake molds, chill, and enjoy. My favorite is lime. Yum!!

    1. I make something similar to that, I think… I have a recipe for Creamsicle Jello that includes sugar free jello, heavy cream, and sour cream. Actually, what you are describing sounds like my Cheesecake Fluff and my Creamsicle Jello had a love child, lol. Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Made thIs for the first time a few months ago. Now I always have it on hand. Love the chocolate peanut butter. One alteration though. I always double the recipe and noticed about the fourth time I made it that I had quadrupled the heavy cream from the start. So good! Shouldn’t ‘speed read’ recipes! Think I’ll always use the larger amount of cream. (16 oz cream cheese to 16 oz heavy cream. Want to try with canned pumpkin. How much pumpkin would you recommend for a “normal” batch?

    1. I have honestly never made this with pumpkin!! I think I would try a quarter of a cup, and see if you need to adjust up or down from there. Let me know how it turns out!!

        1. Might be the cream cheese — I have best results using Philadelphia brand. When I tried the Walmart generic, mine was a little grainy/lumpy.

      1. If there is, I haven’t seen it. To get the same effect, I would mix sugar free chocolate Torani (which I believe does exist) and a couple of tbsp of peanut butter. Or you could use cocoa powder and peanut butter! Or cocoa powder and pb2. Any of those things should give you the same effect, plus would also probably thicken up the concoction.

  3. I made this last summer on vacation in Alaska with the Raspberry syrup and it was great. Sad I have been looking for the syrup (sugar free) where I live and cannot find it until today I bought a bottle of the salted caramel then could not find my copy of the recipe. Thankful for google I found your site! Ready to try again.

    1. I’m glad you found my recipe again, and thank you for the kind comment!! Are you able to order the Torani syrups online through Costco World Market or I hear that works for those who don’t have a local supplier.

    1. You can buy the Torani syrups online through Costco World Market. I think you can also find them on Amazon!

    2. They also have the sugar free Torani syrups in most grocery stores, at Wal-Mart, and at some dollar stores. It is located in the section with the coffee creamers usually. Some stores have it in the baking section. I used to easily find sugar free chocolate, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere but on line for over a year.

      1. I’ve definitely seen them there, and also the Skinny Girl brand. It’s just more of a crapshoot as to which flavors you’ll find! I like to snag some when World Market has them 50% off, which they do several times throughout the year… that’s when I get my fancy-schmancy S’mores.

  4. That was absolutely delicious! I left out the sour cream to eliminate some carbs and put a couple strawberries cut up on top of a serving. Totally satisfied my sweet craving! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  5. I can’t wait to try this. Just have to get heavy cream. Thank you. I’ve struggled so much without dessert. Last night, I was up pacing the house!! Sad.

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply – been exceedingly busy – have you gotten to try the fluff yet? It’s crazy what our dessert addictions can do to us. The fluff (and the peanut butter fat bombs especially) really helped me get through the first few months of keto. Nowdays I find myself not really eating so many desserty things as my palate has shifted, but they were a real lifesaver at the start. I definitely remember that pacing-the-house feeling well. Good luck and stick with it – it gets easier!

    1. Torani actually has a Pumpkin Spice syrup (or maybe it’s called Pumpkin Pie, something like that). Or you can just use vanilla for a base flavor and add in pumpkin pie seasoning, or a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.

      Good luck!

  6. Made this on Saturday. Made it again (double batch) on Sunday. :-)

    I used DaVinci sugar-free Cookie Dough for the syrup. Very tasty!

  7. For those that were having any problems getting this fluffy, I like to whip the heavy cream to stiff peaks, then blend all other ingredients in another bowl. Then fold the cheese mixture into the whipped heavy cream a bit at a time gently. Love cheesecake fluff and am enjoying reading all the variations here!

  8. Just finish making this wonderful dessert! Wasn’t sure how much vanilla to use. I didn’t see anyone else post it. Sooo… I doubled all of the ingredients and then added 2 1/2 TBSP of Vanilla and 5 TBSP of Swerve. I used the powdered swerve. It’s delicious! Even the DH has no idea that it’s not a traditional recipe..haha! We love cheesecake in this house and since changing to this new woe I have yet to find a replacement for our traditional cheesecake. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  9. I have read ALL the comments that are posted here. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I am going to the store this sunday nite to get what I havent got in the house.. Questions: can you use regular salt in the carmel? Can you use ‘Lou Anne’ flavorings? I have several cases of a product, ‘Teisseire’ Gourmet Drops that are no carb, no cal’s. in several flavors. They are soooo sweet that I can’t believe there are no carb’s but I suppose they would work too. (How about hazelnut?) I am going to ‘favor’ your site and continue to follow you. Thank you so much

    1. I’ve never used the Lou Anne flavorings and I don’t know what they are, but if they’re low or zero carb I suppose they’d work! Did you wind up making the fluff? How did you like it? Thank you for visiting!!

  10. Just tried this. Omg it is delish!! I used lemon extract and made lemon cheesecake. So ooooh goood. Thanks for the recipe!

