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Low Carb Sausage Balls

Happy New Year, everyone!

I spent this holiday season perfecting a keto-fied version of a favorite family recipe:  sausage balls.  I can go months without craving them, but inevitably once the holiday season rolls around, I seem to want to stuff my face with those delicious little bastards.  I’m going to blame my mom, because she used to make them all the time when I was growing up, and I can remember more than one year where we snacked on sausage balls when we were setting up and decorating the tree.

So I’m sorry I didn’t get this recipe to you in time to enjoy while erecting your own Christmas tree, but I think it’d make a damn good Superbowl snack for those of you who are into sports and stuff :)

Now, my first attempt at these used almond flour.  I didn’t really like that batch.  I thought they were too greasy and too fatty, and besides, almond flour is sort of pricey.  So my next batch, and those thereafter, used CarbQuik instead.  If you haven’t heard of CarbQuik, it’s some sort of miracle low carb Bisquick knock-off that’s actually really good.  Probably their number one use is for a copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit — they include the recipe on the box.

And damned if it isn’t a superb knock-off!  You can also use it for pancakes and waffles, or in most places you’d use flour (I don’t like it for desserts – tastes too salty).  CarbQuik is made of something called “carbalose” which, I don’t know, is probably like sawdust or something, but I don’t care because it’s delicious and doesn’t spike my blood sugar.  You all know I don’t care about frankenfoods.  If you try to avoid that stuff, this isn’t the recipe for you.  But if you’re like me — a Torani syrup loving, Diet Coke swigging heathen — you’ll probably enjoy these!


  • 2 cups CarbQuik baking mix
  • 16 oz ground pork breakfast sausage (I prefer hot)
  • 8 oz shredded cheddar cheese (I prefer sharp)

I tried a couple of variations.  If your mix isn’t forming a dough very easily (my earlier attempts where I used more CarbQuik didn’t), you can feel free to add an egg, though it’s probably not necessary.  If you want to make this extra cheesy, toss in a half cup of grated parmesan cheese.


Preheat oven to 350.

Combine all ingredients.  You can do this by hand, if you’d like.  I throw everything in my KitchenAid and let it have at.

Once a dough is formed, roll by hand into 1-2″ balls.  Place equidistant on a baking sheet.  I like to live dangerously, so I put mine on a silpat on a flat baking sheet.  These do let off a good amount of grease, so you may want to use a baking sheet with sides.  Or glass Pyrex.  Or whatever, it doesn’t matter, just throw these bitches in the oven.

Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from oven and transfer onto paper towels to cool — you’ll want something to absorb the grease.

I like to eat mine with a spicy mustard :D

The dough stores well, if wrapped, in the refrigerator for a few days.  I like to bake half a batch at a time and eat the rest later.  I have no idea how long it will last in the fridge because we usually eat ours within a day or two.


I mean, these are balls of sausage and cheese, so they’re very calorie dense.  Like I said, I usually split a batch in half, and then share what I bake with my husband.  So I figured up this recipe as having 4 servings.  You can, of course, take the base numbers and determine your own serving size and nutritional information.

Thanks to the CarbQuik, each serving only has a whopping 3g net carbs!  Although, again, you do need to watch your consumption because that’s 643 calories, 53g of fat, and 34g of protein.  A very solid keto-friendly meal!


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  1. On your silpat you show 15 Sausage Balls. Is that half of the recipe? or the whole recipe? I am trying figure how many balls per serving. If whole recipe I would assume about 3-1/2. What do you think. Thanks.

    • I think I usually average around 24 balls per recipe, but I’m not sure. I always wind up making them different sizes! Generally, I tend to like my balls quite large (that’s what she said!). Like each ball is at least two bites, you can’t just pop it in your mouth.

      You’ll have to experiment with your dough to see what works best for you!

  2. I make something similar but add cream cheese and they are amazing! 1 cup Carbquick, 8oz. cream cheese, 16oz. sausage and 6oz. cheddar cheese. I toss it all into my Kitchenaid and let it mix it up until it all sticks together. It makes about 30 sausage balls that are each less than a carb a piece (like .8g net per ball).

    • Thanks for the tip!

    • Wow, the cream cheese addition sounds delish! I will try that next time.

      I made these to directions and found them doughy — especially compared with “regular” sausage-cheese balls, particularly in the center. Decreasing the size and cooking a little longer didn’t help.

      I think decreasing the CQ may do the trick…..

      I love the mustard dip idea! Will definitely try that. :)

    • Sounds good. How many cups of Carquick do you use?

  3. Thanks for this recipe. My god I love those things though where I ended up no one really makes them or knows what they are I don’t think. It was my grandma that made them on special occasions and they never last long. Now I make them and freeze them and send them to friends who’ve never had them :) SO awesome!

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