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Peanut Butter Cups – Keto-Style Fat Bombs FTW

If you like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, you’ve got to try these.  They taste very, very similar… except they’re 100% keto.  In fact, these qualify as “fat bombs” in the keto diet culture; they have a large amount of fat, intended to help you meet your daily fat intake macros.  A lot of people transitioning to keto have a hard time doing this, as eating a lot of fat is backasswards from the standard American diet, and so fat bombs are necessary to help even things out.

Let me tell you, these are necessary.

peanut butter cup fat bomb
In fact, they are so necessary that I make sure I have enough of a calorie deficit to eat at least one a day.  I really like to eat them slowly with a mug of hot and creamy Irish Breakfast tea.  I’m not a fan of coffee, so instead of the typical Keto Bulletproof Coffee, I’ll have my tea & fat bomb and it holds me for hours.  I also like it as a dessert after dinner.

Basically, as long as I get to eat chocolate every day and lose weight, I’m not feeling very deprived.

You should make these.


So I ran out of 80% Lindt squares without realizing it. FML. Those are some dark chocolate Ghirardelli chips… they’re an okay substitution in a pinch, but the Lindt is far superior imo.


  • 4tbsp coconut oil (I have also made this with half coconut oil, half butter – it was also delicious)
  • 4tbsp natural nut butter (chunky or creamy, peanut or almond butter, just no added sugars!)
  • 1.5tbsp cream cheese
  • 1tbsp sugar free vanilla syrup (Torani, Da Vinci, whatever – usually found in stores by the coffee)
  • 1tsp cocoa powder
  • 3 squares of high-quality dark chocolate (I use Lindt 80%)
  • sweetener to taste (I use 2 packets of Splenda)

Mix all the ingredients together in a microwaveable bowl.  I actually use a Pyrex measuring cup because that way I can just pour the liquid concoction straight into the mold.

peanut butter cup fat bomb
Microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between them, until ingredients are fully incorporated.  It took me 3 trips in the microwave.

peanut butter cup fat bomb
Pour mixture into some sort of mold.  You can use a silicon candy mold, which would be excellent, or you can be too cheap to go buy something like that and just use a mini-muffin tin like I do.  You could also use silicon cupcake wrappers, small disposable plastic cups, shot glasses, what have you.  You’ll just have to adjust your nutritional info if you make anything less than 12 servings, which is what my mini-muffin tin makes me.

peanut butter cup fat bomb
Make sure you lick the spoon (or butter knife, in my case) thoroughly and enjoy the sneak peek at the deliciousness you will later be enjoying.

Then pop these sumbitches into the freezer.  I have no idea how long it takes them to properly set, since I usually make a tray overnight and remove them in the morning.

peanut butter cup fat bomb
All I do to remove them from the mini-muffin tin is poke a butter knife down along the edge.  They pop right out.  You could also BRIEFLY set the tray in hot water to loosen them up, but be warned that because of the large amount of coconut oil in their composition, they melt EXTREMELY quickly.

In fact, don’t hold them in your hand for too long.  Your body heat’ll melt em.  I usually grab one out of the storage container with a napkin and eat it that way.

peanut butter cup fat bomb
This is how I store my peanut butter cup fat bombs – in a small plastic container in the freezer.  A batch usually lasts my husband and me between 4-6 days, depending on whether I eat one or two each day.  The most expensive ingredient in them by far is the coconut oil, which you probably have already if you eat keto.  And the sugar free vanilla syrup is delightful in tea or coffee, so all of these ingredients are pretty multipurpose.

And as for the nutritional breakdown, again, YMMV if you make more or less bombs with this recipe.  But a perfect dozen breaks down to this:


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  1. Does your MFP automatically add the percentages, or did you photoshop those? :o

  2. How are these at curbing chocolate cravings? Chocolate is the one thing that’s really getting to me right now.

    • Karli,

      I’m a chocoholic and I don’t think there’s ever any end to chocolate cravings, lol. But when I get a really strong craving nowdays, I just eat one of these (or a square of Lindt 70% dark) and those tend to satisfy me. I haven’t wanted any of the really sugary candybars or anything.