  11. I am devouring this and making appreciative moany noises as we speak! You know it’s a great recipe when you have to swap from a dessert spoon to a teaspoon to make it last. Delicious!

    1. I’m so glad you like it! Be careful – it’s addicting and the calories can add up fast!! Teaspoon seems like a good idea :)

  12. Very delicious, thanks so much!
    I tried it the seond time with marscapone cheese, which reports zero carbs on the label (Bel gioso brand, made in WI). It worked really well with a slightly lighter texture and flavor, but the flavor could be because the SF Tiramisu Syrup I used isn’t very strong.

  13. Thanks for you delicious Keto fluff recipe. I’ve just made my second batch with Tiramisu sugar free syrup and I cannot wait to try it. Love eating Keto, and so happy I found this little treat to enjoy along the way! Thanks!

    1. Definitely! Since I’ve lost so much weight, I’ve had to start being super careful about my calories, so I use neufchatel nowdays in place of cream cheese in any recipe that calls for it. Works every time!

  14. I love this stuff! I kid keto for several months last year and never felt better in my life – lost 25 lbs, had no aches and pains from inflammation and had energy to burn! Unfortunately I am a junk food addict and as soon as I feel great, I seem to forget what got me there and I fall off the wagon. I’ve only been back on the Keto band wagon for a week but I’ve gone back to this recipe for help. It’s my favourite treat. I make it with the caramel Torani and I don’t always mix it well enough but I kind of like the lumps of cream cheese. I usually add a teaspoon of coconut, a tbps spoon chopped pecans and a handful of blueberries before I eat a serving
    . Delish! I am pushing through the Keto flu rignt now and your recipe is a big help. Thanks!

  15. will defInItely be makIng thIs recIpe as I’m startIng keto agaIn. looks wonderful and so easy! Great for a fat fast.

    Also, SomethIng seems to be wrong wIth your lower case letter I, no comments or replIes show up wIth the lower case I only the upper case one shows.

  16. I love this recipe and have made it a few times. Tonight I double-checked the numbers and the Cream Cheese is really 2 carbs per each ounce (8 ounces) so it is 16 total.

  17. I wrote a comment yesterday about the carbs being incorrect on the cream cheese. My box at home says 2 carb grams per serving but I was looking on the internet and their site says 1 carb gram per serving. Interesting that it is different between the 2 sources.

    1. I see stuff like that all the time. Partially because of that, I’m fairly lax with my carb counting (compared to some on keto). A few extra carbs here or there don’t concern me. I use the nutrition facts on the box.

    1. I have not, nor has anyone told me they have, but I’m sure it would work! It would also lend whatever flavor the jello carries to the cheesecake, I’m sure. Let me know how you like it if you give it a try!

    2. I wouldn’t suggest it. The sweetener in those is an inorganic really bad for you chemical that causes inflammation at the very least. And inflammation is the root of all disease. I use to use sugar free jello but not anymore. Vital Proteins has a totally healthy and holistic gelatin you can use. It has no flavor so you can add a little juice and some organic stevia. Hope that helps.

  18. I love this recipe! I will have to tweak it though. Apparently, I don’t tolerate the sugar alcohols in the Torani :( I took my blood sugar (I’m diabetic but diet controlled) and my reading was 160. Pretty high for low-carb/keto. Just an FYI to others. However, I used this to fill some strawberries for my family and they thought they had died and gone to heaven!

    1. Ah, that sucks! Sucralose is one of the sweeteners I do tolerate well. I haven’t actually taken a bloodsugar reading since I’m not diabetic, but it doesn’t trigger any cravings for me. I’m pretty allergic to stevia, which is all-natural and most people recommend… so that’s out of the question for me. And I can’t stand the taste of erythritol.

      You could try making it with another sweetener of your preference + flavored extracts!

  19. I happened to notice that the nutrition information I read on the back of my original Philadelphia cream cheese package doesn’t match what you show above. My package reads 1 oz. equals 2 carbs, for the whole 8 oz. package it would be 16 carbs instead of 8. My heavy whipping cream contained 8 carbs instead of 0 shown above. So, I get 7 carbs per serving, for 4 servings. Just wanted to let people know that you should check the nutrition information on the products they are using.

    1. Definitely a good warning. Different brands differ in nutritional content! I also know that Philadelphia changed their packaging/carb count several months after I made this recipe – it does read higher carbs now than it used to!

      1. Take a look at the Kraft Philadelphia 1/3 Less Fat Cream Cheese. It has <1 carb count per serving. It also does not include whey protein concentrate, which has been known to spike insulin in some people. This could be a viable alternative that could help some.

        1. Thanks for the additional info!

          Now days I mostly used the Neufchatel (I think that’s the same thing?). I’m having to watch my calories pretty closely.

  20. This stuff is the bomb! For some reason, I am getting little lumps in mine. It’s still yummy but do you know why?

    P.S. I only make a single serving at a time because four servings..

    1. I only ever get the little lumps when I use store brand cream cheese. I’ll use it for other stuff, but I pretty religiously use the Philadelphia brand for the fluff, just because it always turns out smooth. I haven’t been able to figure out any other reason for the lumps to happen! I even whip it FOREVER and they stay.

