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Sol, the Sun God
lawful good
father of the elves

Faith, Consort of Sol
neutral good
goddess of healing

Caeli, Goddess of the Clouds
chaotic good
patron goddess of good dragons and griffins

Elan’dir, God of Strength
lawful good
patron god of monks

Cassida, Goddess of War
chaotic good
patron god of soldiers and mercenaries


Sidera, the Star Goddess
chaotic neutral
mother of humans

Soul, Consort of Sidera
true neutral
god of healing

Saevi’ya, God of Storms
chaotic neutral
patron god of crafters and musicians; weather god

Velvela, Goddess of Hunting
true neutral
beloved of shapeshifters; patron of rangers and druids

Ferra’din, Goddess of Creation
lawful neutral
patron of craftsmen, bards, and dwarves

Sutel’yi, Trickster God
chaotic neutral
patron of rogues and tricksters


Selene, the Moon Goddess
lawful evil
mother of demons

Fate, Consort of Selene
neutral evil
god of healing

Caith’yin, Goddess of Fire
chaotic evil
patron god of evil dragons and wyverns

Scath’dar, God of Darkness
chaotic evil

patron god of thieves, murderers, and liars

Caedis, God of Blood
neutral evil
patron god of vampires and tieflings; some healers also have an affinity for him

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