      I could still totally kill a piece of chocolate cake or some chocolate chip cookies (though I SUSPECT they might not taste as good to me as I remember, since my taste buds are “resetting”), so one of my baking projects for this weekend is to try to develop a chocolate chip cookie recipe with an almond flour base.

      tl;dr I don’t think chocolate cravings ever go away, but these should help tame the beast.

  3. If I could kiss your face for posting this recipe, I would do so.

  4. If you use Walden Farms pancake syrup with a drip of vanilla essence it reduces the carbs :)

    • Thank you for the tip, and for commenting, but I’m curious as to how you figured that. What are you substituting the pancake syrup for? Because looking at the ingredients, the carbs aren’t coming from the sweetener or the coffee syrup – they’re coming from the chocolate (the majority of them), the peanut butter (the next biggest culprit), and the cream cheese (very minor – 2g in the whole batch). What recipe do you use?

  5. Thanks for posting this. It’s super easy and delicious. One of my fave recipes = )

  6. Thank you so much for this post! These are really good but I altered the process a little bit to get them to taste a little bit more like Peanut butter cups (IMO). In the mixing bowl (or measuring cup) mix all of the ingredients but only use 2 T. of peanut butter (or use all 4 T but going to add more later). Simply fill only a portion of the mix in the cupcake pan and put it in the freezer for about 15 mins. Take them out and fill each cavity with some peanut butter then top each cavity off with the rest of the mixture. Stick it back in the freezer for about 20-30 mins, then remove and consume or place in the fridge.
    Sorry if this seems confusing, I’m pretty new to cooking and typically don’t alter ingredients/instructions, but I’ve been doing so lately. Let me know your thoughts!

    • That makes perfect sense! It definitely gives them more of the traditional peanut butter cup shape/consistency, and would be a great way to assemble them for people looking for that experience :) Thank you for posting your ideas! Getting creative in the kitchen is a lot of fun. Don’t ever be afraid to tweak recipes!

  7. How much of the ghirardeli chips did you use? That’s all I have on hand too.

    • I just use a serving – about what will fit easily in the size of my hand – I think the bag says that’s around 16 chips! I just eyeball it.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, and good luck!

  8. Can’t wait to try this, only I don’t have SF Torani, would you suggest subbing Vanilla extract? If so, how much extract would you use to compensate?

    • I would definitely recommend trying a mixture of sweetener + an extract, and I would add them to taste. So basically my process would be to add a packet of Splenda (the sweetener we keep stocked here – use whatever you have), mix it up, and then add incrementally more to get it to the level of sweetness I desire. I would do the same thing with teaspoons of vanilla extract – starting off with half a teaspoon and adding from there. Some people like really strong flavor, and some like a more mild flavor. By adding sweetener and vanilla to taste, you can figure out what you prefer and note it down for next time :)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!! :)

  9. I’ve just put these in the freezer, only modification I made was adding 2 tablespoons of heave cream and an extra packet of stevia. I think it’s because the chocolate I used is very bitter. The batter tastes amazing and I can’t wait!! I’ve been having trouble archiving my fat goal and I think these will help :) thanks a lot!!!

  10. I’ve been looking for a recipe that was simple like this! (Super-complex recipes send me spiralling into a very bad place!) Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll try making these puppies this weekend, maybe with the little paper-muffin-holder-thingies for even less dishwashing. :D

    • Awesome!! I hope you like them! I think they’re absolutely delicious. The little cupcake holder thingies’ll prolly work well, although you’ll definitely get more volume in them than a mini muffin tin.

      Let me know what you think once you make them :)

  11. Hm, I only got 6 out of this. Oh well – I’ll just double the macros. I don’t know how I only got 6, though – I used the exact amounts listed above.

    • That is odd… maybe your muffin cups are just larger than mine? That seems like the most likely solution. I hope you still like them!

    • I also only got 6 out of this :/ Yours made so much more! Also I’m wondering how to make them taste more chocolate-y?. I love chocolate.

      • I think the variation in amount has to do with the size of the muffin tins/candy moulds being used. Just modify the nutritional info and enjoy! :)

        You could always add more chocolate – put in another square of the Lindt or add some more chips. I’d be wary about cocoa powder, because that can make it more bitter.

  12. I really want to try these but hesitating because I really cannot stand coconut – a friend of mine used coconut oil in a dish she made the other day and I could still taste it and couldn’t stand it.

