Momma’s Kitchen Makeover, Week 2

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this week. We didn’t get much progress done on the kitchen due to some nasty weather (always cold and clear or wet and warm). Mom did have a crazy shopping spree at Hobby Lobby, which got in a lot of really cool new chicken stuff, but she ultimately returned a lot of it as unnecessary at this stage in the reno. She still hasn’t picked a wall color, either, but is leaning towards a beigey sandy color.

Today I finished removing all of the cabinet doors in prep for sanding. Mom decided that she wanted to do them all in one fell swoop outside because the sawdust in the house was getting annoying. Now we’ve got to have a nice day to do it – the forecast for the next few is cold and stormy :( In total, I’ve removed 24 doors by hand because we can’t find a drill bit to fit the ancient flathead screws – that’s a total of 120 screws by hand (counting the knobs also).

We’ve found a ton of lost/forgotten stuff while opening the cabinets up. My mom literally uses maybe 6 cabinets for pots/pans/glassware/food – and most of it is stored in the microwave cabinet. These things were like time capsules! I found some ancient liquor, canned goods that expired in 2001, and some of Gran-Gran’s old kitchenware (to name a few of the items).

Next step, Mom’s got to empty out the cabinets and choose what to keep and what to get rid of and what to rearrange. I’ve been working on filling holes in the cabinetry, and as soon as they’re empty we’re going to sand down everything in the kitchen. At least that’s something we can do in nasty weather! We’re hoping also that we can just wipe the stained crown moulding down with a liquid deglosser and stain right over it. Our Minwax Polyshades advertises that it can go over other stains/poly without stripping; regardless, we want to do that as little as possible, and we think we’ll only have to do that for the crown.

Hopefully we’ll have more progress by this time next week – I want at least the uppers sanded/stained by then!

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