Founded by oldest sister Kitana, the Knighthood is the police force of the realm, created to exist as a check-and-balance to the royal family, tasked with protecting them and their citizens.  The Knighthood is an attractive option to the lower classes, because it provides a strong education for their children, who later receive good pay upon enlistment.  Large families of nobles often send their younger children to the Knighthood.  Recruits are primarily children scouted from the cities; however, adults do sign on occasionally (though they tend to face a career of slow promotions, since they have a lot to learn in a far more limited time).  Most adult recruits are casters who have finished their time at the academy and have decided to serve the realm.

When candidates pledge into the knighthood, they are tattooed across the face – a stripe across their eyes, like a mask – in the color of their order.  This shows their absolute committal to their cause, and also prevents subterfuge or defection.  Once a Knight, always a Knight – the only way to leave is through old age and retirement, or death.  Those who defect are mercilessly hunted down and destroyed.  However, Knights may have families, and if they die in the line of duty their dependents are provided for by the crown.

Green Order – foot soldiers, including archers, polearms, swordsmen, etc. (fighters, monks, rogues)
Red Order – mounted soldiers, including archers, polearms, swordsmen, etc; many are mounted on horseback, though some elite cavaliers pair with griffins.  There are stories of Kitana and some from her day who fought on dragonback – however, as the dragons have disappeared, these are regarded as ridiculous tall tales that exaggerate her prowess in battle. (fighters, cavaliers, rogues)
Blue Order – wizards, sorcerers, magi, who are often paired with non-casters in battle.
White Order – clerics who are often paired with non-casters in battle.
Shadow Order – periodically, the cream of the crop from the lower orders are invited in secret to join a group of highly-charismatic diplomats and assassins

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