    • I don’t think the coconut taste is very powerful… but then again, I like coconut, so I am probably not the best judge. Why don’t you just try the recipe, subbing butter instead? I have done that before, as have others on reddit who have coconut allergies, and it’s still delicious!

      • Ok, will try using butter only in place of coconut oil/butter combination – also, I wasn’t able to find Lindt chocolate so I got Ghiradelli pieces – so now just need to figure out what amount to use as an equivalent (saw your comment about ‘handful’)…. I’ll let you know how things come out when I make them later this week

        • By a “handful” I generally use a serving size, which I think they say is around 16 chips or so.

          Also, just a thought, you may want to use unsalted butter.

          I’me excited to see how they turn out for you!

          • made the peanut butter cups tonight – didn’t have mini-muffin tin so made 7 in regular muffin tin – using butter (unsalted) only instead of coconut oil.butter and Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips – they are in the freezer but licked the spatula and tasted pretty good so far !! recipe worked out to 123 calories per….

          • Had my first one tonight and YUUMMMMMMMY 0 definitely need to get smaller muffin tin / silicone one for the next time, these are actually a little too big – also a little too sweet so next time might cut down the extra Splenda to just one teaspoon….. THANKS for posting and the coaching on ingredients !!

  13. Can I just say, thank you! I made these tonight and tasted a little bit while scooping them out, and they are delicious! I just have one question about the size of the batch. Mine didn’t seem to be very big, I only got about 8 and a half made. I used all butter, 2 tbsp. cream cheese, 4 pieces of chocolate, (I didn’t have the syrup and was going to just use a tsp of vanilla extract, but forgot it) and a little bit of cream to try to thin it out a little (the rest of the recipe was the same), but it still didn’t make much, and they’re only filled up about 1/3 of the way. Any tips on how to make it bigger, or ideas of why it turned out so small? Again, thank you!

    • Oh wait, I just read someone else’s comment about a mini muffin tin, maybe mine is regular, but it looks like the same size as yours! Hmm, I’m not sure.

    • The syrup does add to the volume, but the heavy cream you used might have made up the difference. The only thing I can think of us that our muffin tins aren’t the same size. Lately I have actually been filling mine to the brim of the muffin tins (I used to only do 1/2-3/4) and I’m getting around 9-10 fat bombs per batch. Just adjust the nutritional info accordingly – it doesn’t really matter how many you make as long as you’re satisfied with them!

  14. For all those wondering why these dont seem to make 12, it is because the authors photos make them look a lot larger than they are. I put one tablespoon into each cup and it made literally exactly 12. So there you go. When you are done measuring all the ingredients, use the same tablespoon to measure it into the pan.

  15. Holy mother of god these are good.

  16. yes i love you, youre a goddess, i made these yesterday and hubby and i love them, think that is all im gonna eat today. my muffin tin made 14.

    • Aww, thank you so much!!! I’m glad you and your husband love them. I don’t think I’ve ever been called a goddess before… that is incredibly flattering lol. Britt, Goddess of Fat Bombs… LOL I love it

    • I have made these several times now, for myself and for a friend who’s also trying the keto way and we both LOVE LOVE LOVE them !! This last time I made batch using creamy peanut butter and a batch using chunky – both are great !!

  17. Suggestions for the replacement of dairy? Need a replacement for the cream cheese for sure. Dairy intolerance in our house. Thanks!

    • Oh man, this is a really tough one for me. I have no issues with dairy nor have I ever really given it any thought. Isn’t there a vegan cream cheese substitute? Tofutti or something like that? I’m so sorry I can’t give you a more educated answer :(

  18. I followed your directions to a T but my “batter” came out kinda like a paste as opposed to a shiny silky liquid like yours. It’s in the freezer right now, so hopefully it’ll set up right, but I’m not sure what I did wrong =/

    • Don’t worry, Tim, that happens to me sometimes too. I haven’t pinpointed what it is exactly, but I’ve got two potential culprits – 1, I microwave it for slightly too long and it begins to thicken/caramelize, or 2, because I use a natural peanut butter, the oil isn’t incorporated identically throughout, and sometimes I get batches that are more oily or drier. Don’t worry, I’m sure it will still taste fabulous – mine always does!

  19. do you think i could add the peanut butter separately in the middle instead of mixing it all up?