  21. Loved it! I did add a few walnuts (slivered so it was in most bits)
    I used the Carmel Torani, was amazing!
    I’m thinking of trying something to get cocoanut flavoring with tiny
    Pineapple fruit pieces. Not many and tiny!
    Thank you!!

    1. Oh man, that sounds good! Is there a pineapple flavored sugarfree jello? Adding some of that powder might work… I don’t recall if there is or not, though. You may also be able to find a pineapple extract, like vanilla extract. I don’t think Torani makes a sugar free pineapple syrup yet. Let me know how your experiments turn out! (I know there is coconut extract and coconut Torani, so that part should be easy!)

    1. I use the sugar free variety! They’re made with sucralose (Splenda) instead of sugar. They don’t bother me at all. I know some people avoid artificial sweeteners, but I consume them in moderation (mostly in Diet Coke, truth be told).

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe (and having it on MFP!!) It was a life-saver on a day that I was having serious cravings.

  23. Hi, Britt! I found you because someone posted this recipe on a keto page in Facebook. I happen to have ALL the ingredients (including the Torani salted caramel SF syrup!) and adore cheesecake! I will be making it this weekend and will be stalking your recipes!!

  24. That was a very tasty treat! Thanks! I used only 1/2 the store brand (WINCO) cream cheese. That’s all I had. It was really good! My macros for this were, Cal 330, Fat 32.5, Total Carb 4.5, Prot 4.5. Definitely a keeper!

    1. True! I always prefer a “dollop” of fresh whipped cream, but for the days I’m lazy, I keep a can of ReddiWip in the fridge so I can have a “squirt” or two :)

  25. I’ve been searching for the perfect dessert recipe and this is it! I have a thing for lemon so i added some lemon essential oil and lemon juice and I am in lemon heaven. I added some chopped walnuts and am desperately trying to keep from going back for round 2. I halved the recipe, just in case

  26. Thanks for the recipe, only problem with syrups is that they use sucralose. In order to be truly Keto adapted that’s not an option. I will substitute the extract. Could possibly add erythritol, the powdered version. Won’t raise blood sugar at all like sucralose.

    1. That’s not true. Some people don’t handle sucralose well, but that can be said for all artificial sweeteners. I’ve been keto-adapted for three years now and I use sucralose exclusively as my sweetener of choice :) Especially when you get it in liquid form as opposed to a powder, where it has trace carbs, it’s absolutely fine for many people. I hate the flavor and aftertaste of erythritol and I’m mildly allergic to stevia, so I don’t have many options. Using other sweeteners in conjunction with extracts works well for those who don’t care for the Torani syrups, though!

    1. Let me know how you liked it with the cinnamon dolce! I’ve never tried that flavor. I wasn’t a fan of Torani’s brown sugar and cinnamon one.

  27. Omg! I just made this and added unsweetened cocoa powder and a little sweetener with French vanilla!! It is amazing! I have done the jello fluff before this, but this is …no words!
    Sad I have to share it with 6 other people!! Lol!

  28. LOVE this! It’s been a life saver on ‘those’ days! I haven’t used any syrups for flavoring but I have tried adding unsweetened cocoa powder … it gives a slight chocolate flavor and balances nicely with other sweeteners added! I love that you posted this ‘basic’ recipe that we can all tweak to our liking! Thank you for sharing!

  29. You have the heavy cream listed as zero carbs, but the labels usually say <1 per tablespoon. So, I should count those carbs, right? There are 8 tablespoons in 1/2 cup (which is 4 oz.), so it wouldn't be quite 8 carbs, but there are SOME carbs there, correct? Great recipe though! I'm excited to try it tonight with stevia and vanilla…maybe a dash of almond extract as well! :-)

    1. If the carton doesn’t list carbs, it must be <1g per serving. Technically I suppose you could count it -- just like you could count 1g of carbs per egg. I don't care enough to do that, though, and it's never made a difference for me! It just depends on how "strict" you want to be!

  30. Lord have mercy, this stuff! I have achieved keto nirvana. This stuff is good. We’re talking lick the beaters, lick your fingers, lick the spoon, lick the bowl, and lick the counter if you drop some good! I used DaVinci sugar free Toasted Marshmallow syrup. O..M..G!!!!!!! Thank you for saving my sanity!!

    1. OMG toasted marshmallow… I need to find that flavor, that sounds incredible!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

    1. You can eliminate it and it will be a slightly different texture, but still tasty! I just like the smoothness the sour cream gives to it. You could try marscapone or ricotta? I never have, though. Let me know if you do!

    1. I mean, I’ve totally made it straight out of the fridge and just beat the hell out of it… definitely works best if you let it soften, though!

  31. Oh boy. Yum. Heaven. I’ve been looking for a easy recipe for Thanksgiving. This Is It! Simple ingredients. A zillion variations. And, it’s not a WHOLE pie or 16 servings or… LOL Thank you. I’ll be checking out the rest of your blog. Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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