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Abyssal – demons
Aquan – water elementals, mermish
Auran – air elementals, flying creatures (griffins speak this)
Camptalk – common and rough mercenary speech – some mercenaries from other realms cross the mountain ranges or the sea to come here; this is the hodgepodge language spoken in mercenary armies
Catfolk – catfolk
Common – the language common to Lorne
Draconic – dragons, this is often taught at the academies and in elven families
Druidic – vary rare that someone can speak this other than the shapeshifters
Dwarven – dwarves
Elven – elves
Giant – ettins, giants, ogres, trolls
Goblin – goblins and hobgoblins
High Elven – “upper class” dialect; shows wealth and education; often taught to nobility. A more pure form of Elven.
Ignan – fire elementals and creatures
Necril – language of the dead
Orcish – Orcs and half-orcs
Sylvan – fae and other woodland sprites, centaurs, sylphs, unicorns
Terran – earth elementals and creatures
Trader – fast-paced language used primarily by merchanting caravans
Undercommon – drow, duergar, other evil creatures

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