    • You sure could. That was just far too much work for me – I figured this was easier, and it still has the same flavor :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  20. I know this is an old post but my daughter is on Keto for epilepsy, 4/1 ratio, and I’m wondering if you know what ration these are? I would love to make these for her! Thanks.

    • Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope keto is working out for your daughter. I know next to nothing about keto treating epilepsy, other than it is used for that, so I have no idea what ratios are. I’m sorry I can’t advise you :( but I wish you the best of luck!

  21. These are fantastic! I’ve made several batches now, and I always get 12 – 14 mini muffins worth. Thanks so much for the recipe… it was just what I needed to kick me back into ketosis

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m glad you like the fat bombs. It always brightens my day when one of my recipes helps someone stick to keto :)

  22. Dear god woman these are amazeballs! My girlfriend and I have been tracking our macros for sometime now but have just started keto a couples days ago and we were having our doubts if we could do it….. these have just restored my faith in the world of keto and possibly the world in general. Thank you

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! It seriously makes my day when people leave compliments on my recipes :) Good luck to you and your girlfriend – keto is a great way of life, stay strong and stick to it!

  23. So tasty, but I can’t get them out of the tray! I guess I’ll have to use muffin liners next time.

  24. Can these be made without Cream Cheese?

    • You could try, but I don’t think it would be as good. The cream cheese adds a wonderful consistency and mouthfeel. Let me know if you tweak the recipe and how you like it!

      • I was mostly too lazy to go to the store as that was the only ingredient I did not have. I will just have to run to the store. I don’t want them to be wasted if they did not taste right. Thank you so much for answering my question!

  25. These were super easy to make. Made 14 mini muffins, for me. And that size would be about right because they’re SUPER rich.

    However, I am not a fan of coconut and these tasted REALLY coconuty. So I am going to go try it with straight butter right now, because I NEED to have chocolate in my life. Will see what happens.

    • Suzanne McKenzie

      My husband ordered Raw Cacao Butter by The Raw Food World on Amazon and we’re going to use that in place of the coconut butter. He says the cacao butter is really yummy and creamy.

  26. So I made them again with just butter, and 1 T less of the PB. A tiny splash of almond and vanilla extract, since my grocery store lamely did not have Torani’s. And more Splenda than I’d used the first time. Still made 12 mini cupcakes’ worth. And the taste works a lot better for me. It allllmost has a brownie batter-like taste. But darker.

    Loving your blog, can’t wait to try out more desserts.

    • I’ve read that different types of coconut oil have different flavors. Virgin coconut oil is supposed to taste more coconutty, and more refined coconut oil – like expeller-pressed – is supposed to be flavorless/odorless. So that might make a difference for you if you want to try using coconut oil again. I like the “cooling” effect it has in my mouth.

      I’m glad you tried going all-butter! I’ve made them like that before too, and really like them… like you said, they’re almost brownie-like.

      Oh, and if you really want to try to find Torani’s locally, you could just swing by Starbucks and ask to buy a bottle of one of their syrups. I believe most of them will sell the bottles. They use DaVinci, which is just like Torani, and also have a huge array of flavors. I just prefer the Torani because I can find it so readily here!

      Thank you so much for the kind comments, and I’m glad you’ve stopped by :) I love getting feedback!

  27. These are delicious! I used 1/2 tsp vanilla extract instead of the vanilla syrup, and I had a bar of 85% cocoa rather than 80%. Everything else was exactly the same. It will be hard not to eat the whole batch in one day!

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I’m glad you like them! Do try to portion them out… it’s still a lot of carbs if you eat a whole batch :P Not that I would blame you hehehe

  28. I just made this, but instead of 3 squares of Lindt 80% dark chocolate I used 4 of Lindt 90%. Also, my muffin tin was too big to fit in the freezer, so I put it in the fridge. I hope it still turns out ok in the fridge. I can’t wait for it to set!

    I made sure to lick the knife and it was delicious :)

    • Let me know how it turned out with that super dark chocolate! I still haven’t worked myself up to the 90% :) I’m sure the fridge worked fine – let me know!

  29. Just made these this a.m. to have this evening after dinner…I miss dessert so hoping these help fill that gap. I licked the spoon as suggested and now can’t wait for dinner tonight. Thanks for the recipe.

