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love & hate

My friend Alicia posted a new meme over on her FB that caught my eye – the 30 Day Song Challenge.  I am very rarely someone who gets caught up in the newest meme, but I thought this one was awesome.  Sometimes I feel as if I measure my life through song.  At one point in our respective teaching careers, Bryan asked me for help formulating an assignment for his general music class.  I told him that he should have his students write about a song they associate with a memory or person.  He looked at me like he thought I was crazy, and all I could say was “doesn’t everyone do that?”  Certain songs remind me of certain points and people in my life.  I would have figured that a music teacher would have been the same way – maybe it’s an English thing?

I don’t want to be constricted to posting every day, especially as I’m leaving for Canada soon.  And you know I like to write a lot, so I’m just going to use this meme when I want something to write about, and I’m going to generally do two songs at once, especially if they pair well together.  So today’s music:  describe your favorite song and your least favorite song.

My favorite song varies by the year, but I always come back to the one that I think of as my song:  “Platinum” by the self-described “death pop” 1990s band Orgy.  I used to consider myself so rebellious because I had an Orgy t-shirt that I’d wear to school.  It was the same design as the album, and it said Orgy – Candyass across the back.  I lived in this state of delicious terror that I would get sent to the principal’s office because it had two bad words on it, but the shirt was so cool that it was a risk I had to take!  I think one of my very favorite parts of the song is the first line – you can’t escape what makes you tragic, you know.  I love the literary concept of the tragic hero and how his tragic flaw always brings him down.  I think that everyone has a tragic flaw in some way, shape, or form.

I don’t know if I can list a single song that I hate.  Most of you know that I despise the Beatles, and would probably think I’d list something by them, but honestly it’s not their lyrics that I dislike, it’s the sound.  I’m perfectly fine with most covers of Beatles songs.  Okay, wait, I’ve got it.  Allen loved this song by The Platters called “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and he would always insist that it was “our song.”  The problem with this (other than the fact that I can’t stand how it sounds) is that I remembered back from the time that we were just friends, we watched a movie that had that song in it and he told me very firmly that it was his and Stephanie’s (his ex) song.  I was so mortally insulted and offended that he was trying to recycle a love song that he used on his ex girlfriend with me that I’d get mad every time he tried to play it for me.  Hearing it nowdays makes me want to vomit.

But now, in other news…

Darren and I are leaving for Canada on Tuesday!  I’m excited and nervous about this.  I’m hoping they don’t hassle us at the border because 1) he overstayed and 2) they think I’m going to do the same thing.  My biggest fear is that they’ll separate us and we won’t be able to be reunited until we get our paperwork done on both sides.  My mom reassures me that that won’t happen since I do have the intent of coming back after two weeks.  It’s just a fear.  I’m also nervous about meeting my in-laws for the first time.  What if I get lost on the drive back down (by myself)?  I still have things I need to do, like boot up and update my laptop, and get the oil in the car changed, make sure I print a new insurance card, etc.  I also haven’t started packing yet but I imagine I won’t do that until Monday anyway.  This is going to be so exciting!  Once we have internet access up there, I will try to post here about our adventures in the great north.

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