    • I hope your pb cups turned out okay!! I’ve got quite a few desserts on here, so if that doesn’t quite kill your craving, browse around for some other ideas :) Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  30. These are the greastest thing ever!. My batter was thick like another commenter said but after freezing them they were AWESOME! Thank you so much. They are very rich to me so 2 is all I could handle. Next time I’ll stick to just one. :)

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I’m glad you liked the bombs. My batter is thick sometimes too… I think it’s from the peanut butter. Sometimes I get the soupier part of the jar, sometimes I get the drier part of the jar. I’ve been working on a tweaked fat bomb recipe lately that doesn’t seem to have that trouble and I hope to post it soon :)

  31. I just put my first batch in the freezer–a DOUBLE batch, cuz my daughter’s on the LCHF WOE with me, and hubby will eat anything that remotely resembles candy! I doubt I can wait overnight to try the finished product. I used almond butter cuz that’s what I had handy and I love the taste (milder than peanut butter and good for a change now and then). I couldn’t resist licking the spoon… O.M.G. BTW, my store didn’t have the 60 or 80% cacao bar, and nothing but sugary stuff by Lindt, so I had to get the Ghirardelli 100% bar. Luckily, I love uber-dark chocolate, and hubby doesn’t ;)

    • Oh my, 100%, you are brave!! I’ve worked up from 60% to 86%, but I still haven’t managed to bring myself past that yet. I’m so glad you like the fat bombs! Did your daughter or hubby get to partake?

      • Family tried them, but they’re addicted to Atkins bars (and barely losing any weight as a consequence). I can’t handle a lot of sugar alcohols and I have to count total carbs. These, at 3g total per bomb, are perfect! On the 100% chocolate, I cut the amount by half and it was PLENTY chocolatey, but still didn’t overwhelm the almond butter. Since I ran out of these, I tried a few other recipes from different sites–they were either too complicated, trying to get that classic, filled peanut-butter-cup-look, or downright nasty-tasting. I threw out an entire batch of coconut-lemon fat bombs yesterday because they were horrible! So I’m just gonna stick with this tried-and-true recipe. One hour in the freezer and they’re all set.

        • Thank you so much for the sweet comment!! I’m so glad I could help. I’ve never tried the Atkins bars because I’m afraid I’d get hooked on them, and they’re expensive – this real food is much cheaper!

  32. How long you propose heating the mixture up for? I cant seem to get that liquid mixture, it becomes creamy when i heat it for a little but but then it just turns into cake when i heat it too long

    • I microwave mine in 15 second intervals, stirring between each time. It usually takes me 3 turns in the microwave to get that nice liquidy state. I hope that helps!

  33. I realise you asked the question a while ago but just thought that i would add that i simply left out the cream cheese and they worked fine :)

  34. I am always short on my fat macros, so am glad I came across this recipe! Going to leave out sweeteners, but am sure they will be amazing! :)

    • I’m sure they will! I need to do a “Where are they now?” type post with this recipe, updating it – it was one of my very first keto foods when I was brand new, and my taste buds hadn’t adapted yet. Nowdays I nix the splenda and use much darker chocolate. It’s sooooo good! Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)

  35. Does licking the spoon count in your macros?

  36. Exactly how much in weight is the chocolate?

    • I’ve never weighed it, to be honest. I can try to remember to do so next time I use chocolate chips. I mostly prefer to use the dark chocolate squares, which my packaging says weighs .375oz per square. I hope that helps!

  37. OH MY GOSH!! This sounds like the answer to prayer!! I will make these this weekend!!

    • I hope you like them! These are the most popular recipe on my site, so odds are that you will! :) Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

      • I just took a fresh batch of these babies out of the freezer and into a ziploc bag for storage. They are now a staple in our house. These are SO delicious, just like a Reese’s peanut butter cup but without the guilt. They’re the most popular recipe on this site for good reason–they will rock your keto world ;) Hubby weaned himself off Atkins bars and now I can hardly keep up with his new addiction to your homemade peanut butter cups. He embraced the dark side… dark chocolate, that is.

        • I’m glad you like them! Dark chocolate is amazing… my husband is known for grabbing a couple of these at a time, himself. Glad I can help you two with your keto journey :)

          “Like a Reese’s peanut butter cup without the guilt” – I may have to use that as a selling point when I republish this recipe in the future! (I make it for myself a little differently now that I’ve been on keto for over a year, and require much less sweetness).

  38. I made them!!! They are prefect!!! EXACTLY what I need after supper when I want something chocolate-y and sweet. I went with 70% dark Lindt, and I wouldn’t want to go darker. I used half butter and half coconut oil. And they. are. perfect.

    • I lived on the 70% Lindt for a really long time. Nowdays I’m quite taken by the 86% Ghirardelli “Midnight Reverie.” It seems like the longer I’ve been in ketosis, the more my taste buds change. The 70% is too sweet for me now! You may find yourself feeling that way further down the road, too.

      I am so glad you like the recipe. Thank you for the comment! :)

  39. Made this tonight, freezing them now the only pb I had contained suger,so Isubed powdered pb,would this lower carbs ?

    • I would just look at the nutrition stats, deduct the carbs from the peanut butter, and add in the carbs from your powdered peanut butter. How did it turn out?

      • Adding 3 tablespoons of Bobs Red Mill unsweetened/shredded coconut, after youve toasted it is really good, too. Ups the whole recipe by 2 carbs, but since I only use one packet of sweetener, and Lindt 90% dark chocolate, I consider it a wash. YUM.

  40. I just made these for the first time… they are in the freezer right now. It is my husband’s birthday and I bought him a little cake as a treat but made these for me. Can’t wait til they set! (although I had a good ol’ lick of the spoon and it was amazing :D) Thanks for the recipe!

  41. The fat bomb recipe is so good that I can forgive you for being a flaming liberal. :)

  42. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Evenings, I really struggle with hunger. I stumbled on your recipe and thankfully had all the ingredients in my pantry and fridge to make these (except the vanilla syrup. I used sugar free maple syrup with a dash of vanilla instead)
    I took someone’s suggestion and added a tiny bit of peanut butter to each muffin cup and after only 15 minutes in the freezer I was savouring my first real chocolate in over a month!
    So I had a second. And now I am fully sated!

    • I am glad my fat bombs helped satiate you! They really are delicious little hunger-killers. Also, thanks for the maple syrup tip! I haven’t tried them like that before.

  43. Great recipe. My ratio of ingredients stayed the same, but I somehow used almost twice as much (and came up with roughly the same nutritional info). I did everything by weight after scooping in with a tablespoon. To those doing this by weight to be super accurate about the grams of coconut oil – I recommend doubling the recipe to get enough volume to fill 12 cups. :) Super good tasting.

  44. I’m just stopping by for the bazillionth time to make this awesome recipe! Just noticed the smores pie and can’t wait to try that too. Thanks!!

  45. Thanks, this was great.

    Any suggestions on ways to harden the chocolate more? Would that require different butter to oil ratios or anything?

    • Do you put yours in the freezer? Mine get really hard like that, but they do melt fast due to the coconut oil. You could try making them with butter instead of the coconut oil – I’ve had people tell me they’ve done that successfully, but I don’t know how hard they get in comparison.

      • Bit late of a reply, but I was probably using half butter / half oil at the time that made it less hard actually. However, I’ve been making these pretty much out of habit now in huge batches, and I would say it’s easily my favorite Keto recipe.

        One thing I did end up changing out of convenience is just quadrupling the recipe and putting it in a huge tray pan instead. You could then cut it up into square pieces or any other big chunks (if you didn’t care about how they looked at least).

        Thanks again for the recipe — I see fat bombs being recommended everywhere now and I can see why.

  46. You said you use Lindt but that bag in the picture is Ghirardelli! lol

    • I also said in the caption to the picture that I had unknowingly ran out of Lindt, so used the Ghirardelli for that batch :P Any dark chocolate works.

  47. Ooohhh this excites Me. Can’t wait to try them! I hate coconut though so I’m going to use all butter. May add some cream in there, and I’ll have to just buy some 70-80% lindt as I’m from the uk and we don’t have as much amazing stuff as you do!

    Something I’m also curious in is… You said you enjoy this with a cup of creamy tea?? How do you make your tea? I’ve been missing a nice cuppa since going on keto!!!

    • They should still set up well with all butter! I’ve made them like that before (although perhaps use unsalted butter… salted gets a little too salty for me in that case).

      You have no idea how privileged I feel to be talking to someone from the UK about making tea. Like… I turned to my husband and said, “CAN YOU BELIEVE SOME BRITISH LADY WANTS TO KNOW HOW I MAKE TEA?!” and he lol’d. This is some crazy shit!! That being said, I just brew a bag like normal (I prefer Irish Breakfast or English Breakfast) in boiling water. I usually let it set for 3 minutes or so because I like my tea strong. Then I add 2T of heavy cream and a couple of squirts of whatever Torani sugarfree syrup I’m in the mood for that day. I mix it up really well with my IKEA milk frother – it really gives it a lovely, thick texture. Delicious!

  48. I’ve made these twice now (once with only coconut oil and the other time with 1/2 coconut and 1/2 butter – both delicious!). I ended up using silicone ice cube molds, so I got about 16. They were super easy to unmold and very easy to clean. I’m sending you a kiss over the internets for making my low carb experience that much more delicious….

  49. It would Be extremely helpful if you could weigh an individual cup after its frozen. I tripled this batch and only got around 13 cups. :/

  50. These are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! I didn’t have SF vanilla syrup, so I added a tsp of vanilla extract, and then completely forgot to add the cream cheese! (I also subbed half butter/half Coconut oil). Still completely delicious. I have no idea how I’ll limit myself to just one a day!

  51. Just made these today, and just ate the first one. Excellent!!! So tasty, thank you for posting the recipe.


    OMG!! Made these today, used choc Philadelphia instead, they are so yummy, I am so grateful to you for this recipe ;)

  53. Awesome recipe!!! Loved it!! It’ll be a staple in my freezer for sure!

  54. These are so good!!!! I used more butter than coconut oil because Im not a fan of the oil when it gets melted in your mouth, but i am having a hard time controlling myself with these!! Lol

    • I love that they work both ways. I like how the coconut oil melts, but I have a lot of people on here who are allergic to it, so the butter is a good alternative. Did you use salted or unsalted? I’ve gotten to where I crave salty stuff so much, I use salted butter for everything!! I made sugar cookies to take to a friend the other day, and my grandmother commented that they were a tad salty… whoops!

  55. now i have to check out your other recipes!

  56. Thank you so much for this recipe – they are delicious and very satisfying and will be super helpful in getting me through the holiday season!!! :-)

  57. Made these in like 5 minutes! They are literally “the bomb”. So good, satisfying, and easy. We’re loving the Banting style but still want a nice little treat. Perfect!!! I did use 2 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp coconut oil instead. Also, I have a 14 hole ice cube tray that made them only 2.2 carbs!!!!! Thank you for the recipe!!! XOXOXOXO I’d send more but, you know, we don’t know each other. ;)

    • Glad you liked them! This is the first time I’ve heard “Banting-style” before, so thanks for sending me down the rabbit hole of internet research, lol. Learn something new every day!

      One more XO wouldn’t have killed me :P

  58. Hi there… I just had a quick question about these. I made them and they are wonderful (thank you for posting the recipe), but using the amounts of ingredients listed, my cups came out way thinner than the ones you pictured. I used a standard size cupcake tin, and one single batch gave me very, very thin “cups.” For your photo, did you double or triple the recipe? Thanks!

  59. i made this recipe but didn’t yield enough to put in mini cupcake pans. It made a very small batch. I used our mini (really mini) ice cube tray to put them in and it only filled up 10 out of a 14 tray.

    • I hear this sometimes. I think the lesson here is that mini cupcake pans are not a standard size! At any rate, if you divide it to 12 equal servings, it should still have the same nutritional info I listed.

  60. I cannot find the 85 Lindt cacao bar. I did find the 85 Lindt cocoa is this the same or no?

    • Pretty sure it’s the same thing! You could use any dark chocolate you prefer :) Ghirardelli is another favorite of mine, and I also like the Trader Joes brand dark chocolate bars!

  61. I just made these i used a 24 mini mini muffin tin and got exactly 24 perfectly filed 3/4 full….for 2 pieces is 100 calories. I did use 100% Ghirardelli chocolate and waldon farms pancakes syrup because that’s all i had….it is a delicious recipe!!!!i think i may have put to much sweetner as i used liquid stevia but I’ll adjust next time!!

    • Glad you like it!!! I don’t think I’d use the pancake syrup + the stevia… maybe just try one or the other in future batches!

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